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Age Concern Boiler Grants 2023 – Enjoy A New Boiler For FREE!

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Age Concern Boiler Grants
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Age Concern Boiler Grants 2023 – Enjoy A New Boiler For FREE!

Age Concern Boiler Grants

Age Concern Boiler Grants

Age Concern Boiler Grants 2023 – Enjoy A New Boiler For FREE!

Did you know there are lots of fantastic schemes to help our pensioners to get through the cost of living crisis.

Boiler Grants for pensioners have been available for over 8 years now and many OAPs have benefited from this fantastic boiler scheme which has saved all applicants over £2500 off the price of a new boiler.

Heating help for the elderly and seniors is available via the Government Eco 4 Scheme.

Age Concern Boiler replacement has been very popular over the last 8 years with over 1 million pensioners receiving a new boiler for free on the scheme.

See if you are eligible for a grant today


How To Apply For An Age Concern Boiler Replacement Grant

Apply Here 1


Age Concern Boiler Replacement Scheme Over 60s.

This boiler replacement scheme is the best scheme by far for pensioners over 60.

If you are claiming PENSION CREDIT ( or other benefits ) and your boiler is over 18 years old you may be able to claim a brand new boiler from The governments Eco 4 Scheme for 100% FREE.

This includes free fitting and warranty too!


Age Concern Boiler Grants For Pensioners – Who Is Eligible?

To Be Eligible for a Free Boiler you must :

✅ Have A Home EPC Of E – F – G

✅ Have a Boiler Over 18 Years Old OR Have A Back Boiler Behind The Fire

✅ Be A Home Owner In Receipt Of Pension Credit

How To Apply For A Pensioners Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1


Free Boiler Replacement For Pensioners Not On Pension Credit.

There are pensioner boiler grants for those who do not receive pension credit but you have to apply under a different scheme.

This scheme is called LA FLEX and is run by local councils.

Warm Front cannot assist you with this scheme unfortunately.


Are There Oil Boiler Grants For Pensioners?

Yes – Please see our Oil Boiler Replacement Page.

You may be able to replace your oil boiler for a Free Air Source Heat Pump and have Free Solid Wall Insulation too.



Central Heating Grants For Pensioners

Free Central Heating For Over 70s

If You Have No Central Heating Fitted You Can Apply For A Fantastic Grant For Free Central Heating !

This help with central heating for pensioners scheme again has been very popular since the scheme started in 2018.

Our Free Central Heating Grant Will:

    • Increase Your Home Epc Rating !
    • Reduce Your Heating Bills !
    • Make Your Home 100% Cosier !
    • Apply if you receive pension credit and have no central heating fitted.

How To Apply For Free Central Heating

Apply Here 2

Are There Any Other Heating Grants For The Elderly?

Grants For Uk

Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit Can Now Apply For :


Age Concern Insulation Grants 2023

Free Central Heating For Over 70s1

Age Concern Insulation Grants


Free Insulation – Loft & Walls

Insulating your cavity walls will make your home feel warmer and in a typical home cavity wall insulation can save around £150 a year.

If you have no loft insulation, installing 270mm of new insulation could save around £135 a year.

Topping up your loft insulation to the recommended 300 mm will make your home warmer and save you money on your energy bills.

If your home has cavity walls (a space between the inner and outer layers of brick) the gap can be insulated.



How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

Copy of Copy of Free Air Source Heat Pump

Age Uk Boiler Repairs

Unfortunately, there are no schemes for boiler repairs for pensioners.

We recommend you see if you are eligible for the grant above or you replace the boiler if it is old.


Lots of tips for buying a new boiler and getting the best deal. Remember, all companies will charge you what you are willing to pay so be sure to tell them your budget.



Age UK Advice Line: 0800 678 1602

Pensioners Age Uk

For financial advice or general help , Age Uk have a helpline you can call for free advice.

Lines are open 8am-7pm, 365 days a year.

See here for more info Age Concern Advice Line


Free, independent advice 365 days a year

Lines are open 8am-7pm every day of the year, including all bank holidays.


Benefits Check Age Uk

Pensioners To Check if you are entitled to one or more benefits using our BENEFITS CHECKER

We recommend that EVERYONE SHOULD MAKE AN APPLICATION with the DWP for possible entitlement to the benefit.

You will get a written response from the DWP saying YEA or NAY.

Nothing ventured …………………….. Helplines are included


Age UK Advice Line 0800 678 1602

Give Age UK a call to see if there is any help you can apply for.

We’re open 8am-7pm, 365 days a year

More Grants For Pensioners Are Here


Claim Pension Credit – What Is Pension Credit ?

Pension Guarantee Credit is an income based benefit that tops up your income if your existing weekly income is below a certain threshold.

Pension Credit also opens the door to other means tested benefits such as Free Dental & Eye care & Free Heating & Insulation Grants etc

You may be able to claim Pension Credit If Your Weekly Income Is Below :

Single Person – £177.10 – Joint Couple Claim – £270.30


How To Claim Pension Credit

Pension Credit Helpline – Telephone: 0800 99 1234


How To Apply For An Age Concern Boiler Replacement Grant

Apply Here 1


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