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Eco 4 Leads – Diary July 15 – Free Boilers Update – Beware This One

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Eco 4 Leads  Diary July 15 – Free Boilers Update – Beware This One

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Eco 4 – How Is It Going ?

I think very difficult to get qualifying leads especially now that you can only take EPC EFG properties.

I am getting around 5 requests weekly for leads and I  have to turn them down as I have more installers than leads. ?

I am concentrating only on boilers as this seems to be the easiest measure even though loads of leads are being rejected..

Free Boiler Scheme Hack

A new hack that has come out for the free boiler applicants that installers and lead gens need to be aware of.

As you all know the 2023 Free Boiler Scheme is super difficult now with the new criteria.

I estimate over 80 % of boiler applications are now rejected and possible more.

Free Boiler Qualifying Criteria

The new criteria stipulates that only the following qualify for a grant:

  • EFG rated properties ( EPC rating)
  • Back boiler or non condensing boiler fitted
  •  Home owners ( or live with the home owner ).

Installers I am working with will only go out to survey a boiler lead if they

( seem) to meet the criteria ( data match – Epc rating etc ) if the applicant sends in a picture of their existing boiler to prove it is in fact a non condensing boiler.


Nice Try !

I sent a lead over and the installer requested a boiler picture and the applicant duly sent in a image of a non condenser.

The installer duly to turned up to survey the house only to find an Ideal Isar fitted .

This was clearly not the boiler on the image sent in and was an attempt to dupe the installer.

The surveyor left the house with a rocket up his  ****** lol.

Do be aware of this one as some people do try to be clever.


Fit Ventilation & Insulation First

Another installer  ( a newbie )  had a boiler lead off me and the job went to install with the boiler being fitted first and then they planned to fit the ventilation & insulation shortly after.

However, the applicant refused to allow the installer back into the property stating they were unhappy with the installer and did not want them back to the property.

As this installer has good reviews and the client obviously does not want the vents or insulation fitted  ( as obliged  to get the grant) I  had to  step in and try to resolve.

The client refused and I told them they would not get a Gas Safe Cert or the warranty would not be registered too. They complained to Citizens Advice Bureau  who were not happy.

I referred them to the instaler who is currently dealing with it.

Do be aware that the boiler MUST be fitted first or you will get this from some of our unsavoury applicants.


Great British Insulation Scheme

It seems that the Uk has heard of this scheme and I have started to get a few enquiries.

I wont be getting involved in this as I dont feel it will be very good at all.

More hassle than its worth and will take your focus away from your bread and butter measures.

It will be interesting to see what the  ? pickers will make of this scheme anyway ?

Eco 4 Adverts

Lots of ads on Face book for Eco 4 Measures. It seems every man and his dog has come out of the woodwork in search of the big money on offer for the large off gas properties.

I believe facebook and Google Ads will be doing very well out of Eco 4 as the spend will have increased 4 fold now just to get a lead that qualifies.

I have been trialling Google Ad the last few weeks but the conversions are very poor now and you will burn loads of cash if you do not know what you are doing.

When my free offer ends I will be giving Google the heave ho I am afraid.


Park Homes Grants

Still getting lots of enquiries for this and I have deleted most of my blog on Park Homes now to stop any more applicants applying for free insulation.

While I believe Park Homes will be included in the GBIS,  I do  think the funding will be minimal and most people wont pay a dime towards it.

Again I will not be getting involved in it.

Disability Benefits Return.

Still no news on this one and nothing on Flex either.

It seems that both are just a rumour and also councils cant be bothered to put out a statement of intent.

Never mind, fuel poverty can wait!


Finally Folks

Leads seem to have dropped of a cliff over the last few weeks for some reason.

I dont think it will pick up again until September after all the holidays.

Only an opinion but you mark my words.

Every cloud has a silver lining and I am keeping myself busy with………….building a garden wall.

My first time ever so quite pleased for a DIY attempt.  I must say that it is not easy work and all my muscles in my body  are aching !

I was quoted over £1500 for labour only which I would never pay.




Thanks For Viewing.




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