Free Storage Heaters

Do You Need To Replace Old Economy 7 Storage Heaters?

Replace Them FREE With A Government Grant !

✅ Possible Upgrade To Free Central Heating Available !

✅Free Home Insulation Included.

✅ All Benefit Claimants Eligible

✅Top Brands Fitted With 5 Yr Warranty


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A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.

Aidan Costello -Landlord

“Had a boiler installed through Carlo. Installers were very helpful and cleaned up after themselves. Very pleased.”

Kiran Patel – Landlord

“Excellent and so professional from start to finish, thank you so much for my new electric heaters ”

Dorothy Ledgely – Home Owner

Simple Process To Apply

Free Storage Heaters

Step 1

Take A 2 Minute  Survey To See if You’re Eligible To Receive The Grant

Free Storage Heaters

Step 2

If Eligible Our Approved Installer Network Will Call  You Within 3 Days To Book A Qualifying Survey

Free Storage Heaters

Step 3

Eligible Applicants Will Receive Their Heating / Insulation Upgrade  Within 14 Days Of Survey

Which Benefits Qualify For The Storage Heater Replacement Grant ?

  •  Armed Forces Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit Guarantee
  • Income Related ESA / JSA
  • Industrial Injuries Benefit
  • Disability Allowance
  • Personal Independence Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Income Support / JSA
  • Employment & Support Allowance

Why A Government Storage Heater Replacement Scheme ?

The UK Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) was introduced to help vulnerable homeowners and tenants across England, Scotland and Wales with the reduction of their energy bills.

Many people know it as the Warm Front Grant Scheme.

This Free Electric Storage Heater Grant Scheme  has been very well received  with the general public  and over half a  million old economy 7 heaters  have now been replaced.

Many applicants have received  brand new heaters worth over £2000 for FREE!.

Free Home Insulation has also been installed where needed.

To learn more about the Storage Heater Scheme, please visit the GOV WEBSITE

Free Storage Heaters

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

Do You Qualify For A FREE Storage Heater Grant ?

To Be Eligible  for FREE STORAGE HEATERS you must have  :

  • Old Electric Storage Heaters / Old Economy 7 Heaters Fitted
  • Electric Plug-in Heaters Fitted
  • You Receive a Qualifying Benefit As Above
  • You Are A Home Owner Or private  Tenant


Eco 3 Grant Scheme

What Is Included With The Storage Heater Grant ?

Included In This Grant As Standard *

  1. Free Fitting
  2.  Top Premium Heaters
  3. 5 Years Full Parts & Labour Warranty
  4. Up To 4 Premium Radiators Fitted
  5. Wireless Programmer & Thermostat
  6. Free home Insultion Check
Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

How Do Storage Heaters Work?

To make the most of having storage heaters as your main heating, you will need to be on an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff.

With Economy 7 & 10 tariffs, the electricity is supplied to your home at two rates:

  • Expensive ‘peak-time’ electricity  –  daytime  
  • Cheap ‘off-peak’ electricity.  –  Night time usually from 12 until 7 in the morning.

Both tariffs  come into play at night when electricity is cheapest so this is the time you should be charging your heaters up.

You could save two thirds of the price.

 Unfortunately, a lot of people are not aware of this and end up charging their heaters at the wrong time which can be very expensive.


Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Free Storage Heaters – Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff.


The easiest way to understand storage heaters is to visualise them as a big rechargeable battery.

 They require charging every day and then they will discharge this stored energy contained within them throughout the day.

As  stated previously ,  you should program your heaters to charge up only when electric is at its cheapest which is during the middle of the  

You can charge the storage heaters in the day also BUT you will be charged the peak rate  which can be 2 thirds moore.

Free Storage Heaters

What Is The Best Replacement For Night Storage Heaters?

The best replacement for storage heaters are ……………………… FREE ONES.

If you are eligible for the grant for storage heaters ( you claim a benefit and have old heaters ) you should get your application in right away.

There is up to £3000 worth of grant going so dont miss out!

Free Storage Heaters

Free Storage Heaters? - Is There a Catch?


I have worked in this industry for over 9 years now and confirm that thousands of old heaters have now been changed for free up and down the country.

You get free insulation too.

Dont Miss This fantastic grant to replae storage heaters or you will kick yourself.

Apply below

Free Storage Heaters

Can You Replace Storage Heaters With Central Heating ?


If you have gas in your street, you may be eligible to change from Storage heating To First Time Central Heating.

For many properties, the grant will be 100% fully funded.

Please indicate on our survey form if you wish to try for FREE Central Heating or Visit Our CENTRAL HEATING PAGE HERE

Free Storage Heaters

Are There Storage Heater Grants For Landlords ?



Landlords can apply for Free Storage Heater Replacement  if they have a tenant in residence that claims a benefit.

Private tenants ( in receipt of benefits  who have permission from their landlord) are  also eligible to apply for the FREE STORAGE HEATER REPLACEMENT GRANT too.

See Our Landlords Page For a full list of grants available to the private rented sector.


Free Storage Heaters

Is Free Insulation Mandatory For This Scheme?


The Government do stipulate that only heating upgrades can only be made to homes that are adequately insulated. The whole point of these schemes is to save carbon and not insulatinfg homes will defeat the object.

Our installers will check your insulation levels for free and upgrade or fit what ever insulation is needed for FREE!

You Could Qualify For Many Thousands Of £ of FREE Insulation !

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Are There Storage Heater Grants For Pensioners ?

Yes – Pensioners  in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee or any of the disabled benefits  are all eligible to apply for Free Replacement Of Their Storage / Economy 7 Heaters.

 Many disability benefits are being removed  from the scheme in March 2022

We recommend you apply now or you will miss out.

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Are There Storage Heater Grants For Disabled ?

Yes – Disabled people in receipt of Personal Independance Payment, Disability Living Allowance ,  Careres Allowance , Attendance allowance are all eligible to apply for one or more Warm Front Grants to make their home much more comfortable.


This will change in March 2022 as the Government are removing many disability benefits from the scheme to save money.

We recommend you apply now or you will miss out.

Free Storage Heaters

Are Covers For Storage Heaters Included In The Grant ?

No covers are included in the grant

 Most storage heater manufacturers  normally advise against having anything covering the heaters due to potential fire risk.

The recommended  distance between heater and cover would mean that the covers will  need to be huge.

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Are High Heat Retention heaters Fitted On The Grant scheme



The government have stipulated that only High Heat Retention ones can be fitted as part of the grant scheme.


These heaters will remain hotter for longer and will keep your home warmer for up to 3 hours longer.

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Are free storage heaters available to everyone on benefits?

To qualify for a free storage heater grant you must be living in a private property or a private rented property

 Council owned or a Housing Association properties do not qualify for Eco Funding unfortunately

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Are Dimplex storage heaters fitted on the grant scheme

Dimplex heaters are fitted as part of the grant scheme but as we use a number of different  installers on the scheme, we cannot guarantee  any particular model.

The model choice will depend on your are in the UK and amount of grant awarded.

We request that all applicants are grateful for whatever model they receive for FREE. Thank You

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

What Other Makes Of Heaters Are fitted on the grant scheme

A full List Of Heaters That May Be Fitted As Part of the grant scheme are  :





Eco 3 Grant Scheme

How Many Heaters Are Fitted On The Scheme?

Usually up to 4 high heat retention ones are fitted on the grant scheme but this will of course depend on your property type and grant awarded.


The government will have worked out how many heaters are needed to heat each property type and all installers have to follow guidelines.

You may get a mixture of storage heaters and plug in electric heaters.


As always we recommend you accept what is for free and supplement any other heater you may require out of your own funds.

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Do  Storage Heaters Leak Heat?

Unlike a battery that retains a lot of its charge until used, the storage heaters will begin to leak heat almost immediately due to convection of heat that is stored in the bricks.

As a rough guide, a storage heater will lose the majority of its stored heat over a 12 hour period.

This means that if you get in from work at 7pm, the majority of useful heat will already have dissipated into the home leaving you to be cold in the evening.

You usually will need to switch on panel heaters or other heating to supplement this.

For this reason, storage heaters are not good for people who are out at work during the day unfortunately.

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Best Practice For Running Storage Heaters

The most effective and cheapest manner is to ensure is that you don’t use the peak electricity power switch unless absolutely necessary.

  1. Try to avoid using this unless in the middle of the winter when you need a heating boost.
  2. The idea is to make sure the storage heater only charges during off-peak hours.

During the winter

Set the input control to maximum to allow the most charging power to the storage heater.

 During the summer

You may get away with turning the input control right down (or even off), since you won’t need much heat for the home.

Turn the output to zero when you are not at home or when you go to bed.


Eco 3 Grant Scheme

How to set up your storage heater controls

Most storage heaters have 2 key controls:

  1. Power switch – this determines whether you are using off-peak or  peak electricity to charge the storage heater

 Off-peak is considerably cheaper!

Input and output controls  

  1. The input control determines how much electricity the storage heater will use to charge

The output control controls the rate at which the storage heater releases heat into the room.


Eco 3 Grant Scheme

When Does The Grant To Replace Storage Heaters End?

Funding is very limited and so funding for the grant is only allocated on a monthly basis. This means that the funding runs out at the end of every month and it not guaranteed to be renewed.


We recommend you make an pllication as soon as to ensure you are in the system

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

Warm Front Grants - Help To Reduce Heating Bills

Warm Front Government  Grants  do combat fuel poverty and help all people on a low income to reduce their heating bills.

Warm Front Uk has helped many thousands of homes over the last 9 years to benefit from reduced heating bills as a result of upgrading their heating & insulation.

 This Fantastic Home Improvement Grant  is usually 100 % fully funded apart from boilers  and all applicants will need to pay a contribution.

If you receive one of the qualifying benefits as above and your home heating & insulation needs upgrading. you should make an application today.

Warm Front Grants are worth thousands and are funded by UK energy companies so do not need to be repaid.

Apply Today and see if you are eligible for a grant before the winter sets in.

Free Storage Heaters

How To Apply For Free Storage Heaters.

To  Make a Free Application  Please Call

01902 753404

Or Click The Button Below and Take a short survey

Eco 3 Grant Scheme

Warm Front uk- working hard to end fuel poverty

What Other Help Is Available To Reduce Heating Bills?

There are other government schemes to assist people in fuel poverty to reduce their bills.

We recommend you look into the following :


Insulation Grants

Free Home Insulation

Insulate Your Walls & Loft For Free Grant Value - Up To £2000

Free Central Heating

Free 1st Time Central Heating

Grant Value - Up To £4000​

Boiler Scrappage Schemee

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Grant Value - Up To £2500​


Cold Weather Payment

You’ll get £25 for each 7 day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March. See The Government Website HERE

Free Storage Heaters

Winter Fuel Payment

You Get Between £100 -£300 Payment Every Year


Warm Home Discount

£140 Paid Every Year See The Government Website HERE


Funding For All Warm Front Heating Grants Are Set To End At The End Of Each Month and May Not Be Renewed.



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