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Warm Front Grants

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Free Boiler Schemes 2023

We Have Over 20 Eco 4 Grants Available !

As Well As Boilers , We Have A Massive Selection Of Free Home Improvement Grants Courtesy Of The New Eco 4 Grant Scheme 2023

Grants Include – Boiler Grants – Government Heating Grants – Warm Front Grants – Central Heating Grants – Free Boiler Scheme

Are You In Receipt Of Benefits?


Eco 4 Free Boiler Scheme Video

Eco 4 Boiler Schemes

All Boilers Over 18 Years Old Only

Now Includes A Free Back Boiler Conversion To A Combi

Oil Boiler Upgrade To A Free Heat Pump

What Is The Eco 4 Scheme ?

The Eco 4 Scheme is a government funded initiative known as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) that all the large energy suppliers must follow to help low income households afford to make their homes energy efficient.

It was formerly known as the Warm Front Grant Scheme

ECO schemes were launched in 2013 as a follow up to Warm Front and are now at Eco 4 stage. Eco 4 Grants will run from July 1 2022- 2026 and will cost £4 billion in total.

British Gas and all the other energy suppliers are funding the installation of energy efficiency measures in British households who are claiming benefits.

Also coming in the summer of 2023 is The Insulate Britain Scheme for people not claiming any benefits.

Eco 4 Scheme Eligibility

✅ You Must Have A Home EPC Of E – F – G

✅ Have Old / No Heating & Minimal Insulation

✅ Be A Home Owner / Private Tenant In Receipt Of A Qualifying Benefit

Qualifying Benefits For The Eco 4 Grant Scheme

You Or Someone Living With You Must Claim One Of The Below Benefits:

  • Child Benefit * ( see income thresholds below)
  • Child & Working Tax Credits
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit

  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit


Free Central Heating & Storage Heaters

For Homes Without Central Heating Fitted Only

We Will Remove Your Old Warm Air System And Fit You Free Central Heating

We Will Remove Your Old Storage Heaters And Fit You :

Free Central Heating/ Free Heat Pump


Pensioners Who Receive Pension Credit Can Apply

Pensioners Who Receive Pension Credit Can Apply 

See What Benefits You Can Claim From The Government

Eco 4 Scheme -Solar Panels & Heat Pumps

Off Gas Homes Only

Off Gas Homes Only

Contribution Needed – NOT FREE

Free Insulation Grants -Off Gas Homes Only

There Are No Free Grants For Homes With A Gas Boiler Fitted Sorry.


Lots Of Grants For Scotland & Wales Available.

Eco 4 Grants - Do You Need To Be On Benefits?

YES – All of the Uk grants on this website will be for people claiming DWP Benefits.

There are grants for low income families under the LA FLEX Schemes but they are difficult to obtain and we focus on the qualifying benefits below.

Eco 4 Qualifying Benefits

  • Child Benefit * ( See income thresholds below)
  • Child & Working Tax Credits
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit

  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit

* Child Benefit Thresholds

Single Person – 1 Child £19800 – 2- £24600 3 -£29400 4- £34200

Couple – 1 Child £27300 – 2- £32100 3 -£36900 4- £41700

What does the ECO4 grant cover?

The Eco 4 Grants covers all relevant heating & Insulation upgrades needed to get your property to an EPC rating of C. This means that you can get many thousands of £ worth of measures needed for free in order for your home to achieve this satisfactory rating.

Some homes can have external wall insulation worth over £15k as well as air source heat pumps worth over £10K. Eco 4 is by far the most generous of Government schemes for those in the worst rated homes.

Is The Warm Front Grant Still Available?

The Warm Front Grant Scheme Ended In 2012 and was renamed ECO. The principles are still the same and you still can get Free boilers etc with the same criteria.

Who qualifies for the ECO4 scheme?

Only the worst EPC rated homes will qualify for an Eco 4 Grant. Your home needs to be off gas and rated F & G in order to qualify for as many measures as possible.

Is ECO4 fully funded?

All Eco 4 Grants Are 100% fully funded and you will not be asked for any contribution towards any measure that is fitted in your home.

How do I claim my Eco 4 grant?

Simply click the link below to fill in a short survey . All questions will tell us whether you are eligible for Eco 4 funding.

If you are, we will forward your application to an approved Eco 4 installer who will contact you directly and arrange surveys etc.

How Will Eco 4 Grants Help You ?

Making improvements to your heating and insulation will greatly reduce your ever rising heating bills.

Also a well insulated house with new heating is also another well sought out thing when it comes to buying a house.

Our Grants Will Reduce your energy usage, add value to your home and improve your Home Epc Rating

British Gas Eco 4 Scheme- Is This The Same?

British Gas Are Funding The Eco 4 Scheme via The Energy Company Obligation. They do not actively get involved with any installs.

Does ECO4 include solar panels?

Yes. Solar panels are available but they have very strict criteria. Most gas heated homes will not qualify and we believe that only Oil & Electric heated homes will be eligible for the free solar panel scheme.

Is ECO4 scheme legit?

Absolutely. Visit the Ofgem website for more information on this fantastic grant.

Eco 4 Scheme

Does ECO4 cover windows?


There are no plans to include windows in any of the current Eco 4 schemes.

These schemes are primarily to improve heating and insulation.

Wales Eco 4 Scheme

Wales Are Part Of The Eco 4 Scheme too. Welsh residents can apply with us or access their own Nest scheme.

WarmFront UK - About Us

We are primarily a website for FREE HEATING GRANTS from the Eco Affordable Warmth Scheme and I have over 10 Years experience with these grants

Our Heating Grants ARE 100% GENUINE & this blog will dispell all the rumours about them being a scam.

Heating Grants are now very difficult to qualify for, but well worth taking a short survey to see if you are eligible.

Eco 4 Grants -What Can I get With Eco 4?

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