I Have No Central Heating Can I Get A Grant? [2022]


Gov Uk Grants
Gov Uk Grants


Can I Get a Grant to Install Central Heating?


I have no central heating, can I get a grant?

The answer is …………………..yes if you meet the criteria.

1st Time central heating grants have been available for around 2 years now from the Government Eco 3 Scheme and approx half a million brand new systems have now been fitted. In over 70 of cases , they have been fully funded by the scheme with no contribution needed by the applicant



Eligibility Survey - Free Central Heating

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Warm Front Gas Central Heating Grants

Grant For Central heating

Warm Front UK has helped to deliver over a thousand free ECO funded full central heating grants over the last 2 years via our network of approved installers.

We have full UK coverage and can assist most areas to benefit from a free central heating grant



First Time Central Heating Grants

Central Heating Grants
Half Price Boiler

1 St Time Central Heating Grants  are available from the government as part of their energy efficiency scheme called ECO 3, s is aimed at reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions throughout the UK.

Moving properties from electric heating or other off gas heating sources such as LPG will reduce carbon emissions quickly and help with the government’s commitment to getting the UK to Net 0% by the year 2050.


How Do I Qualify For a  Central Heating Grant ?


Green Deal Grants- Boilers

You can only apply for a grant for central heating if :

  • You have no central heating system in place, i.e no boiler and radiators fitted
  • Your home has no history of having central heating
  • A resident at the property receives a benefit





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Which Heating Types Qualify For The Grant To Install Central Heating.






If you have any of the below fitted as your main heating, you are eligible to apply for a Central Heating Grant

Electric room heaters / electric storage heaters.

Gas room heaters; includes fixed mains gas room heaters.

Gas fire with back boiler, ( no radiators fitted )

Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler.

Electric underfloor or ceiling heating

Bottled LPG room heating.

Solid fossil fuel / Oil room heaters.

Wood/biomass room heating.

No heating system in place.



Do central heating grants cover gas mains installation?


Central Heating Grants may cover the cost of installing a mains gas supply to your home but this will depend on Cadent who will assess whether it is viable to run a gas supply to your home.

Each home is done on a case by case basis and so will depend on the gas survey. You will also require a gas meter to be installed in your home.

In the past it has been fully funded but there are cuts to the service now.



Can you get a grant for electric central heating?


No. There are no grants for electric central heating at the time of writing ( Dec 2021) and we do not anticipate any for the future.

Gas central heating grants are currently available and if you are near a gas main, you should try for this

Please note that after Mar 2022, the grants will only be for people that are currently connected to the gas main.


Why Upgrade To First Time Central Heating?

Free Storage Heaters

Compared to the other heating sources as listed above, you will find that gas central heating is the most economical way to heat your home.

You should expect to see a heating bill reduction of at least 25% by having central heating fitted

The latest central heating systems on the market are now designed with smart controls, giving you complete control of when to heat your home and how warm to have it.

Wireless technology is included and it is possible for you to switch on your heating remotely so you can come home to a warm house.


Am I Eligible For a Heating Grant?



Make the application on our page and we will give you a free check

You could get a first time central heating system installed for free or small contribution.


Can I get a Central heating grant for central heating?




The scheme is for first time central heating only.

This scheme is only for homes that have never had central heating fitted in the past.

If you have a boiler and radiators fitted, you do not qualify for the grant. We get hundreds of applications from people with central heating  who do need read the qualifying criteria.

These applications go straight in the bin.



Will I need to Pay A Contribution?



Some smaller properties such as flats will have a smaller grant awarded to them so you will have to pay a small contribution.

The Central Heating Package is valued at over £4000 but you will still get a massive discount on the full retail price.



How is the free gas central heating grant calculated?




The amount awarded of your Free Gas Central Heating grant can only be calculated after a full survey of your home and its existing  heating system.

However, the survey is free whether you qualify or not.

Being a Government scheme, the calculation is complicated but as ageneral rule , the bigger the property, the bigger the grant.



Can I get a central heating grant for LPG?

Warm Front Uk



There are central heating grants for LPG heated homes BUT the grant awarded is quite small and all applicants usually have to pay a contribution.

You will need a LPG tank which is not included in the grant.

Expect to pay between £1000 -£2000 contrbution if you are applying for an LPG full Central Heating System under the grant scheme.



Free Central Heating – Do I Need To Insulate My Home To Qualify?

Green Deal Grants - Free Cavity Insulation


Having an insulated home will keep the cost of using your central heating down as the valuable heat will be retained in your home for longer.

The grant for installation of first time central heating is reliant on your home having adequate loft insulation and cavity wall insulation fitted.

We regret your application will be refused if you do not have adequate insulation.

Note – we can arrange for this to be installed at no extra cost.



Do I Need A Gas Meter / Gas Supply?




If you do not have a gas supply or meter fitted, we can arrange with Cadent for your home to be supplied with both.  It usually is fully funded.



What Would I Get With A Free Central Heating Grant?


Every Free grant for central heating usually comes with:


Up to 8 radiators ,

Thermostatic radiator valves,

New wifi controls

New programmer

5 years parts and labour warranty



How Do I Qualify For A Free Central Heating Grant?


Simply fill in the form on the button below and we will do the rest.



Eligibility Survey - Free Central Heating

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What Benefits Would Qualify Me For A Free Central Heating Grant?

Gov Uk Grants
Gov Uk Grants

List Of Qualifying Benefits

  • Armed Forces Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit Guarantee
  • Income Related ESA / JSA
  • Industrial Injuries Benefit
  • Disability Allowance
  • Personal Independence Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Income Support / JSA
  • Employment & Support Allowance

What Happens Once I’ve Applied For My Free Central Heating Grant?




We will check your application and if we feel you are eligible, we will move you to the next stage which will be forwarding your application to a government approved installer who has access to funding.

They will perform a data match and if you pass, they will contact you to book in for a survey.

Following a successful survey, you will be given an install date. From start to finsih , it usually takes up to 4 weeks. If no gas supply / meter is available, then this time will increase.



How Much Will A New Central Heating System Save Me?


A new central heating system is typically around £4000 to fit. You will save up to £25 per month off your heating bills too.




Eligibility Survey - Free Central Heating

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