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Government Grants For Central Heating – Is This A Scam?

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Free Central Heating is now available to the whole of the UK to all homes that currently do not have a gas central heating system fitted in their property.

This new grant is valued at over £4000 and has proved to be one of the most sought after grants that are available on the Government Funded Affordable Warmth Scheme.

The Central heating grant will be paid  directly to the installer once your new central heating system has been installed.



Who Can Apply For A Government Grant For Free Central Heating ?

Grants For Free Central Heating are available to householders who own their own homes or private tenants who rent from a private landlord.

Tenants who live in social housing properties / housing association /  shared ownership homes are not eligible for a Central Heating Grant.

Your property must have a live gas supply present which has been live prior to 1st April 2022.

If there is no live gas live then unfortunately the property does not qualify for any gas measure.


Free Central Heating- Who Is Eligible?

To qualify for the grant you must :

✅   Have an existing mains gas supply

✅   Be in receipt of a benefit

✅  Not have had central heating fitted in the past

✅ Be A Home owner or private tenant





What Current Heating Types Are Accepted For The Grant ?

Your home must be fitted with one of the following heating systems:

  1. Electric room heaters  /  Electric storage heaters
  2. Gas / Oil  room heaters
  3. Gas fire only
  4. Mains gas warm air system
  5. Coal fire with back boiler
  6. Electric underfloor / ceiling heating
  7. Bottled LPG  heating
  8. Solid  fuel room heaters
  9. Wood/biomass room heating
  10. No Heating At All

Qualifying Benefits For Free Central Heating

You  need to receive one of the qualifying benefits for central heating grants unless you qualify under La Flex rules.

  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee & Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit



Free Insulation Included

Gov Uk Grants 1


Your home needs to be well insulated before you can have central heating installed as part of the grant.

This is to save the maximum amount of energy and also make the new central heating system as efficient as possible when heating your home.

The installer of your central heating system will install any needed insulation for free.

Adequate insulation in the walls and roof of your home will ensure that you avoid unnecessary heat loss from your new central heating system.

Top 6 Free Warm Front Grants

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Free central heating BackBoiler Removal Grant

Warm Air Heating Grant solar3


Landlords Grants GOV UK GRANTS1




Copy of Untitled 1500 × 300px


Who Is Funding The Grants For Free Central Heating Scheme?

The central heating grants scheme is part of the Affordable Warmth Scheme section of the Government’s ECO Scheme.

This is funded by a small levy on the electricity bills of every household in England, Scotland and Wales.

Learn more about the Affordable Warmth Scheme HERE.


When Does The Grant For Free Central Heating End?

Officially  The Free Central Heating Scheme is expected to run until 31st March 2026.

However you should apply without delay or you may miss out.


What Is Included In The Free Grant?

✅ A rated central heating boiler

✅  all  associated pipework

✅ central heating radiators

✅ room thermostat.

✅ programmer

This grant is worth £4000 !


I Have Old Central Heating – Can I Apply For The Grant?

NO. The central heating grants scheme is to install first time central heating systems only i.e no previous heating fitted.

If your home has had central heating fitted in the past  but it has been removed, you will not qualify.



Free Boiler 7

First Time Central Heating can be installed with both a  Gas Boiler or Air Source Heat Pump

For mains gas areas you will have a gas boiler fitted

For Off gas areas  you could still qualify for a free central heating system which has an Air Source Heat Pump & Cylinder




What Is An Air Source Heat Pump Central heating ?

This runs on electricity and the system installed would be radiators, an ASHP Unit and a cylinder,

The air source heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air and converts this into a liquid refrigerant at a low temperature.

The pump compresses the liquid to increase its temperature and  then condenses back into a liquid to release its stored heat.

The heat is sent to your radiators or underfloor heating.


How To Apply For Free Central Heating?

To apply for a central heating grant please apply below.

You will take a short survey. If eligible you will be contacted to book in a free survey.


What Is The Minimum Energy Requirement.

Copy of Government Grants For Home Improvement 1 3


All central heating grants are required to meet Ofgem’s Minimum Energy Requirement.

This means that following the installation of any Energy Saving Measures, the Energy Rating of the property must increase in accordance with the following rules.

  • Properties with A  current EPC  rating of F or G  ( pre install)   must increase the EPC rating to D
  • Properties with A  current EPC  rating of  D E  ( pre install)   must increase the EPC rating to a C

This will mean that insulation is fitted in applications.

The End EPC resulat will determine how much the installer can claim.


I Have No Benefits – Can I Apply For Free Central Heating

People not receiving benefits  may qualify for central heating grants under ECO Flex rules.

This scheme allows Local Authorities to recommend that householders on a low income to qualify for  as long as they meet certain criteria.

Each local authority can set its own rules but generally it would apply to households who spend a high proportion of their income to heat their homes.

Please note – not every council has scheme in operation.


Does The Grant For Central Heating Cover All The Cost?

In most cases, Central Heating Grants cover the full cost of installing a central heating system in your home.


What Is The Process To Apply For Free Central heating?

✅ You Fill  in the form

✅ If eligible you are booked for a survey

✅  Your free heating is fitted





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