Free Storage Heaters Scheme [2022]

 Free Storage Heaters Scheme [2022]




 Free Storage Heaters Scheme –  If you meet certain criteria as set out by the government, you can apply for a storage heater grant!

Our aim to make people aware of a little known government grant scheme to replace old economy 7  Night  Storage Heaters for  100% free .

Many people who receive  low income benefits  are completely unaware that they could be eligible to replace their old  and expensive to run electric storage heaters with a government grant.

Replacing old economy 7 heaters for new ones will make a massive difference to heating bills and we have found in many cases that people have saved up to £50 per month of their electric bills.

If you receive a benefit, please fill in the form below.



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Storage Heater Grant Scheme For all The UK



Electric storage heater grants are available for eligible households in the UK as part of the ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) Scheme.

The Government Grant Scheme To Replace Storage Heaters 2021 is for all people receiving a UK benefit.

Your home could greatly  benefit from the free installation or replacement of faulty or inefficient storage heaters.




Read on if your home is currently heated by electric and you have old economy 7 heaters/ plug in heaters currently as your main home heating.

Please do not apply if your home has a gas boiler.


Who Is Eligible For a Free Night Storage Heaters ?

If your home is mainly heated by electric room / electric storage heaters and you are a home owner or private tenant in receipt of UK benefits …………….


Free Insulation will be included too for all applicants.

All in all you could get up to £5000 worth of measures 100% FREE!



Who Qualifies  For Free Night Storage Heaters ?

  • You have old inefficient or broken electric storage heaters on an economy 7 separate meter.
  • You are a homeowner
  • You are a landlord with private tenants claiming Tax Credits – PIP / Universal Credit etc .
  • You are a private tenant with landlord permission.




Eligibility Survey - Free Economy7 Heaters

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Free Storage Heaters – Is There A catch ?


NO !

The Government’s Storage Heater Scheme was set up in 2013 to assist all low income households to lower their fuel bills.

Thousands of old and expensive to run heaters have now been changed for up to date high heat retention ones, saving many people lots of money off their bills.

We want to make all people aware that they could be eligible for this fantastic grant to replace old electric storage heaters 100% FREE OF CHARGE

Storage Heater Repairs

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters

If your heaters are old , it will not usually be cost effective to repair them.

Average repair costs are £120 and you can replace a heater for another £50 or so. We recommend you replace rather than repair in most cases.

Grants are available too.


Are Storage Heater Grants UK Repayable ?

100% grants are available and you will not have to pay anything back even if you move house.

Before replacing old storage heaters, you should check if you are eligible for this Free  Government funded grant.

The grant covers both the cost of buying the heaters as well as installation charges.


Storage Heater Grants For Wales & Scotland




The Free Storage Heater Grant scheme has been extended to include Scotland and Wales.



Are There Free Storage Heaters For Pensioners?


If pensioners are in receipt of Pension Credit or a Disability benefit, they are eligible for the grant

How Many Heaters Can Be Exchanged On The Grant Scheme?

Up to 3 New Storage heaters can be claimed on this grant with each heater retailing at £650!




7 Reasons to Apply For A Storage Heater Grant

  1. You’ll see some big savings on your energy bills.
  2. Each storage heater we fit costs over £650 each and are 30% more efficient
  3. Application from start to finish is less than 21 days!
  4. All fitting is FREE!
  5. 5 Years Full Warranty.
  6. Reduce Your Electric Bills
  7. All Old heaters will use lots of expensive electricity so worth replacing if you get the opportunity  to do it cheaply.




Replacing Storage Heaters with Gas Central Heating

Free Central Heating
There are also grants available to replace old storage heaters for 1st time Central Heating too

If you have access to a gas supply in the street, instead of replacing your heaters, you may be able to opt for a Full Central Heating Grant worth over £3500!

If you would like to change from electric to gas central heating, please fill in the form below and our installers will investigate if this is an option for you.

Apply Today -You will make big savings on your electricity bills.




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