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Free Boiler Scheme British Gas- BackBoiler To Combi For FREE!

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Free Boiler Scheme British Gas-Now Includes Backboilers!


Free Boiler Scheme British Gas

Free Boiler Scheme British Gas

Free Boiler Scheme British Gas-Now Includes Backboilers!

Did you know there are Free Grants For Boilers  & Home Insulation  available from British Gas.

If you meet all the criteria, you will get a free boiler & insulation  fully funded from the company.

British Gas And All The other Big 6 Energy companies are indirectly funding  the Free Insulation & Boiler Grants for all low income people and those on benefits.



Who Qualifies For A British Gas Free Boiler ?

free boiler


To qualify for a free boiler from British Gas, there are some criteria you need to meet.


✔️    Have A Home  EPC Of  E – F – G

✔️     Your Boiler  is OVER 17 years old,  or you  have a backboiler fitted

✔️     You are a home owner    ( or living with the home owner )

✔️    You  (or another member of your household )  receives a qualifying benefit 


 Boiler Scheme British Gas -What Is The Process ?



✔️   You Take A Short Online Survey

✔️  If Eligible You Will Be Contacted Within  3 -5 Days To Book A Survey

✔️ All being well  your boiler  & Free Insulation is installed in within 21 days.


Boiler Grants Gov.Uk   – Take A Survey Here

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Which Benefits Qualify For The British Gas Boiler Grant Scheme?

Free Insulation 19 1

  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

Do You Need To Be A Customer Of British Gas To Apply For a  Free Boiler

No, if you feel you meet the qualifying criteria, you should apply today.

If you qualify  we will start the ball rolling and submit  your application to a registered installer on the scheme.


Are There British Gas Free Boilers For Pensioners?


Government Grants For Home Improvement 1

Yes. Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit  Can Apply for a British Gas Free Boiler

Pensioners are still subject to the same criteria regarding boiler age and home Epc Rating.

If you feel you qualify, please apply below.


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Are Back Boilers Eligible For A Grant?

If you have an old Baxi Bermuda  backboiler behind the fire as your main heating, you can  upgrade to a new condensing combi boiler as part of the grant.

This back boiler  grant is only available for a limited period and once the money has been used up the grant will be withdrawn.

This grant is worth £3000.


Is British Gas  Insulation 100% Free ?

Home Improvement 14

The short answer too is, yes!

British Gas have spent millions on insulating the Uk over the last 10 years.

British Gas customers can also now get access to free insulation grants if their home qualifies, and they meet the eligibility criteria set out under the government’s ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation) scheme.

If you are eligible for funding through the ECO scheme, the FREE INSULATION  will be funded through British Gas.

For households this means they could have a highly beneficial, energy efficient home improvement like insulation installed in your property without it costing them a penny.

The types of free British Gas insulation  could get include, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, room in roof insulation, internal and external insulation, and more.


Grants For Oil Heated Homes1


Can You Get British Gas Cavity Wall Insulation?

Yes, British Gas, have an obligation to provide free grants for cavity wall insulation to qualifying households.

If your house fits the requirements below it is likely you will be eligible for a grant:

  • There are no filled cavities in the external walls of the home
  • The cavity is a least 50mm wide and is clear of debris
  • The masonry or brickwork of the property is in good condition
  • There is no risk of flooding at your home

Installers will complete a free survey to check if your house is suitable for cavity wall insulation.


How much money can you save with British Gas Free loft insulation?

Up to a quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through your roof.

By increasing your thermal efficiency with free loft insulation through British Gas, you can save a significant amount of money and ensure more heat is prevented from escaping through your roof.

A typical loft insulation installation could help you save up £590 on your energy bills every year !

(Source: Energy Saving Trust, based on a previously uninsulated gas-heated detached house and fuel prices as of October 2022).

Additionally, lower carbon emissions and an overall warmer home have been proven to have benefits for long-term health, so it is always worth checking if you could qualify for free loft insulation through British Gas.

Keep in mind that if you are a private tenant, you will need to get the landlord’s permission before any insulation work can be carried out.


Grants For Oil Heated Homes1


Why A Free Insulation Grant ?

There are 100%  Insulation Grants available for 2022 – 2026. The government is giving grants to the whole of the UK  for people to insulate their homes to insure against rising energy bills.

Home Owners and tenants  can make cheap improvements to their  home by tackling  insulation levels, which will reduce  heating bills by a minimum of 20% per year

The  cheapest way to insulate your home effectively is to check whether you can get a free grant.

If you are on a low income benefit or on a low income, you can apply for  free insulation for your whole house.


Why Is British Gas Funding The Free Boiler Scheme

British Gas and the other six large energy suppliers  are obligated  by law to subsidise  boiler grants and other heating grants and insulation for the most poorest members of society.

They pay for this by placing a small levy on everyones fuel bill.

Any Heating Grants or Insulation grants that are claimed are yours forever and there is no need to repay the money at all.

British Gas, one of the biggest UK energy suppliers, is an active member of the government grant scheme and have funded  thousands of free boilers over the years.


WarmFront Grants6


Why Is There a Free Boiler Scheme From British Gas?

The UK government offers boiler grants to people who fit certain qualifying criteria as a way of helping them to change very old boilers to reduce their heating bills.

Without this Boiler grant, many people would not be able to change their boilers, particularly those who are living in fuel poverty.

The Free boiler scheme has been running for over 8 years and over 1 million boilers have now been replaced .


Do Other Energy Suppliers Offer Boiler Grants ?

EON, Npower, SSE, EDF, and Scottish Power all offer boiler grants.

These, along with British Gas, are known as the Big Six, and they will help to save you a huge amount of money on energy.

You are welcome to apply with any of those for a boiler grant but they do have long waiting times.


How Much British Gas Boiler ?

British Gas boiler prices examples

Here are a few examples of British Gas boiler prices taken from their online quotation tool:

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Combi Boiler £3,225
Worcester Bosch 4000 Combi Boiler £2,325
Worcester Bosch 30Si Combi Boiler £1,975
Worcester Bosch 2000 Combi Boiler £2,225
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25Si Combi Boiler £2,115

Fitting Will Be at extra cost.


Home Improvement Grants

British Gas  Contact Number

0333 009 5784


British Gas Live Chat

Click Here


British Gas  Customer Service Number

0333 009 5784


British Gas Home Services

For Home Services call 0333 009 5784

Our team are available between Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

For emergencies we’re here 24 hours, 7 days a week


British Gas Help With Energy

For Energy call 0330 100 0056

Our team members are available between Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm


British Gas Boiler Replacement

If you dont qualify for free boiler, you can always look at the special boiler offers that British Gas offer.

Click here for details of their offer and interest free deals.


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What is the British Gas Energy Support Fund?

The British Gas Energy Support Fund was created in late 2021 with an initial £2m investment in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

A further £4m was donated in the first half of 2022.

British Gas customers in fuel poverty and with less than £1,000 in savings are eligible to apply for a grant.


British Gas Energy Grants

The British Gas Energy Support Fund

This new fund is designed to help British Gas customers with an energy debt of between £250 and £1,500.

To find out if you’re eligible and to apply, follow the link below.


Individual & Families fund

Alongside our new support fund, the existing Individuals & Families fund also offers grants to anyone with energy debt between £250 and £750.

And you don’t need to be a British Gas customer to apply.


Struggling with energy debt?

If you’re struggling with debt its difficult to know where to turn.

The British Gas Energy Trust would encourage you to contact your local Money Advice Agency for help before applying for a grant.

If you get advice, this will help your chances of a successful grant application.

Click here to find your local advice centre or find online debt and money information at, and on the Citizens Advice national website.


Home Improvement Grants

British Gas Grants

Once you have sought advice, the British Gas Energy Trust may be able to provide a grant if you are struggling to pay off gas or electricity debt.

Please note grants over £1,500 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

As part of your application, we will want to understand how you will be able to manage your energy costs in future.


Debt Relief Grants

Our debt relief grants are available to both British Gas customers and customers of other energy suppliers.

If you are struggling with domestic gas and electricity debts owed to British Gas or other suppliers you can apply for a grant from us to clear that debt.

Please read the Who Can Apply section to ensure you are eligible to apply.  If you are ready, Apply Now.


Families Debt Write Off Fund

The Fund is open to BG and non-BG customers with an energy debt between £250 and £1500 – the debt must apply to your primary residence and must be an active energy account.


British Gas Energy Support Fund

Thanks to British Gas, the Trust has opened a new energy support fund to help the most financially vulnerable British Gas customers, who are struggling to pay their energy bills.

This fund, has been set up in response to the increasing cost of living and rising inflation, including Ofgem’s most recent price cap increase.

Through the fund, thousands of eligible British Gas customers with fuel debt of £250 to £1,500, can apply for grants to help pay their energy bills over the coming months.

The fund will remain open until all the money invested has been awarded.


Fuel and Money Advice

The Trust funds advice-giving organisations across England, Wales and Scotland which give free support and help people avoid the burden of energy debt.

Find an advice centre local to you.


Home Improvement Grants


British Gas Heating Guides

Look at British Gas For more info on their schemes.   Visit British Gas

What Is The British gas energy trust?

British Gas Energy Trust, incorporating the Scottish Gas Energy Trust, is an independent charitable Trust funded solely by donations from British Gas.

The Trust contributes to supporting those in financial difficulty, with a focus on energy debt.

The Trust helps families and individuals experiencing hardship who are struggling with gas and electricity debts by awarding grants to clear those debts.

This makes a significant difference to the lives of thousands of people each year, helping them get back on their feet and remain debt free going forward.

The Trust also funds organisations across England, Wales and Scotland to provide fuel debt and money advice services within communities.



What’s covered by HomeCare?

With cover for your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains and electrics, our HomeCare range protects you against any nasty surprises. There’s no need to worry about expensive repairs or late call out charges. Just let us know and we’ll be there to put things right.


With HomeCare you’ll get

  • Experts on hand – our engineers go through some of the best training in the industry, so they’re ready to get the job done
  • Unlimited call outs – book from a nationwide network of trusted engineers at a time that’s right for you
  • Annual Boiler Service – we’ll fully service your boiler every contractual year or so to make sure your system’s healthy and firing right
  • All parts and labour included – we’ve got all the parts to get the job done quickly, with no unexpected costs
  • 24/7 helpline support – if anything goes wrong just let us know and we’ll arrange a repair that suits you

Which HomeCare cover should I get?

HomeCare One
Your boiler’s the heart of your home. So give it the protection it deserves with HomeCare One. As well as a first visit to make sure your boiler’s up to scratch, you’ll get an Annual Boiler Service every single year of your contract. And whether you’re faced with a full-blown breakdown or just a minor niggle, you’ve got a 24hr helpline with unlimited call outs to get it back up and running.

HomeCare Two
There’s nothing better than coming back to a warm and cosy home. And with HomeCare Two, you can keep it that way. We’ll make sure your boiler’s in top condition with a full Annual Boiler Service every year of your contract, and if anything happens to your boiler or central heating system (including your radiators and hot water cylinder), we’ll be there to put things right.

HomeCare Three
Blocked drains and leaky pipes can cause chaos in any home. But we’ll sort it quickly with HomeCare Three which includes plumbing and drains cover from Dyno-Rod, part of British Gas. As well as covering everything connected to your home’s pipework inside and out, we’ll give you complete protection for your boiler and central heating – including an Annual Boiler Service. And for stubborn drain blocks, our expert engineers from Dyno-Rod, will get things flowing in no time.

HomeCare Four
With HomeCare Four, you can relax knowing your home’s in good hands. Not only do we cover your boiler, central heating, plumbing and drains, but your electrics too. That means we’ll cover repairs to the mains and any wiring in your home and outbuildings. And with an Annual Boiler Service and our 24/7 helpline included, we’ll make sure your home stays at its best – no matter what.

We’ll start off with a British Gas boiler service
When you join HomeCare, we’ll make sure your boiler’s ready for the months ahead. We’ll send out one of our expert engineers for a first visit to service your boiler and check it’s working safely and efficiently. They’ll make sure we have all the parts for any future repairs, and they’ll chat to you about how you can save energy around your home.

And to make sure everything stays working as it should, we’ll follow up with a full boiler service every year you’re with us.


Home Improvement Grants

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