EPC Certificate Finder – Check Your Energy Efficiency Rating FREE

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EPC Certificate Finder

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

Would You Like To Access Your EPC For Free? 


EPC Certificate Finder

Would You Like To Access Your EPC For Free? 

Improve The EPC Rating Of Your Home?

 We Offer A Free  Epc Certificate Search On This Website As Well As A Free Download.

How Can We Help?

 We Can Help You To:

  • Access The EPC Register
  • Find & View Your EPC Certificate
  • Help You Understand Your EPC
  • Help You Improve Your EPC Rating To Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home.
  • Help You To Access Free Grants From The Government To Improve Your EPC

Epc Register For The UK - EPC Certificate Finder

You can check if your home has an EPC  lodged (for free )  by visiting 2 government websites below.

Simply enter your postcode and find your house number.

Not all homes have had an EPC survey or have an EPC currently in place but if it has you will find  an EPC lodged there.


EPC Certificate Finder - Find Your Epc

You can do an EPC Check By Postcode here.

Property in England, Wales –  https://www.gov.uk/find-energy-certificate  

Property in Scotland:   – https://www.scottishepcregister.org.uk/


How Can You Improve Your EPC Rating?

There are a number of Free Grants From The Government That You May be able to access which will definitely improve your EPC rating and also reduce your energy bills.

EPC Certificate Cost

You can pay around £40 -£65 to have an EPC assessment carried out on your home.


What do EPC ratings mean?


What is an EPC ?

Have You Wondered About What Epcs Actually Are and How To Find Out The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home?
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a legally valid document which provides an energy efficiency rating (displayed on an A-G scale) in relation to a property’s running costs.

This rating takes into account the potential energy performance of the property itself.

An EPC is  a great way to check up on your home’s energy efficient and find out ways to improve it.

You can then carry out these energy-saving suggestions to make your home cheaper to run. For instance, replacing all of your old windows with double glazing could save you around £135 every year.


what does epc stand for?

Energy Performance Certificate.

What is The EPC register?


It is a Government website that holds all  copies of EPCs that have been carried out since 2007.

Over 1 million EPC s have now been registered since its inception and all data held is accessible by the general public for free.


What is an EPC rating?

The main section of the EPC shows both a current and projected Energy Efficiency Rating for your property.

The rating runs from A to G – with A being the most energy efficient rating and G the lowest.

The further your property is away from an A rating, the more it will cost to run and the higher your bills will be.

The average rating for a UK property is currently D.


No EPC Found

If your house number is not found, it means that your home has not had a domestic energy assessment so you will not know your Energy Performance rating.

You can order an EPC assessment for around £50


EPC certificate near me

You can get a new EPC certificate by booking an assessment on the Government Website

Get a new energy certificate – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Alternately  there are lots to be found by doing a Google Search too.


Is an EPC certificate a legal requirement?

An EPC is legally required if you are:

  • Constructing a new property
  • Selling your property
  • Renting out a property

If selling, your EPC needs to be available for buyers to see as soon as your property goes on the market, while tenants also need to be able to see a valid EPC as soon as the property is marketed to let.


How Long Does An Epc Last?

An EPC certificate is valid for 10 years and can be used multiple times during that period, as long as the rating is above an F.

However, if you’ve made any energy improvements in that time, you may want to consider getting a new EPC if you’re planning to sell or rent your property to improve its rating.

A higher rating will appear more attractive to potential buyers when you’re selling in a competitive market and give you an advantage over similar properties in the area.


EPC Certificate Cost- What Is An Average Price

They generally cost around £40 -£65 to have one done in the Uk.

EPC costs of an assessment can vary depending on the size of your property and the kind of property it is. and it’s always best to obtain a few quotes from different assessors.


How do I get an EPC?

You can arrange for an accredited assessor to inspect the property and issue an energy performance certificate.

A google search will throw up lots of Domestic Energy Assessors who can carry one out for you. You can also ask an estate agent to arrange one for you.


Do I need an EPC to sell my house?

A valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when you are selling a property.

If the current EPC for your property has expired, you’ll need to get a new one before putting your home on the market. Potential buyers need to see how efficient the home is and what improvements are needed.

You could be fined if you fail to provide an EPC available to a potential buyer.


What is the minimum EPC certificate rating required to sell my property?

At the time of writing, there is currently no minimum EPC rating required if you intend to sell a property.

However, if you wish to rent out the property, it will need to have an EPC of E


Can I sell a property with an EPC rating of F?

The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015, introduced in phases from 2015, make it unlawful to sell, let or build properties with an energy performance rating of F or G


Who Carries Out An EPC?

The Epc is available after a Domestic Energy Assessor has conducted a short survey of the property which entails checking the fabric and its services i.e heating, lighting, hot water etc.

These certificates empower prospective homebuyers  to gauge the associated energy costs of a potential property purchase effectively.


What Details Are Shown On An EPC?

The energy efficiency rating uses ‘standard occupancy’ assumptions (typically 2 adults and 2 children) which may be very different from the way in which occupiers actually use things like heating and lighting within their property.

The EPC document shows:

✅ a breakdown of a property’s energy performance
✅ its environmental impact
✅ recommendations for improvements
✅ estimated energy use alongside potential savings


Is EPC rating E good or bad?

EPC Rating E signifies that a property has average energy efficiency, with room for improvement.

Properties with this rating often have a significant potential for energy-saving upgrades, leading to reduced utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.


How do I increase my EPC from F to C?

Here are eight actionable ways to achieve this:
  1. Upgrade the lighting to LED light bulbs.
  2. Insulate the walls and roof.
  3. Invest in double or triple-glazed windows.
  4. Upgrade the boiler.
  5. Install underfloor heating.
  6. Install a smart meter.
  7. Invest in renewable energy.
  8. Seek help from your energy supplier.

How can I get a copy of my EPC certificate for free?

Visit the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Register website.
The EPC Register website is the official website for EPC-related inquiries and requests.
You can find a copy of an existing EPC through the EPC Register.

What happens when the EPC expires after 10 years?

An EPC is valid for 10 years and can be used multiple times during this period.
The EPC will expire after 10 years and a new EPC (valid for the next 10 years) should be produced if the property is marketed for sale or rent at that time.

How to read an EPC

What you see on an EPC will differ depending on where you are in the country and whether it is an existing or new build property.  EPCs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are fully displayed online, where as, EPCs in Scotland are distributed as PDFs.

One thing that all EPCs will display first is basic information about the property, such as the address, property type and floor area.

Towards the end or back of the EPC will be the Assessors full details including their name, contact info and scheme they are accredited with.

If you have any queries about the content of the EPC we would strongly recommend that you contact them directly in the first instance.

What is a bad EPC rating?

If your property is F or G , your heating bills are likely to be very high indeed.

You should look at insulation and heating upgrades in order to get this energy rating to as high as possible.

Which Buildings do not need an EPC?

  • Places of worship
  • Temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years
  • Buildings with total useful floor space of less than 50  metres
  • Industrial sites- workshops – non-residential  buildings that have minimal energy use
  • Buildings that are ear marked for demolition.
  • Holiday Lets  ( rented out for less than 4 months a year )
  • Listed buildings  

How To Improve EPC Rating Of Your Home

  • 1. Install Loft Insulation

    2. Upgrade Your Lighting

    3. Install Wall Insulation

    4. Fit an Insulation Jacket to a Hot Water Tank

    5. Upgrade Your Boiler

    6. Invest in Double Glazing

Scotland EPC Rating

In Scotland, all rental properties must have on display the current  EPC.

They are generally found in the meter cupboard or next to the boiler.

Landlord Notice -Private Rentals - Minimum E

Currently all private rental properties must achieve an energy efficiency rating of a minimum E on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in order to be allowed to be placed on the market for rental.

If your property has an F or G Rating  and is currently being let out, you are renting it illegally.

This could result in a fine of up to £5K. 

You should engage the services of A Domestic Energy Assessor for help in improving the Rating

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