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9 Free Government Home Improvement Grants UK 2022

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9 Free Government Home Improvement Grants UK 2022

Government Home Improvement Grants

Government Home Improvement Grants

Government Home Improvement Grants UK

Are you looking to make improvements to your home.

This is the one stop shop for you to make home improvements to your home for free and see what  cash grants you may be entitled to.

There are lots of Home Improvement Grants and financial support for low income families and people on benefits that are not being claimed at the moment.

We have prepared this blog  to assist you to make the very best home improvements to your home to

  • increase your home comforts and enjoyment of your home
  • reduce your energy usage
  • improve your Home Epc Rating
  • Add value to your home


9 Free Government Home Improvement Grants UK 2022



Why Apply For A Home Improvements UK Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅  If Your Application Is Accepted  Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅   You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding – Ends Soon






Will There Be Any Roofing Grants In The Future?

Very unlikely to have any roofing grants in the future.

Roofs dont save any carbon so will not be part of any scheme.


Are There any Government Grants For Park Homes?

We are still waiting for news on Park Homes.  Funding is available but we are unsure if it will be 100% grant.

Please see our page on PARK HOMES

Top 10 Home Improvements That Add Value 2022


There are lots of home improvements you can make to your home to increase the comfort and value of your property.

This post is to help you decide what to prioritise to add the most value and get the best price for your home when you come to sell. The home improvements store has lots of ideas for you to improve your home

Some home improvements will be at no cost to you especially if you are claiming a bnefit or on a low income.

Indeed if you are eligible you should make a start with making improvements to your heating and insulation and claim all the free grants that you may be eligible for.


  1. Heating Upgrade
  2. Insulation Upgrade
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Brand New Fitted Kitchen
  5. New Bathroom Upgrade
  6. New Extension
  7. Loft Conversion
  8. New Garage or Car Port
  9. Double or Triple Glazing Windows
  10. Landscape Garden and Patio Make-Over

Heating Upgrade

Upgrading old heating is a must. New buyers always check the condition of heating system so getting this right is crucial.

You can have a new boiler fitted or upgrade to a heat pump, or upgrade old central heating.

 Free Heating Grants Are Available too


Insulation Upgrade

Lots of insulation is needed to increase the comfort of your home as well as reducing energy bills.

Loft Insulation & Cavity Insulation, Underfloor Insulation , Internal & External Wall Insulation.

Spending money in this area is a no brainer as all insulation measures will pay for themselves eventually.

Free Insulation Grants Are Available Too

Solar Panels

Solar panels could increase your home’s value by 4.1% !

Solar panels are the new kid in town and everyone is having them fitted to counter high energy prices.

Free Solar Panels Are Available Too


Brand New Fitted Kitchen


The cost is likely to be from £10000 upwards for a professionally fitted kitchen but this is by far the best home improvement you can make to your home if you are looking to add value.

A well designed and functional kitchen is the most sought out measure that people are looking for when it comes to buying a house and will tip the balance when deciding whether to make an offer for a home or not.

Spend the money on a kitchen and you wont regret it.


New Bathroom Upgrades

A new bathroom that is functional as well as elegant is another must have for people.

Wet rooms are especially well desired for the elder generation too.

It is worth spending thousands of £ on a new bathroom.


New Extension


Loft Conversion

Convert your loft space into a useable room and add £20k to your homes value.

How much value a loft conversion adds to your home depends on various factors, such as the location, property type, home condition, type of loft conversion, etc.

For example, if you have a three-bedroom home worth 400,000 pounds, and the price of a four-bedroom house in your local area is 430,000 pounds, a loft conversion project won’t add much to your home value.

On the other hand, if you live in a two-bedroom house with most of the houses in your local area have three, four, or more bedrooms, in that case, your loft conversion project can increase your home resale value and attract potential buyers.

The value a loft conversion adds to a home varies from location to location in the UK.

New Garage Or Car Port

Every one wants a garage to keep their car parked in. Invest in a new garage and it will pay dividends


Double Or Triple Glazing

Double glazing will always add value as it reduces heating bills by up to 20%  per year

Landscape Gardening

3 garden landscaping features that add value to your home

  1. Patio paving Garden paving, as it turns out, can do wonder for a house sale. Paving your garden with sandstone slabs…
  2. A garden shed Image credit: Future A shed, though not part of the hard landscaping, is an extremely attractive…
  3. A tall fence

Top 10 Home Improvements

We hope you will take action and work on our Top 10 Home Improvements suggestions.

They will reward you in the future   – More Home Improvement resources below




Home Improvement Tools

One of the best ways to save money on a home renovation project is to use DIY methods. However, in order to do this successfully, you will need power tools.

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of these tools and end up paying thousands of £ for professional contractors.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 15 must-have power tools that will make your DIY projects successful!

Save on your energy bills with home improvements that suit you

  • Help improve your EPC rating
  • Potentially lower the overall cost of your energy bills
  • Create a more energy efficient and sustainable property
  • Make improvements to your home based on your desired budget.

Essential Power Tools For Home Improvement

A wide variety of power tools is essential to home improvement. And every tool has some particular purpose. But you don’t need each of them in your store to conduct your home renovation or remodeling projects.

Thus you should have an intelligent strategy in your hand and select the most needed tools for your arsenal. It’s also crucial that you buy only good quality equipment, so it will not wear down quickly and break when you need it the most!

Keep those in mind; we create a list of 15 must-have power tools for home improvement that are extremely helpful to complete any projects. Let’s get started-


List Of 9 Must-Have Power Tools For Home Improvement

The must-have power tools for any home improvement project are mentioned below. The list includes a variety of different devices that will make your life easier!

  1. Drills/Drivers
  2. Chop Saw
  3. Circular Saw
  4. Table Saw
  5. Angle Grinder
  6. Jigsaw
  7. Plumbing Tools
  8. Garden Vacuum
  9. Lawnmower

1. Drill/Driver

Drills are an essential tool for any home. They’re not just used to drill holes but also to drive screws and other fasteners.

Since it has two modes: drilling and screws driving, a drill driver is the ideal power tool for homeowners and DIYers. It’s easy to operate and allows you to choose between the top and bottom torque, which determines how much power the drill uses to drive the screw.

Drill/Driver comes either in corded or cordless form.


1.a. Cordless Drill:

It is an invaluable tool for any homeowner. It can help with many projects from assembling furniture to hanging pictures on your walls.

A cordless drill is a power tool that has an electric motor and a socket for driving screws. It’s typically powered by rechargeable batteries, so there’s no need to worry about tripping over or unplugging the cord.

But even a cordless drill needs charging and batteries, so you must know what kind of battery you need before purchasing the drill itself. Usually, the contemporary drill driver comes with a lithium-ion battery,

There are many different types of drills available on the market today. Some have metal gears, while others are all plastic. The kind you choose should depend on how often you’ll use it, what you’re using it for, and your budget.

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t plan to use your drill every day but needs one occasionally for light projects around the house, then go with something inexpensive like a Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit.


1.b. Corded Drills

People have been using corded drills for years to drill holes and drive screws. Cordless drills are great, but they’re not always the right choice for every job. With a corded drill, you never have to worry about running out of power or charging it up before use. You’ll also get more torque with a corded drill – perfect for tasks like driving in long deck screws or drilling into tough materials like metal studs.


2. Chop Saw

A chop saw, a.k.a. a compound miter saw, is a power tool that’s capable of cutting through thick objects like wood, PVC, and metal. It uses the same principle as a miter saw but has a large size blade and higher speed – over 3,500 revolutions per minute. This makes it possible for you to get clean cuts without using too much effort or time.

A good chop saw will be able to make cuts in both directions (cross and rip cut) which allows for more flexibility when working on projects around your yard or home. You can slice large dimensional timber like 2x4s or even 4x8s beams with it accurately.

It not only helps you to cut from one side to the other but also at an angle. As a result, you can use them for various DIY projects to make precise angled cuts on crown molding, trim, and picture frames.

Chop saws, on the other hand, will take up a little more room in your store. If you have a limited amount of space, consider smaller alternatives. Bear in mind, however, that a chop saw with a large blade size would be ideal for cutting large timbers.


3. Circular Saw

When chop saws are used to cut large timbers, circular saws are used to rip long boards lengthwise or cut large panels such as plywood. These tasks are more relaxed with an adjustable blade height.

Circular saws have become one of the most common tools for home DIY projects as a result of this. Compared to other forms of saws, the circular saw provides a clean and easy way to cut through wood, metal, or plastic with speed and precision.

However, you must have the correct type of blade installed in your tool before starting any cutting project.

These tools are typically available in corded or cordless models so you can choose what’s best for your project.

You’ll find these saws come with many different features depending on the make and model. Still, they all have one thing in common: they’re designed to be lightweight enough for long periods of use without wearing you down.


4. Table Saw

You know what they say: the only tool you need for carpentry is a table saw. With this power tool, you can create precision cuts on any type of wood and metal (subject to use the right kind of blades).

You might wonder why I’d need a table saw if I have a circular saw. The difference between a circular saw and a table saw is the answer. A table saw may produce an accurate and straight extended cut, while a circular saw can result in a wobbly.

Table saws are versatile enough to cut boards in different lengths and thicknesses, rip boards into smaller pieces, crosscut boards to make them square, or just simply provide straight cuts.

Modern-day table saws come with many safety features like blade guards that help ensure the user’s protection from injury when using certain types of blades (such as ripping). Be sure your one have those safety attributes too.

The saw should have a solid tabletop with ample workspace to do large jobs. Many people like having an extension table for extra workspace. The best tables will be made from cast iron or steel, which is durable, sturdy, and heavy enough to avoid any vibration when doing precision cutting.

It’s also important to make sure it has good feet so you can keep it in place while working on different projects without needing additional clamps holding down each end of the board being cut.

However, if you have space constraints in your shop, you may go for a smaller version of it.


5. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are multipurpose power tools that can do a lot of work. It’s a small tool, but it has a disc that rotates at high speed and can easily cut through nails, bolts, and other metal items. They can also be used to polish various surfaces, such as wood, steel, masonry, and floors.

Trimming metal pipe, angle bar, pig wire, or tile, as well as clipping off rusty nail heads, can all be done with a thin disc angle grinder. On the other hand, the sturdy disc grinder can smooth rough surfaces such as removing grout or spots in asphalt, cutting holes in sheet metal for installing new pipes, removing rust, or sharpening equipment.

Therefore, an angle grinder is an essential tool for homeowners who want to polish something for a beautiful finish or easily cut hard metals.


6. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a type of saw that is used by homeowners for doing kid-friendly artwork. These tools are usually handheld and have a thin and cheap reciprocating blade which can be adjusted to various degrees depending on the material being cut.

Jigsaws are often used for a variety of tasks where no other power tool is better suited for shaving out a small detail or carving an accurate curved line. You can use it to cut through any slim and light materials, such as wood, plastics, and metal pipes, to make furniture and crafts.


7. Plumbing Tools

There are many DIY projects that homeowners can take on in their own homes. One of the most common projects is plumbing. All you need to fix a leaky faucet or install new pipes are some basic tools and supplies, but what exactly do you need?

A wrench to grip and turn pipes; a hacksaw blade or reciprocating saw blade with carbide teeth to cut through a copper pipe, bolts, nuts, and threaded rods; a half-moon metal file that is used on joints in copper piping. You may also want to have a sink auger that is used to clear clogged drains.


8. Garden Vacuum

Gardens are a beautiful sight to behold. But in order for them to be clean and healthy, they need to be taken care of. One way you can take care of your garden is by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the leaves and debris that have fallen on it. But what if you don’t have one?

The Garden Vacuum is specifically designed for this purpose so that homeowners can keep their gardens looking pristine without having to do all the hard work themselves!


9. Lawn Mower

Many people want to have a garden in their backyard. But the problem is that they don’t know how to make it look nice and appealing. They think that gardening is just about planting some flowers, watering them regularly, and everything will be fine. Guess what? That’s not true!

A lawnmower can help you with your garden because when you use one of these machines, there are many benefits:

Firstly, it will cut the grass on your lawn, so if you decide to plant something there, it will grow better.

Secondly, by using a lawnmower, you get an attractive garden and less work for yourself because all the cutting of weeds and leaves will be done automatically.

Thirdly, these machines will keep your lawn tidy and neat, so it will be a nice addition to the garden.

Finally, these machines are easy to use as well.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right type of mower, such as gas or electric powered.

The type of terrain, size of yard, and budget will all come into play in deciding which one would be best for you.

I hope this list of must-have power tools for home improvement has helped you get started on your project!


Final Words

The best way to keep your home renovation project on track and within budget is by having the right tools at hand.

Here are some must-have power tools for home improvement that you should consider investing in before you begin any work on your house!

We hope this list will help make your life easier during these projects, but if it doesn’t, or you still need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. We’re always here to lend a helping hand to all of our readers’ needs.


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