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Back Boilers Illegal? Have a Free Combi Conversion!

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Are Back Boilers Now Illegal? Free BackBoiler Conversions

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Are Back Boilers Now Illegal? Free BackBoiler Replacement 2023

Old Back Boilers are not illegal!

Old Baxi Bermuda back boilers with gas fires as central heating systems are not illegal too.

You can continue to use them as long as they are still working correctly.

You can opt  to replace it with a new back boiler but they are considered old fashioned now and are very hard to source.

We recommend you see if you are eligible for a free back boiler replacement grant.




Back Boiler Replacement 2023 – We Do It For Free!

This is no drill!

Do you have  an old Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler that is  currently heating your home?

If you are thinking about replacing your old Back Boiler behind the fire , this post is for you.

We take you through the process and inform you of the Free Back Boiler Grants that are still available to people who receive a benefit or on a low income.

Back boiler replacements are well recommended if you are still using one to heat your home  because of the benefits you will receive when switching to a modern condensing boiler.

This blog will explain what a back boiler is and how we can offer you back boiler replacement for 100% FREE!

What Are Free Back Boiler Removal  Grants?

The government are now offering 100% FREE  grants  to remove your old Baxi Bermuda back boiler  and replace it with a combi boiler on the wall.

The boilers fitted include Ideal – Worcester & Baxi.

As old backboilers are very expensive to run , the Government has allocated millons of £ to help people convert old back boilers to a combi 100% Free Of Charge

This will be a much better option for you than having a backboiler replacement and if you are on a low income, you can get it for free!

This  Free Back Boiler Grant scheme is  for home owners only.


Who Is Eligible  for Free Back Boiler Replacement?

Apply Today If You :

✅  Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

✅ Have A Old  Baxi  Bermuda Back Boiler Behind The Fire

✅  Are A Home Owner In Receipt Of A Benefit




 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Back Boiler

  1. Grants are Available 100 % Free
  2. Back boilers have expensive running costs that waste 30p per £1 you spend on energy.
  3. Back boilers are significantly less energy efficient and  waste up to £500 every year on energy bills.
  4. Servicing & Repairing back boilers is now difficult and expensive due to
  5. Repairing back boilers is very expensive as very few companies produce back boiler parts.
  6. Modern boilers are more energy efficient than back boilers and will lower your energy bills.
  7. Old back boilers can be very dangerous with reports of explosions not being uncommon.
  8. Back boilers are no longer installed, due to government safety regulations.
  9. Back boilers are hard to repair, due to the lack of spare parts.
  10. The constant expanding and contracting of a back boiler can cause structural problems to your home.

WarmFront Grants

Replacing a Back Boiler – Your Options For 2023

We recommend you :

  1. See if you are eligible for a free government grant to replace it with a combi boiler.
  2. Replace it with a new Baxi Bermuda back boiler SEDBUK efficiency rating of ‘A’ which are still available.
  3. Remove the back boiler and replace with a modern combi boiler privately.


Replacing A  Back Boiler With A Combi Boiler

Removing your back boiler and replacing it with a combi boiler is ideal for smaller type homes.

You will get  hot water on demand and central heating from the same unit without needing an additional tank.

As a result, they usually aren’t powerful enough to heat large homes with high hot water and heating demands.


Replace Back Boiler with a System Boiler

Large homes with two or more bathrooms, should consider replacing your back boiler with a system boiler.

System boilers can meet higher water demands as they source water from the mains supply to heat the central heating and hot water to store in a hot water storage tank.

This means there is more hot water available on demand.


Replace Back Boiler with a Regular Boiler

Regular boilers are also an option as a back boiler fire replacement for homes with multiple bathrooms and high demand for heating and hot water.

Regular boilers require a tank in the loft to supply cold water and a large hot water storage tank to store the heated water for your taps.


Replace Back Boiler with a Heat Pump

If you’re looking for a back boiler replacement that is more environmentally friendly, you should consider a Heat Pump. There are currently grants available via The Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


Back Boiler Removal  Costs

The cost of removal for an old back boiler will vary from home to home.

If you already have a central heating system installed and just want to remove the old back boiler from behind the chimney breast,  the cost is likely to be  between £700 and £1000.

This is a ballpark figure for the job and usually takes a day to fit.

This price will includes the removal of the  back boiler, disposal and capping off  the old pipework.

This price should include making good and any redecoration work needed for the chimney breast.





What is a Back Boiler?

Back boiler units (BBU), also called solid fuel back boilers or gas back boilers, are the older types of heating system that was fitted in homes  in the 1960s -1980s.  Backboilers were designed to fit behind a living room fireplace in order to save space.

They are called back boilers because they are mounted as a back boiler fireplace or a back boiler stove and use the heat from the fire to provide central heating and domestic hot water.

They are considered outdated and inefficient but are still found in 5 % of UK homes. The 2005 Building Regulations state that installing a back boiler is illegal in the UK.


Back boilers were very popular in the 60s and 70s but are gradually being phased out in favour of combis. Baxi Bermuda -Parkray and Rayburn boilers were the main names with this type of heating.

The open fire would heat the water in a tank behind the fire and this heated water would rise into a cylinder connected to it upstairs which would be used by the home occupants for washing etc.

Whilst many homes still have back boilers as their main source of heating, they are no longer readily available for replacement due to their in efficiency and are usually replaced with a gas combi boiler.

It is very difficult now to replace a back boiler with a similar type as back boilers are no longer manufactured apart from the Baxi Bermuda Condensing Boiler.

PLEASE NOTE FOR SAFETY  – If you do upgrade to a combi boiler , we recommend that the old disused back boiler ( in situ behind the fireplace ) should still be removed .


Are Back Boilers Efficient?

Not Really.

An old back boiler usually is around 60 -70% efficient which compared to modern condensing boilers which are  92-94% energy efficient.

Back boiler fire systems are now replaced by a condensing boiler or the new heat pumps.


How Does a Back Boiler Work

Gas fire back boilers operate by using the heat generated from the open fire in the fireplace or stove to heat water for your central heating and hot water use.

The boiler itself sits behind a fireplace or stove and is connected to a hot water cylinder. The water is heated up by the back boiler and is stored in the hot water cylinder, to be sent to your taps and shower. The boiler will also heat water in a coil to send around the radiators.

Absolutely.   We recommend you  have a combi conversion.
After upgrading, you will notice significant savings on your energy bills and much faster hot water.

Can You Sell A House With A Back Boiler?

You can sell your house with a backboiler fitted as they are not illegal but it will make your home a lot harder to sell.
A new boiler will always be a good selling point.

Back Boiler Replacement Cost

Replacing your old back boiler with a combi boiler is likely to be an expensive job. The cost of replacing a back boiler is between £2,500 and £4,500.

Although this may seem to be a costly expense, you should bear in mind that there are potential savings to be made with a new and energy-efficient combi boiler.

Not to mention the quality of heating and hot water that combi systems provide. You need to decide whether you should go with a new back boiler or go for an upgrade to  a combi boiler. We recommend you have the backboiler decommissioned and upgrade to a combi boiler.

Back boiler replacement costs so much because you have to thoroughly remove the back boiler and install a completely different boiler elsewhere in your home.

This involves a lot of work, especially running new pipework  for mains gas and distribution pipework too

The most popular replacement is the modern combi boiler which will give you hot water on demand. You should expect the whole job to take 2 – 3 days.


Extra Costs

Replacing a back boiler is a big cost . Plan your install and see if there will be extra charges.

  • A system boiler will need a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and a cold water storage tank in the loft plus further pipework so will be an extra £1000.
  • The location of the boiler can affect the cost especially if in an airing cupboard as the flue will need to exit the roof.
  • Choose the size of the boiler
  • A combi boiler will also save you from the added cost of having a cold water storage tank in the loft as well as a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard

Making Good After Back Boiler Removal

Removing a back boiler will cause some damage to the existing hearth and fireplace surround.

You will need to upgrade the fireplace with a new surround and electric or gas  fire or use it for a real fire.




Are Back Boilers Still Available To Buy?

Yes  The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE Boiler is a fully condensing back boiler which has been designed for homeowners looking to replace their old back boiler with a more efficient system.

UK government regulations state that  all boiler systems must have a minimum of 86% efficiency, so most models of back boilers are no longer manufactured .


Grants For Back Boiler Heating System

This new back boiler removal grant from the Government is part of the free boiler scheme to upgrade old back boilers to a brand new combi boiler completely free of charge.

Back boiler heating  were previously excluded from The Free Boiler Scheme due to the nature of work involved and also the cost but the government have now relented and released extra funding to include them.

Back Boiler Replacement and fitting a combi instead is usually valued at over £3000 and is exclusively for home owners who are on low income benefits.

If you qualify for the scheme your old back boiler behind the fire will be decommissioned and a combi boiler will be installed in your kitchen or bathroom to take over your heating and  hot water requirements.

Take advantage of this backboiler replacement grant and get rid of your old Baxi Bermuda For Free.

All benefit claimants should take advantage while funding is still available.

For the still unsure we have compiled 13 reasons for you to mull over.


WarmFront Grants4


Top 13 Reasons To Replace Your Back Boiler Heating

  1. Backboilers behind the fire are now included in the Free Boiler Grant.

You can get a free conversion to a combi boiler which is worth £3000 to you.

2. If you are eligible you will get a New Boiler fully fitted for  100 % FREE

That is a saving of over £3000 for a n average backboiler conversion

3. You will get Free 2 years warranty so you cancel expensive £20 a month boiler cover plans.

This will save you over £250 a year alone!

4. You will save money with reduced gas bills by having an A Rated energy efficient boiler.

  1. Modern boilers are more energy efficient than back boilers and will will save you up to £200 off your yearly heating bills.

Put that money towards a holiday!

5. You can get shot of the old and costly to run Baxi Bermuda & upgrade to a Top of the Range Worcester Bosch or Vaillant.

Be the envy of your neighbours who will all be jealous!

6. One of our chosen boilers we like to offer is the “Worcester Bosch” which has been voted Which Boiler of the Year for 8 years running. 

Everyone loves this super reliable boiler as they enjoy peace of mind and rarely have tenants complaining about heating breakdowns.

7. Older boilers start to go wrong after 10 years with average repair cost at £180

Dont miss this grant if you feel you are entitled to it.

8. Grants can end at any time without warning.

The Government never seem to give notice when they are about to pull the plug on funding for Grants.

9. You will improve the home energy efficiency rating of your property so making it more attractive to buyers.

Claim Your Grant For A Back Boiler now while there is still time.  You will be kicking yourself if you miss this one.

10 -Old back boilers can be very dangerous with reports of explosions not being uncommon.

11 – Back boilers are no longer installed, due to government safety regulations.

12 – Back boilers are hard to repair, due to the lack of spare parts.

13- The constant expanding and contracting of a back boiler can cause structural problems to your home

More On Baxi Back Boilers Here



Are Replacement  Back Boilers Still Available?

Back boilers are no longer being manufactured  by most companies apart from the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE   See Here

 The Baxi Bermuda HE is a fully condensing back boiler with a 15 KW heat output.


Installation of this Back Boiler is easy because it has been designed to be used with the existing pipework of a home.


How Much Does A Replacement Back Boiler Cost?

Average prices for the Baxi Bermuda Boilers start from £750  excluding VAT and installation.
You can expect little change from £2000.


Please see our Back Boiler Removal Grants Page Here or make an application below.


Why Should You Upgrade Your Back Boiler?

✅ The Government Is Giving 100% Grants To Upgrade To A Combi

✅ If  You Qualify For A Grant Your New Combi Boiler Will Be  100% FREE !

✅  This Grant Is Worth Over £3000 If You Had To Pay Privately

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅ You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ You Can Have An Up To Date Gas Fire Fitted Which Will Be More Efficient


Untitled 1500 ×


When did back boilers cease to be fitted in homes?

In 2005 Building Regulations requirements changed and backboilers were no longer allowed to be fitted in new build houses.

This was down to backboilers having very poor efficiency and safety issues.


Can you sell a house with a back boiler?

It is not illegal to sell a house with a back boiler fitted.

We do recommend you have it serviced prior to sale and provide a gas safety certificate to the new owner.

Can you rent a house out with a back boiler?

As long as your property is a minimum Energy Performance Certificate rating of E , you are still allowed to rent out homes with a back boiler fitted.

If Below E it will be your obligation to upgrade this for your tenant, or before you let out the property to new tenants.

A gas Safe Cert will also be required


Are back boilers expensive to run?

Back boilers are a very old form of heating and are usually around to be 70% efficient compared to new boilers which will give you over 90% efficiency.

They can be costly to  maintain too with spare parts getting harder to find which will make them more expensive.

Should you replace a 20 year old back boiler?

A central heating system using a backboiler behind the fire that is over  20 years old is likely to be made significantly cheaper to run by replacing with a condensing boiler.

You will probably save over £200 per year by replacing it.

Good idea to see if you are eligible for a grant.


Can a back boiler explode?

If a fire is lit in front of a redundant back boiler that has been left in a sealed condition, it can heat up and the internal pressure can cause the boiler casing to explode.

We recommend that when a back boiler is decommissioned ,  the whole system should be drained and all redundant pipework removed.

All properly decommissioned back boilers must be fitted with a safety valve to regulate pressure build up.

The back boiler if possible should be removed too.

WarmFront Grants


How messy is removing a back boiler?

The back boiler, it’s flue and gas fire – all will be removed unless you want to keep the back boiler fireplace.

Removing the gas fireplace and replacing it with an electric fire could cost you more in the short term but less in the long term.

So, creating a mess is normal while removing a back boiler.

How much does it cost to service a back boiler?


A service of a boiler, gas fire and hob is likely to be in the £100-£125 range.

A boiler service should cost £70-90 (depending on where in the country you are), and that includes cleaning out a magnetic system filter (if you have one).


What Different types of Back boilers Are In Homes?

Gas fire with back boiler behind it

A back boiler is usually attached to a copper cylinder full of water which is heated up using some sort of fuel.

Usual fuel types will be solid fuel – gas.

The gas-fired back boiler such as the Baxi Bermuda was a revolutionary boiler back when it first came out and was installed in many homes in the UK.

These gas back boilers were then energy-efficient and a cheaper way of heating your home.

Now though with the advancement in technology and the introduction of condensing gas boilers, these are nowhere near as energy-efficient and could be costing you up to £700 more per year to run.


Coal open fire back boiler

This type of open fire back boiler uses solid coal fuel to heat up hot water which is sent to your hot taps and central heating system.

There aren’t that many of this type of back boiler about anymore and coal isn’t the cleanest fuel to burn.

They are also very messy and take up lots of upkeep.

If your coal first or back boiler breaks then you will also not be able to replace it with another.

If coal back boiler with a boiler behind it you could save yourself lots of money by investing in a new A-rated combi boiler and converting your heating system.


Home Improvement Grants

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