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Calling All OAPs – Free Central Heating For Over 70s

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Calling All OAPs – Free Central Heating For Over 70s

Free Central Heating For Over 70s

Calling All OAPs – Free Central Heating For Over 70s 

Do you claim pension credit?

Do You Have An Old Warm Air System?

Do You Have No Central Heating Fitted ?


Just fill out our quick application form online to see if you qualify!


How To Apply For Free Central Heating

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Free Central Heating For Pensioners

Are you an individual who is over 70 and worried about the cost of installing a central heating system in your home during the colder months?

Fortunately, there are many resources available from the government that can provide free central heating to eligible individuals.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get free central heating and share some helpful tips and resources to help you stay warm this winter.

The government are making Free Central Heating For Over 70s  and over 60s too available to households across the UK.

Every senior citizen that meets the criteria will receive a brand new  free central heating installation worth over £4000.

There is no charge to anyone but all pensioners will need to be in receipt of Pension Credit -either Savings or Guarantee Credit and be a home owner or private tenant.


Are There Central Heating Grants For Over 60s?

Yes  – The Free Central Heating Grant is available to over 60s  who currently receive :

Pension Credit – Both Guarantee & Savings

Child Benefit    –     Child & Working Tax Credits –     Employment & Support Allowance-

Housing Benefit –  Income Support  –  Job Seekers Allowance  –  Universal Credit

You will also be eligible to apply if you have someone living with you permanently is claiming a benefit above


How To Become Eligible For Free Central Heating

You should be eligible to apply for a free  central heating grant if :

  • You are the owner of your own home
  • You privately rent your home
  • If you get Pension Guarantee Credit & savings Credit
  • Are at least 60 years old and receive the Working Tax Credit


How To Apply For Free Central Heating

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How To Apply For Free Central Heating

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Why Free Gas Central Heating For  Pensioners ?

Free Central Heating For Over 70s

The Uk government recognise that many pensioners are worrying about how they are going to afford to heat their home this winter since the recent gas and electric price rises last month.

There is a new Government-backed scheme to provide a Free Central Heating System to all pensioners that meet the criteria.

It is only targeted at pensioners who have never had gas central heating in their home, and are using electric heaters or solid fuel to heat their home.


Free Central Heating For Pensioners – Is There A Catch?

There is no catch.

This scheme will pay all of the cost for a brand new central heating system installed. This will include a boiler -radiators – all pipework and other costs needed 100% free.

The Grant is non repayable and you will not be asked to repay in the future.

How Does The Central Heating Grant For Pensioners Work?

Grants are now available to assist pensioners and vulnerable householders with their heating bills and the cost of replacing outdated boilers and heating systems.

The new grants are delivered through the “Affordable Warmth” element of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

The Free Central Heating grant can cover the whole cost of any work required and do not need to be repaid.


How Do You Qualify For First Time  Central Heating ?

If your home is heated either with Electric room / Storage heaters, Warm air system, Gas room heaters – or you have no heating system at all, you can obtain funding towards something called First Time Central Heating (FTCH).

We will install a new Gas Combi Boiler with radiators in different rooms of the property.

In order to qualify, your property must not have had Gas Central Heating or any radiators in the past and your existing heating system must be either old and inefficient or broken.


Why Apply

  • Increase the value of your property by an estimated £10,000 – £15,000

  • Fully guaranteed and warranted installs
  • Gas Safe Registered Installation Operatives

  • Reduced heating costs and increased comfort

  • Industry recognised and award-winning appliances

  • Full installation and commissioning of the new system

  • Non-repayable grants available towards cost of the installation


How To Apply For Free Central Heating

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Free Boilers For Pensioners / Over 70s

If you are claiming PENSION CREDIT   and your boiler is over 18 years old you may be able to claim a Free Boiler Grant From The government  for  100% FREE.

This includes fitting too!


Free Boiler Replacement For Over 60s – Who Qualifies?

To qualify for  a New Boiler Grant :

  • Your boiler has to be over 17  Years old or a back boiler behind the fire   AND
  • A resident at the property has to be claiming PENSION CREDIT – either Savings Credit Or Guarantee Credit

Boilers over 17 years old should be updated sooner rather than later as the reduced performance and efficiency will cost you money in the long run.


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