Condensing Boilers Do Not Qualify For Free Boiler Scheme

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Condensing Boilers

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

Condensing Boilers Do Not Qualify For Free Boiler Scheme

Free Boiler Replacement For Condensing Boilers ?

No. If You Have Applied For A Free Boiler In The Past And Not Heard Anything Back – You Will Have Been Rejected

Times Have Changed and The Days When All Boilers Were Exchanged Have Now Gone!

Condensing Boilers DO NOT Qualify For The Grant

The government do not wish to change condensing boilers under the Eco 4 Grant.  They will now only fund the replacement of back boilers or non condensing boilers.

Here are some examples of the most popular boilers that are applying and being rejected. This list is not exhaustive.

If you apply with one of these boilers you will be rejected.


 80% Of  All Free Boiler Applications are CONDENSING BOILERS Unfortunately.

We Are  Rejecting These Daily!

Most People Do Not Bother To Read The Full Criteria And So are Quite Offended When They Receive A Rejection Email From Us. 

This blog is the most  detailed one on the internet on The Free Boiler Scheme for non qualifying applications.

See Below List For Full Info.


Why Do These Boilers NOT Qualify For The Grant?

 If your boiler is a condensing boiler ( it has a white plastic pipe leading to outside ) YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.

The Government Is Only Giving Grants For Boilers Fitted Before 2005.   This is the new rule unfortunately.

What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler usually is a boiler that has been fitted after 2005 that is the most efficient one on the market.

They usually run on gas or oil and has been designed to help improve energy efficiency. This is done by converting water vapor condensation into heat which is  recovered from some of the lost heat from waste gases.

These new boilers can achieve over 90% energy efficiency and are now mandatory when replacing a gas boiler.

Condensing boilers were introduced in 2005 when it became law to only manufacture them so outlawing non condensers.

how do I know if my boiler is condensing?

1 –  Check your pipework UNDER the boiler. If you have a white plastic pipe ( see above pic – pipe is marked in blue ) then your boiler is condensing. This plastic pipe carries condensate away from the boiler to an outside drain or soakaway.

2 –  INSTALL DATE – If your boiler was installed after April 2005, new regulations came into place stating that all boilers manufactured /  fitted after this date had to be  condensing.


Government Free Boiler Scheme
Condensing boiler
Condensing boiler

How does a condensing boiler work?

Condensing boilers are designed to recover more heat before it is lost.

Your boiler will use either gas or oil as fuel to heat your home.

The fuel begins to burn when lit and the heat that is generated is transferred to a metal heat exchanger.

The heat generated travels through the heat exchanger to heat up  your radiators.

The heat also travels through a secondary condensing area, where the warm air condenses, giving out some extra heat .

For this reason you can get over 90% efficiency as opposed to 70% with non condensing boilers.

Why Do condensing boilers produce water ( Condensate) ?

In operation, the warm air condenses, causing water vapor to occur.

This vapor turns to liquid  which is then removed to an outside drain as waste.

 In older non condensing boilers, the heat  leaving the flue can be over 200 degrees Celsius.

However new condensing boilers   reduce this heat loss  to around 55 degrees Celsius. 

condensing Boiler Check

Check the flue outside.

Boilers with a metal flue for excess gases, are usually non-condensing.  Condensing flues are usually through an external wall or your roof.

Steam and drainpipe.

If you can see the steam coming from the flue (through an external wall or roof, and if you also have a white plastic pipe leading to a drain, this will certainly be from a condensing boiler.

Why Has My Non Condensing Boiler Has Been rejected


❌  You Have A Low Scoring Non Condensing Boiler


My Condensing Boiler Is Completely Broken, Can I Apply For a Free Boiler?

No.  If your boiler is condensing, you are not eligible under any circumstances.

You will need to either get it fixed or bite the bullet and pay for a new one.

Which Boilers Are NOT Eligible For The Grant?

See Our Gallery Below For The Most Popular Boilers THAT DO NOT QUALIFY. The List Is Not Exhaustive!








I Carlo Lega Director Of Warm Front UK has 11 years experience in Free Boiler Grants and am based in Tettenhall Wolverhampton. 

 I have been responsible for over 10 thousand free boiler replacements since the scheme started in 2013.

I check all boiler applications personally and  if I believe you are eligible I forward your details to one of our Government Approved Installers. 

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