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Free Heat Pumps- Dont Miss Out

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 Free Heat Pumps- Dont Miss Out

 Free Heat Pumps

Free Heat Pumps

This new scheme is to enable the UK to move to Low Carbon Heating for Free  or Half Price.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)  is a new boiler grant scheme which will be live from  April 1 2022

The idea is that when people need to replace their old boiler , they will automatically move to a clean form of energy such as a heat pump or solar panels.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme has been set up to provide financial incentives for us all to make the change. This will aid in the decarbonisation of buildings in preparation for the Uk 2050 target for zero carbon emmissions.

Gas boilers are being phased out over the next 10 years so this scheme is a very healthy start to the process.

This scheme is aimed at encouraging householders to switch from mains gas boilers  to heat their homes with financial assistance of a new £5000 grant.



Free Heat Pumps & 50% Grants

These grants should make it as cheap for people who need to change their boiler to move to a low carbon heat source instead such as heat pumps which at present cost anything from £9000 onwards.

You should see if you are eligible for the 100% Grant.  Visit our heat pump page for details.

The grant should accelerate the installation of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and, biomass boilers in areas that are off the gas grid.

The BUS will be open to all properties located in England and Wales.

We anticipate that there will be strong take up as heat pumps are very efficient and will reduce heating bills by up to £300 per year.


Low Carbon Heating To Combat Climate Change.

Heating our homes and workplaces with low carbon heating is one of the best things we can do to help combat climate change.

The government are offerring incentives in the forms of grants to assist us to make the change.

Almost a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions are as a result of  heating our buildings.

This is now being addressed and fantastic  grants for air source heat pumps are now available to all home owners and private rented homes.

The Heat Pump Grant Scheme has  been allocated £450m funding which has been confirmed and will run over three years until May 2025.


How Does The Boiler Upgrade Scheme Work?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides 2 grants at the moment to encourage the UK to switch.

Non Benefits Claimants

You’ll get: £5,000 towards the cost of purchasing and installing an air source heat pump in your home.

This should give you up to 50% off the full price which are usually around £10000.


Benefits Claimants

Subject to heating type and property type you will get A  100% Heat Pump Grant And FREE INSULATION INCLUDING SOLID WALL INSULATION


What Is The Criteria To Be Eligible For A Heat Pump Grant?

You must:

  • be the homeowner or landlord of a property
  • live in England or Wales
  •  agree to completely remove your gas boiler and  install a brand new air source heat pump to provide your heating and hot water.
  • Have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that shows you have the recommended  loft and cavity-wall insulation.

 How To Apply For A Free Heat Pump?

Visit our heat pump page and fill in the application form.

We will forward your details to an installer who will check your eligibility for the grant with a free survey.

If you are found to be eligible they  will apply for the grant on your behalf.

The value of the grant will be directly deducted from the installation  cost, with you paying the balance.

Benefits claimants will pay nothing.


What Heating Bills Can I expect Post Install Of  The Heat Pump ?

Your gas bills will greatly reduce but your electric bill will rise as the Heat pump is powered by electricity BUT your yearly fuel bills should reduce by up to 30%.

The end results being that your home  energy bills are a lot  lower and you have cut your carbon emissions.

Air Source Heat Pump Funding

Air Source Heat Pump Funding has been set aside by the UK Government to to encourage property owners to replace existing fossil fuel heating  such as gas and oil with more efficient renewable energy.

Replacing your current heating system whether a gas boiler or electric  with a heat pump will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme grants will reduce the high cost of installing a low carbon heating system.

These low carbon heating systems will eventually be the norm over the next 10 years especially with government subsidies and also mass production which will bring down the price substantially.

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