Free Boiler Scheme Index – Everything You Need To Know 2024

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Free Boiler Scheme

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What Is The Free Boiler Scheme 2024 ?- An Experts Guide

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

11 Years Experience With This Grant

Everything You Need To Know About The Free Boiler Scheme 

About Your Expert

I Carlo Lega Director Of Warm Front UK has 11 years experience in Free Boiler Grants and am based in Tettenhall Wolverhampton. 

 I have been responsible for over 10 thousand free boiler replacements since the scheme started in 2013.

I check all boiler applications personally and  if I believe you are eligible I forward your details to one of our Government Approved Installers. 

Free Boiler Scheme 2024

What Is The Free Boiler Scheme 2024 ?

The Free Boiler Scheme has been set up by the UK Government  to assist the UK that are in receipt of benefits to exchange their old and faulty boilers for FREE. 

Over 1 million boilers have now been exchanged on this scheme since 2013.

  Please see Gov Uk  for details on all the Energy Grants For 2024

What Boilers Are Accepted For The Scheme?


It is set to end Mar 2026 and probably, this will be the last scheme for boiler exchange. I say this as the free boiler scheme has been running since 2013.

Who Qualifies For The Free Boiler Scheme 2024?

A brief note on who qualifies is below. More detailed info can be found on our special page.

Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant

Your  Home EPC  Is  E – F – G

✅ You Are A Home Owner

✅ You Are In Receipt Of   A Qualifying Benefi (Or Someone Who Lives With You  Is Claiming A Benefit )

✅ You Have A Qualifying Boiler Pictured Below 


FREE Boiler Scheme 2024

What Is Included With The Free Boiler

Find out what is included in every successful grant application for a Free Boiler.

There is over £5000 worth of free stuff included in this brilliant give away.

Learn more here  Free Boiler- What Is Included?

How Does The Free Boiler Process Work

The Free Boiler Scheme 2024 Process Is quite a simple process for applicants. You can apply on this website and we will take care of the rest.

For a full rundown on how the scheme works from start to finish  Visit our Free Boiler Process Page

Free Boiler FAQs

Everything you need to know about Free Boilers but were afraid to ask is on this page. 

We are constantly updating it too.

Free Boiler FAQS

Which Boilers Do Not Qualify For The Free Boiler Scheme 2024

Condensing boilers.

Just because you are on benefits and have an old boiler does not automatically qualify you for the scheme. The Government only wish to provide grant funding for the  worst inefficient boilers in the UK which are NON CONDENSING boilers.

See our BOILERS THAT DO NOT QUALIFY page for a list of examples of which models do not qualify  (Non exhaustive list ) .

You will  get an  idea of how to spot boilers that do not qualify and save you wasting your time applying.

Who Does Not Qualify For The Free Boiler Scheme?

Lots of Free Boiler Applications are rejected.

I would say that over 80% of applications now fail since Eco4 was introduced in Mar 2022.

I am rejecting boiler applications on a daily basis, especially when people phone in.

Indeed I am frightened to answer the phone now!


FREE Boiler Scheme 2024 (1)

Not Eligible For Free Boiler - Some Tips For Getting A cheap Boiler.

We have compiled a useful resource for people that cannot have a free boiler but need to replace their boiler as cheaply as possible.

For tips on how to get the best boiler deal visit our DISCOUNT BOILER PAGE

We will help you not to get ripped off in the Boiler Replacement minefield.

No Boiler Fitted - Can You Get A Grant

For people that have never had a gas boiler fitted at their home, they could be eligible for FREE FIRST TIME CENTRAL HEATING.

Visit our Free Central Heating Page For Details of if you are eligible and can apply.

Any Boiler Help For Pensioners

We have 2 schemes for Pensioners  that are claiming Pension Credit

Are Back Boilers Eligible For The Grant?

Absolutely. Back boilers are deemed very inefficient and are a prime candidate for exchange on this scheme.

Visit Our Back Boiler Removal Grant- Have A Free Combi Boiler

Are Scotland & Wales Taking Free Boiler Applications?

Absolutely.   You can apply on this website  for both countries as we have installers that cover the whole UK.

What Grants Are Available For Oil Boilers?

There are grants for oil boiler upgrade to Air Source Heat Pumps for non condensing oil boilers.

You cannot have an oil boiler exchange on a like for like basis.

Oil Boiler Grants Here

Is Free Boiler Servicing Included In The Grant?

Er No.   You will have to pay for your own boiler service.

A boiler service should only cost you around £60 anyway.

Please see our BOILER SERVICE page for how often you need to service your boiler and why it is money well spent.

FREE Boiler Scheme 2024 (1)

Free Boiler Scheme - Apply Here

If you are interested in a Free Boiler , please take a short survey below to apply.

All Eligible Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours. 

All data supplied is respected in line with our privacy policy

Free Boiler Index - Apply Here

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    No Benefits Needed For Some Postcodes. If Eligible We Will Contact You

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