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Warm Front Grants

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Warm Front Grants 2022

Free Boiler Scheme - Government Boiler Scheme and Central Heating Grants

 Our Government Heating Grant For  2022  Will:

  • Increase Your Home Epc Rating !
  • Reduce Your Heating Bills !
  • Make Your Home 100% Cosier !
  • Upgrade Old Heating & Insulate Your Home … FOR FREE!

Warm Front UK – Free Boiler Grants in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands

 Worried About Rising Energy Prices?  Your Home Very Cold In The Winter ?

If your home has a low EPC rating, you have an outdated boiler, or no central heating, then you could be eligible for the Government’s free boiler scheme or heating grants to upgrade your old boiler or have a new central heating system installed 100% free of charge!

Warm Front UK  based in Wolverhampton are specialists in helping people secure government heating grants.

We operate in the Midlands and throughout the whole of the UK and can help you  access

To find out if you are eligible for one of the free heating grants from the government take our short survey below:

Free Heating Grants - Choose Yours Now!

free boiler

Warm Front Grant For New Boiler

Apply If You Have :

  • 18 year Old Boiler
  • Back Boiler Behind The Fire

Includes All Fitting & 2  Year Full Warranty

Storage Heater Grants

 First Time Central Heating Grant 2023

Apply If You Have :

  • No Central Heating Fitted
  • Old Storage Heaters
  • Warm Air Heating

Includes Free Radiators – Programmer – Thermostats

Free Insulation 26

Free Outside Wall Insulation

Apply If You Have :

  ✅  Have A Home  EPC Of  E – F- G

  ✅  Have Solid Walls

  ✅  Are Based In Birmingham -Luton -Midlands

Free Storage heaters

Storage Heater Upgrades

 Your Old Heaters Upgraded To:

  1. Free Central Heating
  2. Free Solar Panels.
  3. Free Heat Pump

Subject To PropertyType

Warm Front Happy Clients

Aidan Costello -Landlord 

A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.

warm front 25 1

Kiran Patel – Landlord

“Had a boiler installed through WarmFront

Installers were very helpful and cleaned up after themselves. Very pleased.”

warm front 25 1

Pauline Robinson

The Engineer who fitted my new gas boiler was thorough, professional, courteous and well-explained how the system worked.  The Company were most helpful, accessible and very courteous. Overall, I received a first-rate service, which I would highly recommend.


warm front 25 1
warm front 25 1

Free Heating Grants

At Warm Front UK, we can help you upgrade your home’s heating by making it easy to apply for the free boiler scheme from the government or one of the other heating grants that is available.

Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands  we help homeowners throughout the whole of the Midlands and England to secure grants for their heating systems.


Warm Front UK, we could help you upgrade your heating with a free boiler grant from the government and help you stay warm while saving money on your heating.

As part of the government boiler scheme insulation is included too which will help to keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Browse the available grants below along with brief details about eligibility criteria.

How To Apply For A Warm Front Grant


The Application process for  Warm Front Grant is very simple and straightforward.

Click on the  ‘Apply Now’ and put your correct details as per of application requirements and we’ll contact you and arrange an assessment survey of your property ASAP.

in 1

Step 1

Take A 2 Minute Survey.

If  Eligible  Our Approved Install Partners Will Contact You To Book Your Free Survey

Warm Front Grants

Step 2

The Survey Will Check  Your Existing Heating & Insulation Levels For Upgrades.


Warm Front Grants

Step 3

If Eligible You Will Be Booked In For Free Installs Of Heating & Insulation Within 14 days


Warm Front Grants -Frequently Asked Questions

Warm Front Grant

  Which Benefits Qualify You For A Warm Front Grant?       

   Child Benefit   –     Child & Working Tax Credits –     Employment & Support Allowance-    Housing Benefit

           Income Support  –  Job Seekers Allowance   –  Pension Credit – Guarantee & Savings   –  Universal Credit

 Child Benefit Income Threshold      

Single Person –  1 Child   £19800 –    2- £24600     3 -£29400   4-  £34200

Couple –             1 Child   £27300 –    2-  £32100     3 -£36900     4-  £41700

What Are Warm Front Grants

Warm Front Heating Grants are part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) to help Low Income Homes with the reduction of energy bills .

If You Receive a Benefit Or On A Low Income You May Be Eligible For Thousands Of £ Worth Of Free Measures To Reduce Your Heating Bills AND ASSIST YOU ACHIEVE A HIGHER EPC RATING

Is This A Replacement For The Green Homes Grant?

Warm Front Is A Much Better Thought Out scheme Than The Green Homes Scheme Which Was Discontinued Last Year.

WarmFront Has Been Going For Many Years And Has Proven To Be Fit For Purpose With Thousands Of Homes Benefitting From Free Insulation & Free Heating Upgrades.

Warm Front Grants

Are There Warm Front Grants For Disabled?

Unfortunately All Disabled Benefits Have Been Withdrawn From The Warm Front Scheme.

Previously PIP and Carers / Attandance Allowance Were Eligible Benefits But The Government Are No Longer Allowing Them To Qualify.

You Will Need To Be On A Means Tested benefit Now To Be Eligible For A WarmFront Grant.

How Does The New Warm Front Scheme Work?

   All homes have to be a minimum EPC rating of C by 2030 and Carbon zero  by 2050.

If you are applying for one of our grants, you will need to be aware that :

Your Home Epc Must Be E – F – G

Your home must have any insulation needed to bring the EPC level up to a C

No End Result EPC of C = NO GRANT FOR YOU

What is an Energy Performance Certificate  ?  (EPC)

  • EPCs show how energy-efficient a building is and  they give recommendations on how to improve the property  rating
  • Each property is given a score between A-G. A is the highest and G is the lowest
  • EPC s  display how costly properties are to heat and light
  • When a property is sold or rented it needs a valid EPC, which lasts 10 years
  • Currently, a property using mains gas will score favourably against one using electricity, as it costs less per kWh (Kilowatt Hour)
  • Separate ratings for environmental impact are given as the likely tonnes of C02 emitted – but don’t measure the actual energy used or C02 emitted.


Will I Be Contacted If I Apply For A Grant?

Only if you are eligible will your application be actioned.

Lots of people dont bother to read the criteria before applying and are surprised when they hear nothing back.

Please be aware that only 2 out of 10 applications are successful unfortunately.

This is due to the Governments VERY Strict criteria for grants in 2022.

Please be assured that EVERY application is checked for eligibility as this is our livelihood.

Warm Front Grants

What Is Our Role In The Warm Front Scheme?

We provide a free grant application & checking service  for all people interested in the Warm Front Grants

All eligible applications are forwarded onto approved installers who will contact you directly.

More Grants Here



Your EPC Is A- B-C -D    –       Applies To Any Grant

You Have A 1 Bedroom Flat Applies To Any Grant

Your Boiler Is Less Than 17 Years Old –   Applies To Free Boiler Scheme

You Have A Gas Boiler Fitted- Applies To Insulation Scheme

You Have Old Central Heating Fitted Applies To Free Central Heating


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