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Boiler Scrappage Scheme 2021

You may have heard about Warm Front Boiler Scrappage Scheme over the last 5 years and wondered if it is genuine or a scam.

I can confirm that the scheme is genuine and if you are interested you should get your application in as soon as possible as funding is very limited now.

The current scheme ends in September 2018 and may not be extended.

Boiler Scrappage Scheme FAQs

 Everything You Need To Know !

Lots of confusion as to whether the boilers are still free or not and I still get people applying on my website thinking that they do not have to pay anything.

Free boilers ended in March 2017 for all gas properties and EVERYONE now has to pay a small contribution towards having a grant boiler.

Why Is there a contribution now?

The government has reduced the amount of funding it will pay to installers who are still participating in the scheme.

This shortfall in funding means that the installers would be installing boilers at a loss.

How much  is the customer contribution?

Most contributions start from £799 for a straight swap and is still a fantastic saving.

What is the full price of the boilers?

Full price of  boilers fitted privately is £2299 so there is a massive saving of around £1500.

Who can apply?

People claiming low income benefits such as Tax Credits, Pension Credit etc with a boiler over 6 years old are eligible.

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