Free Boiler Scheme -Who Does Not Qualify

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Free Boiler Scheme

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Free Boiler Scheme -Who DOES NOT Qualify

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !


Free Boiler Replacement ?

If You Have Applied For A Free Boiler In The Past And Not Heard Anything Back – You Probably Do Not Qualify!

Times Have Changed and The Days When All Boilers Were Exchanged Have Now Gone!

The Government Are Very Strict Now With This Criteria So Please Read Carefully.

Our Blog Will Put You Right On Who Exactly Qualifies 100% For A Free Boiler And Who Has No Chance At All!


Free Boiler Scheme -Who DOES NOT Qualify

 We Are Now Rejecting Over 80% Of  All Free Boiler Applications Unfortunately.

Most People Are Not Bothering To Read The Full Criteria And So are Quite Offended When They Receive A Rejection Email From Us. 

This blog is the most  detailed one on the internet on The Free Boiler Scheme for non qualifying applications.

See Below List For Full Info.






Why You Do Not Qualify

We Give You A Complete Breakdown Of All Reasons Above For Not Being Eligible.

The Government Have Made It Super Hard After 10 Years Of The Free Boiler Scheme And In Some Cases , Rightly So.

No More 5 Year Old Boilers Being Exchanged Anymore As Lots Of People Took The Piss Out Of The Scheme Because They Were Getting Something For Nothing.


Your Home Epc Is A- B - C - D

Boiler Grants are only available to the worst rated energy efficient homes which are E -F – G.

All ABCD rated homes are being rejected.

Please See Our Epc Rating Page For Details Of How You Can Access Your Home EPC

Please Note – If your home does not have an EPC lodged , you can apply for the grant and an EPC will be carried out on your behalf as part of the grant.

Warm Front Grants 4

You Have A Condensing Boiler Fitted

Condensing boilers are boilers that are highly efficient and were usually fitted AFTER 2005 . 

The government will not allow these to be changed on the grant under any circumstances, even if they are completely broken.   

Examples Include:

  •  All Boilers Labelled HE (High Efficiency ) 

See our page for  non qualifying boilers 

You Have A Low Scoring Non Condensing Boiler ( Combi)

Some non condensing boilers after being surveyed do not achieve  the desired EPR   (energy performance rating ) as prescribed by the Government and so are rejected due to insufficient funding levels.

Absolute madness !

You Have An Electric Boiler Fitted

For some reason the government do not wish to give grants to homes with an electric boiler fitted.

You Are A Private Tenant / Landlord

The private rented sector are no longer eligible to apply for the free boiler scheme.

The government stopped the PRS from applying back in 2017 stating that it was up to private landlords to supply  heating and not the tax payer.

You Live In A Listed Building

Whilst listed buildings are eligible for grant funding under Eco 4, most installers shy away from them due to the massive hoops they have to jump through to comply with listed regulations. 

We have not known of many listed buildings that have successfully had Eco measures in the past as the extra  effort to comply will eat into installer profits.

If you have a listed building, you will probably be rejected once our installers have done a land registry check.

You Live In The Republic Of Ireland / Northern Ireland

The whole of Ireland does not qualify for any Eco 4 grants.  Eco 4 grants include free boilers and insulation.

Ireland does have its own scheme but we believe it is very limited.

There is massive demand for Oil Boiler Grants in Ireland but nothing available.

Your Home Belongs To A Charity Trust

For some reason the government do not wish to give grants to homes that are owned by charities. 

You Are A Housing Association / Social Housing Tenant

All HAs and council owned homes cannot have any Eco 4 measures on this website. The councils and Housing Associations have their own schemes and prefer to do the whole street or flats in one go.

You Live In A Mobile Home / Park Home.

Park Homes do not qualify for any grants unfortunately.

Massive demand from Park Homes for external wall insulation and heating measures too. They are usually off the gas grid so are very expensive to heat .

We have up to 5 applications from Park Homes every week but are unable to action them.

You Live In A 1 Bed Flat / Studio Flat

These small properties attract very little funding so installers usually give them a wide berth.  It is time the Government stopped discriminating against small properties and made all properties equal when it comes to financing Eco  measures. Small properties have been passed over for many years due to low carbon savings.

Installers are only interested in the big payers in Eco so greed always prevails.

You Are Not Claiming A Benefit

Whilst you can get a free boiler in some parts of the Uk without being on a benefit, Warm Front has chosen to reject most non benefit applications.

The scheme for non benefit applications is called LA Flex and we find that a lot of councils are not very interested in partaking and have not bothered to post a statement of intent that shows their criteria for funding.

You Are Claiming Disability Benefits /Other Benefits That Do Not Qualify.

All disability benefits were removed from qualifying for Eco 4 measures from March 2022.  All Benefits listed below are no longer eligible for a Free Boiler.

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Severe Disability Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

You Are On Child Benefit With A High Income

If Child Benefit is the only benefit you receive, your income needs to be below :

Single Parents

1 Child – £19,900 –  2 Children – £24,800 – 3 Children – £29,600 – 4+ Children – £34,500

Parents living as a couple

1 Child – £27,500 – 2 Children – £32,300 – 3 Children – £37,200 – 4+ Children – £42,000

You Will Not Have Insulation / Ventilation Installed As Part Of The Grant.

Insulation And Ventilation Is Mandatory For all Free Boiler Applicants.
You Will Not Get A Free Boiler If You Do Not Have Your Home Insulated. 

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