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Government Grant For Central Heating -So Simple To Apply Even Your Kids Can Do It!

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Free Central Heating – So Simple To Apply Even Your Kids Can Do It!




Free Government Grants For Central Heating – So Simple To Apply Even Your Kids Can Do It!

At Warm Front UK we’re based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and help homeowners to make their homes warmer by applying for a free boiler and central heating grant from the government. The new free central heating grant from the government is part of their Eco Scheme to ensure homes without central heating are fitted with heating for free.

Grants that were part of the Eco Scheme previously only covered boilers but now there are free boiler and central heating grants to cover the extra costs associated with installing the system.

Free first-time central heating grants are exclusively for homeowners who are on low-income benefits with systems typically costing over £4000. For those that are on low-income benefits and who qualify for the government grant for central heating this will cover the cost of a brand-new combi boiler as well as pipework and radiators in your home.

At Warm Front UK we have helped customers in Wolverhampton and throughout the Midlands to take advantage of the governments free central heating boiler grant to upgrade their heating systems.

Free Central Heating System For Over 70s

Are you over 60 or over 70?

Government grants for central heating are available for over 60s and have proven to be very popular, so much so that we feel they may be withdrawn early next year.

Don’t delay in applying for this grant if you are thinking of applying.

If you are claiming Pension Credit either savings or guarantee, you are eligible.

Why  are There Free Central Heating Grants Available?

A lot of people will struggle to find the £4000 needed to have central heating installed.

£4000 is a lot of money and many people in fuel poverty would have to put up with an inadequate heating system without this grant to assist them.

This Is A First Time Heating Scheme Only.

Please do not apply if you have an old central heating system fitted as you will be rejected.

It is a strictly first time central heating scheme only.

This means that if you have ripped out your old system, you will not be eligible!

What Is The Value Of The Central Heating Grant Installation?

£4000 is the average size of the grant depending on the size of the property.

Do You Get A Free Boiler & All Radiators Included?


You will get a top A rated boiler and up to 7 radiators fitted on this scheme.

You also get a wireless thermostat , programmer and a magnetic cleaner as standard with the grant.

2 year warranty and free insulatyion is included too.

You will be mad to miss this one!




Free Central Heating – 13 Reasons To Apply Now!



Take advantage of this Free grant while funding is still available.

For the still unsure we have compiled 13 reasons for you to mull over.


  1.   Free  Central Heating Grant value

The First Time central Heating Grant  is worth £4000 to you.


2. If you are eligible you will get a New Boiler fully fitted for  100 % FREE

That is a saving of over £3000 for a n average backboiler conversion


3. You will get Free 2 years warranty so you cancel expensive £20 a month boiler cover plans.

This will save you over £250 a year alone!


4. You will save money with reduced gas bills by having an A Rated energy efficient boiler.

  1. Modern boilers are more energy efficient than back boilers and will will save you up to £200 off your yearly heating bills.

Put that money towards a holiday!


5. You can get shot of the old and costly to run Baxi Bermuda & upgrade to a Top of the Range Worcester Bosch or Vaillant.

Be the envy of your neighbours who will all be jealous!


6. One of our chosen boilers we like to offer is the “Worcester Bosch” which has been voted Which Boiler of the Year for 8 years running. 

Everyone loves this super reliable boiler as they enjoy peace of mind and rarely have tenants complaining about heating breakdowns.


7. Older boilers start to go wrong after 10 years with average repair cost at £180

Dont miss this grant if you feel you are entitled to it.


8. Grants can end at any time without warning.

The Government never seem to give notice when they are about to pull the plug on funding for Grants.


9. You will improve the home energy efficiency rating of your property so making it more attractive to buyers.

Claim Your Grant For A Back Boiler now while there is still time.  You will be kicking yourself if you miss this one.


10 -Old back boilers can be very dangerous with reports of explosions not being uncommon.

11 – Back boilers are no longer installed, due to government safety regulations.

12 – Back boilers are hard to repair, due to the lack of spare parts.

13- The constant expanding and contracting of a back boiler can cause structural problems to your home




Top 6 Free Warm Front Grants

Click On The Image To Learn More




Warm Air Heating GrantBritish Gas Free Boiler




Why Apply For A Warm Front Heating Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅ If Your Application Is Accepted Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅ You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding – Ends Soon



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