Eco 3 Grants – Lead Gen Journal Jan 2022


Eco 3 Grants – Lead Gen Journal Jan 2022

Eco 3 Grant Scheme
Eco 3 Grant Scheme


Eco 3 Grants

Happy New Year To all

Not done a lead gen blog for a while as I have been focusing on my website SEO and doing lots of posts etc to get me on Page 1 of Google.

Brain surgery / rocket science is a lot easier than trying to climb the rankings but I estimate I should be there for Eco 6 !


Whats Happening In Eco 3 ?

Free Central Heating
Free Central Heating

Definitely not as busy as this time last year when I really was flying with about 20 -30 leads coming in every day.

I do think the trend has changed for Eco measures with people not as interested as they were in 2021 for free heating & insulation.

We are in an ever changing world anyway so you have to adapt.



The End Of Eco?

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters

Apparently the government are looking at ways to help people with their increasing energy bills and something that is being looked at is The Eco Scheme and whether it should continue.

Apparently the levy put on people’s bills to pay for Eco is around £29 per household so ending this scheme would not save people very much money anyway.

I suppose the Government does need to show it is acting on rising energy bills but insulating homes & upgrading heating will reduce bills anyway in the long term.

As usual our learned colleagues in Whitehall have not got a clue!



It is a disgrace that the Government would even consider stopping all the largest properties in the UK from having free heating & insulation anyway.

People in fuel poverty that live in small houses and are paying the levy need to know that their money is helping the better off in society.



Eco 4

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters


I am hearing rumours that Eco 4 will be delayed by 3 -6 months   🙁

I hope this is not true and I am eagerly waiting to see the back of ECO3 which as a lead gen has caused me a lot of lead wastage at my cost due to difficulty with the criteria for certain measures.

Indeed, it should be a lot less stressful and I am hoping that Gas properties and small properties will become eligible for measures this time.


Eco 4 Scoring ?



I am hearing that for Eco 4 the main heating source will no longer make any difference to the rates that are proposed for installing insulation.

This will mean that the well sought after Off Gas Insulation will no longer be millionaire making measure it used to be and that Gas Heated properties will be back on the menu.

Hooray…………………… 🙂

I have thrown hundreds of GOOD gas insulation leads in the bin over the last few years so it will be good to be able to place them.

Gas insulation is SOOOOOO easy to generate leads for as there is MASSIVE demand.

Bring on Eco 4 NOW!


Contracts Needed

Free Storage Heaters


I have said this a few times now that some sort of contract is needed to protect installers against people who have surveys for Eco measures ( at the installers cost) and then do not proceed with the install.

This could be due to a change of mind or due to client making multiple applications but whatever the reason, it is not fair on the installer.

The installer having paid out £100 or so for the survey will have wasted his time and money as he is only paid if the job gets installed so this needs addressing.

A simple contract (signed by the applicant at survey ) agreeing to pay the survey cost if they do not proceed with the install will stop this.

This is like the £1 coin in the supermarket trolley which has stopped all the abandoned trolleys now, as people don’t like to lose money, even £1 !


Client Of The Month



This client called me to apply for Free Storage Heaters as his heaters were old and very expensive to run.

This client was very keen and asked for the consumer unit to be exchanged too at the same time.

Apparently another company was offering to do this for him as part of the grant. 🙂

YEAH RIGHT!  Nice try pal.


Agility Eco Services

Replace storage heaters
Replace storage heaters


Agility recently sent a letter to government about the vital need to maintain ECO in order to tackle fuel poverty and provide support to reduce the energy bills of fuel poverty households.

Excellent work.

The government are only interested in their stupid targets and dont care at all about people in fuel poverty.

I hope it does not fall on deaf ears and they get a favourable response.


Link to Post     HERE



Non Payers


The scourge of non-payers are still about but somewhat reduced now due to the Linked In Community having zero tolerance for these dishonest parasites who make their living by cheating others out  of their livelihoods.

Name and shame is the only way to deal with “professional conmen” who are very skilled in their profession and know how to evade payment using every trick in the book.

Publicising how they (dishonestly ) operate will reduce their “market “ and does protect other honest people from losing out to these scumbags.

On the other hand………….they do keep the professional debt collectors busy 🙂



Finally ………..A Good Deed for the New Year.


Green Homes Grant
Green Homes Grant


Last week I was at the supermarket checkout, behind an older lady in the queue.

Her bill total came to £56 but when she tried to pay, her card was repeatedly declined.

I’ve had a pretty good 2021 financially and also thought about my own Gran and hoped that someone would help her out in a similar situation.

The old lady didn’t want me to help her but I insisted, and in no time at all, we had all her shopping back on the shelves.

It is good to help people. 🙂


Thanks For Viewing


Grants Available For 2022


Free First Time Central Heating

Free Storage Heater Replacement – Electric Plug IN Heaters Only

Free Insulation -Electric Heated Homes Only

Grants For Landlords




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