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Free Boiler British Gas? Is This True?

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Free Boiler British Gas? Is This True?

Did you know there are Free Grants For Boilers  & Home Insulation  available from British Gas.

British Gas And All The other Big 6 Energy companies are indirectly funding  the Free Insulation & Boiler Grants for all low income people and those on benefits.

If you meet all the criteria, you will get a free boiler & insulation  fully funded from the company.


 British Gas Boiler Scheme – Who Qualifies?

To qualify for a free boiler from British Gas, there are some criteria you need to meet.

✔️   Have A Home  EPC Of  E – F – G

✔️     Your Boiler  is OVER 17 years old,  or you  have a back boiler fitted

✔️     You are a home owner    ( or living with the home owner )

✔️    You  (or another member of your household )  receives a qualifying benefit 


How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1


 British Gas New Boiler Grant – What Is The Process ?

You Take A Short Online Survey On This Website

If Eligible You Will Be Contacted and Asked To Send In A Picture Of Your Boiler To See If It Qualifies.

Survey Booked If Your Boiler Is Accepted

Your boiler  & Free Insulation is installed in within 21 days.

British Gas Free Boiler Scheme Contact Number

You can contact us for general enquiries on 01902 753404.

We do not take phone applications and if you wish to apply you will need to fill in a short survey as below.

British Gas Free Boilers For Pensioners – Any Grants Available?


Yes. Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit  Can Apply for a British Gas Free Boiler

Pensioners are still subject to the same criteria regarding boiler age and home Epc Rating.

If you feel you qualify, please apply below.


How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1


Boiler Grants British Gas – What Are Available 2023?

  • Free Gas Boilers
  • Free Oil Boilers Upgrade To Heat Pump
  • Free Back Boiler Grants

Boiler Replacement British Gas – Qualifying Benefits



  • Child Benefit
  • Child & Working Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee &  Savings
  • Universal Credit

How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1

Are There Any British Gas Back Boiler Replacement Grants Available?

If you have an old Baxi Bermuda  backboiler behind the fire as your main heating, you can  upgrade to a new condensing combi boiler as part of the grant.

You cannot have the back boiler replaced on a like for like basis.

This back boiler  grant is only available for a limited period and once the money has been used up the grant will be withdrawn.

This grant is worth £3000.


British Gas Eco Scheme – Other Grants Available

Copy of Grants For Oil Heated Homes 1500 × 500px 1500 × 300px 1500 × 400px

Do You Need To Be A Customer Of British Gas To Apply For A Free Boiler

No, if you feel you meet the qualifying criteria, you should apply today.

If you qualify  we will start the ball rolling and submit  your application to a registered installer on the scheme.


British Gas Boiler Replacement Grant – Why Is It Available?

British Gas and the other six large energy suppliers  are obligated  by law to subsidise  boiler grants and other heating grants and insulation for the most poorest members of society.

They pay for this by placing a small levy on everyones fuel bill.

British Gas, one of the biggest UK energy suppliers, is an active member of the government grant scheme and have funded  thousands of free boilers over the years.

The Free boiler scheme has been running for over 8 years and over 1 million boilers have now been replaced .


How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1


 Boiler Grants British Gas – Do They Have To Be Repaid?

No – This grant is non repayable.

Any Heating Grants or Insulation grants that are claimed are yours forever and there is no need to repay the money at all.

The British Gas Free Boiler Scheme offers boiler grants to people who fit certain qualifying criteria as a way of helping them to change very old boilers to reduce their heating bills.

Without this Boiler grant, many people would not be able to change their boilers, particularly those who are living in fuel poverty.

Back Boiler Replacement Boiler British Gas

The cost to totally remove a back boiler from behind the chimney and replace it with a combi boiler fitted on the wall will start from £4000 as it is a big job.

There are grants for backboilers too.


 British Gas Free Boilers For Pensioners

There are also free boilers available to pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit.

If your boiler is over 17 years old or you have a back boiler, you can apply.

New Boiler Cost British Gas

Prices usually start from £3000 and can go up to £5000 and more depending on what type of boiler is needed.

British gas are not the cheapest but you will get a first class service with fantastic back up from a well established company.

See Our British Gas Boiler Page


British Gas New Boilers

If you dont qualify for free boiler, you can always look at the special boiler offers that British Gas offer.

For details of their offer and interest free deals ,  See Our British Gas Boiler Page

British Gas Boiler Replacement Rip Off – Our Response

This has come up time and time again over the years that British Gas New Boilers are over expensive.

British Gas are not the cheapest for replacing boilers but you only get what you pay for in this life and British Gas  Service is second to none.

You are paying for their expertise, experience, and back up.

British Gas is a massive machine to keep oiled and has lots of overheads so their pricing will reflect this.

Buying a new boiler From BG will be a good choice as it will be still working in 10 years time unlike some other boiler companies .

Buy with confidence.


How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1

Do Other Energy Suppliers Offer Boiler Grants ?

EON, Npower, SSE, EDF, and Scottish Power all offer boiler grants.

These, along with British Gas, are known as the Big Six, and they will help to save you a huge amount of money on energy.

You are welcome to apply with any of those for a boiler grant but they do have long waiting times.


Can You Get British Gas Cavity Wall Insulation?

Yes, British Gas, have an obligation to provide free grants for cavity wall insulation to qualifying households.

Installers will complete a free survey to check if your house is suitable for cavity wall insulation.

If your house fits the requirements below it is likely you will be eligible for a grant:

  • There are no filled cavities in the external walls of the home
  • The cavity is a least 50mm wide and is clear of debris
  • The masonry or brickwork of the property is in good condition
  • There is no risk of flooding at your home


Free Loft Insulation British Gas

British Gas customers can also now get access to free insulation grants if their home qualifies, and they meet the eligibility criteria set out under the government’s ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation) scheme.

If you are eligible for funding through the ECO scheme, the FREE INSULATION  will be funded through British Gas.

For households this means they could have a highly beneficial, energy efficient home improvement like insulation installed in your property without it costing them a penny.


Why Free Loft Insulation

British Gas have spent millions on insulating the Uk over the last 10 years.

Up to a quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through your roof.

By increasing your thermal efficiency with free loft insulation through British Gas, you can save a significant amount of money and ensure more heat is prevented from escaping through your roof.

A typical loft insulation installation could help you save up £590 on your energy bills every year !

Additionally, lower carbon emissions and an overall warmer home have been proven to have benefits for long-term health, so it is always worth checking if you could qualify for free loft insulation through British Gas.

Free External Wall Insulation British Gas

There are free wall insulation grants available but the criteria is very difficult . PLEASE SEE HERE.

The types of free British Gas insulation  could get include, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, room in roof insulation, internal and external insulation, and more.

Why A Free Insulation Grant ?

There are 100%  Insulation Grants available for 2022 – 2026. The government is giving grants to the whole of the UK  for people to insulate their homes to insure against rising energy bills.

Home Owners and tenants  can make cheap improvements to their  home by tackling  insulation levels, which will reduce  heating bills by a minimum of 20% per year

The  cheapest way to insulate your home effectively is to check whether you can get a free grant.

If you are on a low income benefit or on a low income, you can apply for  free insulation for your whole house.


How To Apply For A Free Boiler Grant

Apply Here 1


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