Free Boiler Scheme 2024 – What Is The Process

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Free Boiler Scheme 2024 - Process From A - Z

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

Applying For A Free Boiler Advice

We Take You Through The Whole Process

Free Boiler - The Process In a Nut Shell

You have applied for a free boiler and want to know  what happens next? This page Is For You 

All Successful Grant Applicants Will Receive :


A Qualified Domestic Energy Assessor Will Visit Your Home And Check Your Existing Heating & Insulation Levels.  A New EPC Report Will Be Made Which Will Specify What Improvements Are Needed.


Our Surveyor Will Give You Free Advice On How To Make Your Home More Efficient and Tips On Reducing Your Energy Bills.


An Updated EPC Will Be Available To You Online Which Will Give You An Accurate Picture Of How Efficient Your Home Is.


Your Loft & Walls  Will Be Insulated If Needed. In Some Cases ( OFF Gas Homes ONLY  )  External Wall Insulation Will Be Fitted Too.


To Combat Any Future Mould Problems Your Home Ventilation Will Be Upgraded. Included Are Trickle Vents For Windows, Extractor Fans For Your Kitchen & Bathroom & Under door cuts.


 You  receive a brand new A rated Boiler Fitted.


You will notice up to a 30% reduction in your heating bills post install of your free measures.

Free Boiler Scheme- The Whole Process

Free Boiler - You make an application

The Start of the scheme will begin with you making an application for a free boiler on this website. 

The application form consists of a survey of around 14 questions which will take you only 2 minutes to complete.


Free Boiler Survey Questions

You will need to supply your personal details and info on your existing  boiler ( model – age etc)

This information is strictly respected under our privacy policy and we under take not to pass any data on to any outside sources outside the grant industry.



Your Application Checked

Your completed form will come to me personally ( Carlo Lega)  and I will check personally all the info you have submitted to me.

If I feel you MAY be eligible, I will forward the whole application to one of out tried and trusted Government Approved Installers who will take up the reins and contact you for surveys etc.

What Is Checked By Warm Front / C Lega

  • I will check your property HOME EPC for your current rating as we can only accept applications with a EPC rating of E – F – G or homes with no EPC currently lodged
  • I will check the Gas Safe Register  to see if a Gas Safe Certificate has been issued which will have the install date of the boiler on it.
  • I will check if you are in receipt of benefits.

Common Rejections

  • Current EPC is C or D 
  • Boiler is fitted AFTER 2005
  • No Benefits Claimed

All applications above are binned and if an email address has been supplied , I will send out a NOTICE OF REJECTION with the reason why you are not eligible.

Once again we confirm that your data will not be passed on to anyone and I bin applications personally.

Next Stage - Forward To Installer

If I feel your application has potential, I will forward onto one of our installers.

They will perform their own checks as to eligibility.

They will only proceed to the next stage ( SURVEY ) if you pass the next round of checks.

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Installer Checks

  • DATA MATCH – The installer will send your date of birth for a Data Match check to the DWP  which will confirm whether you are on the correct benefits to qualify for the grant.

If you are eligible , a data match number will be provided to the installer for a fee of approx £4

  • LAND REGISTRY CHECK – Again for a fee a search on the Land Registry Register is performed to ascertain ownership of the property.

The applicant must own the property or actually live with the home owner to qualify.

  • BOILER CHECK –  The installer will phone the applicant  and request a picture of the boiler to prove that it is a non condensing boiler and actually qualifies.
  • survey booked – If all installer checks are satisfactory , you will move to the Survey stage and you will be given a survey date by the installer.

Installer Survey

The installer will appoint a Domestic Energy Assessor to survey your property. The survey will consist of 

  •  The whole house is measured and each individual room.
  • A floor plan will be prepared.
  • Photos taken of each room
  • Photos taken of existing heating &  insulation levels.

Energy Performance Rating Prepared.

The survey will be used to prepare an energy performance rating of the property.

The property will have to achieve a prescribed rating in order for the funding to be  released for the install.

There are instances where the correct score is not achieved and so the install of any measures could not go head.

This does happen in about 10% of all applications that do get to survey stage.

The government do not make these schemes easy unfortunately.

Successful Energy Performance Rating Achieved - Install Booked.

If all goes well your install will be booked. This is usually  within 14 days of survey

Ventilation & Insulation Booked For Install.

It is mandatory for all grant applications to ensure the home is adequately insulated to keep in precious heat and that the home is properly ventilated allow it to breathe and  to control mould issues.


Insulation of walls & loft are usually carried out first, followed by ventilation measures.

These measures are done first to ensure that they get done as people have in the past had the heating upgrade carried out but then refused to have the required insulation & vents.

Doing them first has put paid to this now.

What Insulation Is Fitted?

Your loft will be insulated to leave a finished insulation height of 270 – 300mm.

This is the government recommended thickness and will reduce heat loss through the roof by  25%.

Your walls ( if cavity ) will be drilled and bead or rockwool will be blown into them. This will save you up to a third of your walls heat loss.

What Ventilation Is Fitted?

To ensure the house can breathe the following measures will be fitted to each grant application.

  • Trickle Vents to your windows
  • Extractor fans to your bathroom and kitchen
  • 10 mm Under door cuts to your doors 

Heating Upgrade Booked In

Your heating upgrade ( new boiler – central heating – heat pump ) will be booked in shortly after.

A new boiler usually takes a day to fit

New Heating - How Long Does It Take To Fit?

  • New boiler – 1 day
  • Back Boiler –  2 days
  • Central Heating – 3 Days
  • Heat Pump  – 3 -4 Days

About WarmFront Uk - Carlo Lega.

I Carlo Lega Director Of Warm Front UK has 11 years experience in Free Boiler Grants and am based in Tettenhall Wolverhampton. 

 I have been responsible for over 10 thousand free boiler replacements since the scheme started in 2013.

I check all boiler applications personally and  if I believe you are eligible I forward your details to one of our Government Approved Installers. 

Free Boiler Scheme 2024

Free Boiler Scheme - Apply Here

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            Carlo Lega Director

         Phone – 01902 753404   – 07963 243311     Email –

          117 Wrottesley Road West   Wolverhampton      WV6 8UP

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