FREE External Wall Insulation

Free External Wall Insulation Grants


Ends July 31

Do you Receive A Benefit Or Low Income?

Free Wall Insulation Is One Of Our Many Home Improvement Grants For you To Enjoy.


Value Up To £12000!

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Off Gas Properties Only - Choose Your Free Insulation Grant

Free Internal Wall Insulation

Stud Walls  Are Insulated Internally  and then plastered to keep your Heat Inside Your Home

Grant Value – Up To £6000

Free External Wall Insulation

Clad Your Walls With Kingspan and Plaster / Rendering To keep your Heat Inside Your Home

Grant Value – Up To £12000

The above 2 grants have very limited funding. All successful applicants will need to pay a £29 survey fee. This is refundable on completion.

Electric Heated - Oil & LPG Properties Only

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A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.

Aidan Costello -Landlord

“Had a boiler installed through Carlo. Installers were very helpful and cleaned up after themselves. Very pleased.”

Kiran Patel – Landlord

“Excellent and so professional from start to finish, thank you so much for my new electric heaters ”

Dorothy Ledgely – Home Owner

Simple Process To Apply

Free Storage Heaters

Step 1

Take A 2 Minute  Survey To See if You’re Eligible To Receive The Grant

Free Storage Heaters

Step 2

If Eligible Our Approved Installer Network Will Call  You Within 3 Days To Book A Qualifying Survey

Free Storage Heaters

Step 3

Eligible Applicants Will Receive Their  Insulation Upgrade  Within 14 Days Of Survey

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

Which Benefits Qualify For The Free Exterior Wall Insulation Grant

  • Child Benefit *
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

Note - Some Councils Have A LAD Scheme where Low Income Families Are Eligible too without benefits. We advise you apply for a grant as you may be sucessful.

See Our Full Index Of Grants & Help Available

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

What Is The Government Free Insulation Scheme

Wall Insulation Grants are part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) .

EThis Free Grant Scheme was  introduced to help vulnerable homeowners and tenants across England, Scotland and Wales with the reduction of their energy bills.

Insulating Your Walls is the best way to reduce your bills substantially.


This Free Scheme For Benefit Claimants  and people on a Low Income has limited funding SO APPLY TODAY.


To learn more about this Scheme, please visit the GOV WEBSITE

Free Storage Heaters

How do you insulate a solid walled property?

Insulation for solid walled properties can be carried out on the inside (internal wall insulation) or the outside (external wall insulation) of the property.

Solid brick or stone walls will absorb heat from both inside and outside of the property during the day, acting as a heat sink.

Insulation used is generally a foam based material which acts to lower the U Value Of The Wall.

Help With Heating Bills

Why Are There Free Solid Wall Insulation Grants Available?

 Solid wall homes are notorious for being cold and heating costs are massive due to high U value of the walls and high celings.

The government recognise this and have earmarked funding to help these properties to achieve the maximum heat savings by offering free insulation.

free insulation

Why Is Free wall Insulation Not Being Offered To Gas Heated Homes?

Currently, funding is only being made available to the most expensive forms of heating such as electric and oil & LPG heating.

We understand that mains gas homes will be eligible from Eco 4 which starts in July 2022

Home Improvement Grants

Can Landlords Apply For The Free External Wall Insulation Grant?


Landlords, or private tenants (who have permission from their landlord) may be entitled to this fantastic grant.

You must live in a off gas property though.

See Our Landlords Page For a full list of grants available to the private rented sector.


Help With Heating Bills

How Much Money Will External Wall Insulation Save Me Off My Bills?

DETACHED HOUSE  £450 per year

SEMI  DETACHED HOUSE  £275 per year




Estimates above are  based on insulating a gas-heated home.Off gas homes will save up to 30% more

Costs will vary significantly depending on level of work required. 

Prices are based on fuel prices as of Feb 2022

Source – Energy Saving Trust

Home Improvement Grants

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

What are the Advantages of External Wall Insulation?

  • It greatly reduces heat loss and your energy bills
  • Fewer draughts in your home and increased the sense of comfort
  • It does not disrupt the house while being installed as all work will be outside.
  • This type of insulation does not reduce your homes  internal floor area
  • It improves weatherproofing, and soundproofes your home.
  • It increases the life of the outside wall with little maintenance needed
  • It reduces condensation on internal walls

Does The Grant Need To Be Paid back In The Future?


If you are lucky enough to be awarded the grant you will not be asked to repay it at any point in the future. Even if you move home.



What Warranty Do You Get With This Wall Insulation Measure?

All  External Wall Insulation  Fitted On The Free Home Improvement Scheme Come With a 10 Year Warranty


Home Improvement Grant

will external wall insulation stop condensation

external wall insulation can External Wall Insulation can prevent future damp on walls from condensation but it won’t mask existing problems of water penetration.

If you have burst guttering, roof problems or rising damp, you must get this attended to before installation or your warranty will be void. A professional installer probably will not  take the job on anyway.

Home Improvement Grants 2022

What Is The Cost Of Solid Wall Insulation ?

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) you should expect to pay from £6000 up to £13000 to insulate your solid walls externally.

This depends on your your property size of course.

Internal walls will cost from £4000 – £7500

This is probably the best home improvement measure you will make to your home and will greatly increase the comfort of your home.

Home Improvement Grants

What happens during the installation of Solid Wall insulation?

  Scaffolding is erected around your property  so  you will need to ensure taht the outside area around your home is clear .

All things attached to the walls e.g outside lights, drainpipes and satellite dishes are removed .

Insulation panels are then mechanically attached to the outside walls of your property, and then they  are weather-proofed with a coat of render.

When dry, you can paint the walls with the colour of your choice.

Usually takes a week from start to finish.


How long does Solid Wall insulation last?

Most Solid Wall insulation fitted will come witha minimum  10 year guarantee, which will be backed by SWIGA (the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency).

 Provided it has been fitted properly, it should last you up to 30 years before needing replacement.

What are the Drawbacks of External Wall Insulation?


  • Potential to cause issues with condensation, which could lead to damp problems
  • Likely to require planning permission if changing the appearance of your home
  • Is not be suitable for listed buildings or those in Conservation Areas
  • External wall insulation is thick, which can cause issues around windows, eaves and sills
  • It’s an expensive process 


Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

How To Apply For The Grant

 Warm Front Grants For Heating & Insulation Please Call

01902 753404

Or Click The Button Beow and Take a short survey

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Funding For Solid Wall Insulation Grants Is very Limited



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