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Eco 4 Grant 2023- The Best Free Scheme Ever!

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Eco 4 Grant 2023- The Best Free Scheme Ever!

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Eco 4 Grant – What Is The Eco 4 Grant Scheme ?

This is a government funded scheme known as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) that large suppliers must follow to help low income households afford to make their homes energy efficient. The first ECO scheme launched in 2013 as is now at Eco 4 stage

Medium and larger energy suppliers fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in low-income British households.

Eco 4 Grants will run from July 1 2022- 2026 and will cost £4 billion in total.

Under the scheme, suppliers with more than 150,000 customers are required to offer energy efficient home improvements

Each supplier has an overall target based on its share of the domestic energy market in Britain.


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Eco4 Energy Saving Grants

Heating & Insulation grants worth many millions have been given out over the last 8 years and have helped many low income households with free upgrades.

The ECO4 Grant scheme for 2023 will focus on the upgrade of heating and insulation in order to improve the home current EPC rating.

All Eco4 Grants will only be available for those on means tested benefits in the UK.


Eco4 Scheme Eligibility

To qualify for an Eco 4 Grant you must satisfy the criteria below:

  1. Be a resident at the property and receive a qualifying benefit or be on a low income ( BELOW 30000 )
  2. Be a home owner or private tenant
  3. Have old heating and insulation that needs upgrading.

4- Your property must be in EPC Band D-E -F-G


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Eco 4 Grant Scheme – What Eco 4 Measures Are Available ?

Eco 4 Grants Gov Uk – Qualifying Benefits

  • Child Benefit
  • Child & Working Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Universal Credit


Child Benefit Income Threshholds

Type of Claimant – Number Of Qualifying Children

1 2 – 3 – 4 or more

Single Claimant 1 9800 – 24600 – 29400 – 34200

Member Of A Couple 27300 – 32 100 – 36900 – 41700


Why Apply For A Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅ If Your Application Is Accepted Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅ You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding – Ends Soon

How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Home Improvement 11

You Qualify If You:

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Have a Non Condensing Boiler Over 18 Years Old OR Have A Back Boiler Behind The Fire

✅ Are A Home Owner In Receipt Of A Benefit


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Free Central Heating 2023


You Qualify If You:

Have Not Had Central Heating Fitted In The Past

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Have a Gas Meter Fitted Before April 2022

✅ Are A Home Owner / Private Tenant / ( Landlord that has a Resident In Receipt Of A Benefit)


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Free Storage Heaters 2023

At Present Old Storage Heaters are being replaced for Central Heating / Heat Pumps / Free Solar.

( Subject to property type )

You Qualify If You:

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Have Old Storage Heaters Fitted

✅ Are A Home Owner In Receipt Of A Benefit


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Free Insulation 2023

You Qualify If You:

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Have Off Gas Heating

✅ Are A Home Owner / Private Tenant / Landlord that has a Resident In Receipt Of A Benefit

No Gas Boiler Heated Homes Accepted

How To Apply For Free Insulation

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Landlords Grants 2023

You Qualify If You:

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

✅ Do Not Have a Mains Gas Boiler Fitted

✅ Have A Tenant In Receipt Of A Benefit

✅ Have All Insulation Measures Needed To Increase EPC Rating To A C or D


How To Apply For Landlords Grants



Free Solid Wall Insulation Grants 2023

You Qualify If You:

Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Have First Time Central Heating Fitted or OFF Gas Heating

✅ Are A Home Owner / Tenant In Receipt Of A Benefit

How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

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Eco 4 Grant Scheme For Heat Pumps

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People who wish to upgrade their old boiler to a new heat pump will be given £5000 grant from the government to subsidise it.

This should mean that all applicants will only pay £4000 contribution approx towards it.

Half price in other words.

Not finalised yet but figures are thought to be around this.

This will be very popular and probably over subscribes with many applications failing.


Eco 4 Scheme For Solar Panels

These grants will be limited to Off Gas properties, again EFG EPC Rating.

Over £10k worth of panels available

How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

Copy of Copy of Free Air Source Heat Pump


Are There Eco 4 Grants For Wales?

Warm Homes Discount British Gas 1 2


Wales & Scotland are both eligible for the Eco 4 Grant Scheme. We have installers all over the UK so are Accepting applications form both areas.

Please take a short survey indicating the grant of your choice.

How To Apply For Free Grants


Eco 4 Grants Gov UK – Add Value To Your Home

Making improvements to your heating and insulation will greatly increase the perceived value of a house.

With ever rising heating bills, a well insulated house and new heating is also another well sought out thing when it comes to buying a house.

Check if you are eligible for Government funded grants before you splash out on any home improvement measures .

  • increase your home comforts and enjoyment of your home
  • reduce your energy usage
  • improve your Home Epc Rating
  • Add value to your home

What Will Happen For Eco 4

ECO4 will based on properties meeting the Minimum Requirement (MR) .

To achieve this, you will need to improve a property’s SAP score sufficiently to achieve an increase in the EPC Band from F or G to an E or from D or E to a C.

This can only be done with a multi measure approach to all grant applicants.

This will mean that you will no longer be able to offer a single measure for loft or cavity insulation and that homes will need to fully insulate their home (where needed ) to qualify for the grant scheme.


EPC Bands

Government will mandate minimum energy efficiency improvements requiring Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band F and G homes to be improved to a minimum Band D .

a Band D and E homes to be improved to a minimum Band C, contributing to our statutory fuel poverty target and interim milestone.

To make greater progress on upgrading the least energy efficient homes, there is a minimum target of upgrading 150,000 Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band E, F and G private tenure homes.

This will ensure the least energy efficient homes are not left behind.

Furthermore, a minimum target of 90,000 solid wall insulation measures is introduced to maintain the focus on insulating harder to treat homes, while supporting the solid wall insulation industry.


Will You Have To Pay Back The Eco 4 Grant In The Future

NO. If you are awarded a home improvement grant under the government eco scheme, you will not have to repay anything back in the future, even if you move home.

Funding has been set aside by the Big Energy Companies who raise this money by a levy on all UK fuel bills. This levy is approx £29 per year which is paid by all utility users.

Do not feel guilty as in effect they are only giving you your money back!

The grant and warranty will be awarded free of charge as long as you meet the very strict criteria.


How To Apply For Free Grants


Eco 4 Funding – The Main Focus.

  • A minimum target of improving 150,000 private tenure homes in E, F & G bands to a minimum target of D.
  • A solid wall minimum target of 90,000 solid wall measures over the 4-year scheme,- includes both internal wall and external wall insulation.
  • To get first time central heating, you will be required to have solid wall insulation, or cavity wall insulation.
  • No replacement or installation of Oil or LPG tanks.
  • 35% off-gas rural uplift for Scotland and Wales.
  • LA-Flex increased to 50% for energy companies. This is a new scheme to target households on low incomes, but not in receipt of benefits.

What Is Eco 4?

Eco 4

For Eco 4 only homes ( home owned and private rented ) with an energy efficiency band of D to G will be eligible for grant funding. This is so the funding will only be aimed at the worst insulated homes in the UK

The minimum requirement will be for F & G bands to be increased to D and for E & D bands to be increased to C.

For Social Housing and the Private Rented Sector (PRS), ECO 4 will support the least efficient homes in bands E to G only.

You can make lots of money saving improvements to your home heating and insulation for FREE if you meet the new criteria.


What is the difference between ECO3 and ECO4 energy grants?

This is now changing so that 50% of the funding will go towards helping more of those people not in receipt of benefits but are still classed as a ‘low-income’ household.
Under ECO3, the grant awarded was based on the lifetime savings of the insulation/heating that was installed.
The new ECO4 scheme will be funded as to how big the difference is between energy performance ratings.
This is more fairer and will be better value for the tax payer
A broken boiler and electric storage heating (ESH) replacement cap for efficient heating will be set at 5,000 per year.

This will not last long and will probably run out in the first 3 months.

Inefficient heating systems upgraded with efficient heating will not be subject to a cap.

Repairs will be capped at 5,000 homes per year, subject to certain conditions.

Do Social Housing Qualify for a grant?

Yes – You will be eligible for a grant if you live in social housing with an EPC rating of E, F or G.

Will All Heating Grants Be Free For Eco 4?

Money to install the heating and insulation measures are sourced through the scheme and its grants, so you won’t have to pay out to cover our costs during the process apart from Heat Pumps which require a large contribution

This allows you to get your brand new boiler and most insulation measures totally free of charge.

How To Apply For Free Grants


Heating Repairs To Boilers & Storage Heaters

Under the scheme, support for repairs and replacements of broken gas and electric storage heating systems will be limited to 5,000 homes per year.

The repair of inefficient oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems will be permitted as a last resort where renewable heating cannot be installed.

This will ensure measures installed under ECO4 align with the Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy and net zero targets.

Homes in off-gas rural areas will be incentivised in Scotland and Wales, to ensure homes that may be harder to reach and more expensive to deliver are not left behind.

ECO4 has been designed to complement the Home Upgrade Grant in off-gas homes in England, social housing funding and the private rented sector regulations.

It will continue to work alongside existing energy efficiency and fuel poverty policies in Scotland and Wales.


No Benefits ? Try LA FLEX SCHEMES

Up to 50% of a supplier’s obligation may be delivered under the reformed Flexible Eligibility mechanism (ECO4 Flex), an increase from 25% under the previous scheme.

ECO4 Flex enables local authorities, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and energy suppliers to target and refer other low-income households who may not be in receipt of means tested benefits. The criteria usually asks for income below £31k and you have one or more heath conditions etc.

At the time of writing most people not in receipt of a benefit are not being accepted for a grant.

This is because the scheme ids not live and councils are dragging their feet with this scheme with only a handful actually accepting applications.


How To Apply For An Eco 4 Grant

Eco 4 Will Improve Your EPC Rating

Copy of Home Improvement 3

The Eco 4 Scheme is a great opportunity for all home owners on benefits to improve their home EPC rating.

Your EPC Certificate will tell buyers how well insulated your home is and having a rating of C or D is very desirable at the moment .

The worst homes are rated F & G and will cost a bomb to run over the winter.


How Much Will Eco 4 Grants Cost ?

1 billion £ per year has been earmarked to be spent for the next 4 years on improvements to reduce the UK carbon footprint and reduce energy costs for the most vulnerable people who are on a low income.

This is an increase in funding for the previous schemes of around 25 % to show the UK commitment to carbon zero targets.

ECO 4 will be a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) led fabric first approach, therefore compliance with PAS 2030 and PAS2035 will be required.

To learn more about the New Eco 4 Scheme please visit the Ofgem Website


How To Apply For Free Grants

Are Roofing Grants Available In Eco 4 ?

No. Very unlikely to have any roofing grants in the future.

Roofs dont save any carbon so will not be part of any scheme.


Are There Grants For Park Homes In Eco 4?

We are waiting to hear from the government about grants for park homes.

Please see our post here.


Are There Grants For Disabled ?

Yes. Disabled people should check out the below sites for details

The Disabled Facilities Grant

Disability Grants for Home Improvements & Repairs

There are no Eco 4 Grants at the moment for disabled people sorry.

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