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Grant For Central Heating-£4000 Grant Available 2023

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Grant For Central Heating -£4000 Grant Available 2023

Grant For Central Heating - £4000 Grant Available

Grant For Central Heating – £4000 Grant Available

Grants For Central Heating- £4000 Grant Available 2023

If your home does not currently have central heating fitted , you may qualify for a full central heating grant from the government.

This grant will pay for the whole  installation of a new central heating system for your property.

The Grant for Central Heating from the government Warm Front Scheme is available to all householders who own their own homes or who rent it from a private landlord.

It is strictly a first time heating scheme only so if you have had central heating fitted in the property previously, you will not qualify.


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Why A Government Grant For Central Heating ?

Free Government Grants For Central Heating are part of the Energy Company Obligation to fund new heating systems for those deemed in fuel poverty to enjoy a brand new gas central heating system fitted. In most cases they  cover the full cost of the work.

If your home does not currently have gas central heating fitted and your home is heated by another method, then you may be eligible to apply for this scheme.

Full central heating grants are non-repayable and they will not have to be paid back in the future.


Who Is Eligible For Free Gas Central Heating?

  • You must have a existing gas supply to your home
  • You must be a home owner or private rented.
  • You must receive a qualifying benefit or on a low income.
  • Your home must have no heating system fitted


Your home must currently have one of the following heating

  1. Electric room / Storage heaters
  2. Gas / LPG Oil room heaters
  3. Gas fire with back boiler
  4. Coal Fire
  5. Electric underfloor / ceiling heating


Why Apply For A Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅  If Your Application Is Accepted  Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅   You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding



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Which Benefits Qualify For A Free 1st Time Central Heating Grant?

  • Child Benefit *
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

What Does The First Time Heating Grant Include?

First Time Central Heating Grants cover the cost of:

  • Supplying and installing a central heating boiler
  •  All radiators
  • All necessary pipework
  • All heating control systems.
  • 5 year Warranty

How Do I Apply For Free Central Heating ?

Applicants wishing to apply for First Time Central Heating Grant should complete a short survey as below.

Social Housing properties,  housing association homes and those who live in shared ownership homes will not qualify for a Free Central Heating Grant.

Based on the information you provide, if you are deemed eligible, our installer network call you back to book you in for a short qualifying survey.



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Free First Time Central Heating Grants

A First time central heating grant does exactly what it says on the tin!”

It is a free grant for Free central Heating if it is for the very first time.

This means that if your home has never had central heating fitted in the past……you may be eligible to apply subject to you meeting other criteria.


What Is Included With The  First Time Central Heating Grant?

The grant includes :

✅ Installation

✅ New Boiler

✅ All Pipework

✅   Up To 7 Radiators

✅ New Programmer

✅ Wireless Thermostat

✅ Trvs.


Who Qualifies For The First Time Central Heating Grant?


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To Be Eligible  for a first time central heating system you must have one of the following fitted with no radiators :

✅  Warm Air Heating System

✅  Gas Room Heaters

✅  Electric Storage Heaters

✅  No Heating Present


✅ You  Receive A Benefit or Income Below £31K

✅  Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

Check Your EPC rating  at


Which Benefits Qualify You For Free Central Heating?

     Child Benefit   –     Child & Working Tax Credits –     Employment & Support Allowance-    Housing Benefit

Income Support  –  Job Seekers Allowance   –  Pension Credit – Guarantee & Savings   –  Universal Credit


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Why Is there A First Time Central Heating Grant?

Free Boiler 7

The Energy Company Obligation Scheme is a government funded grant scheme that provides free funding for all  energy-efficiency measures such as  free heating upgrades or  free insulation.

Free Central heating has now been included and over 20 thousand new central heating systems have now been installed for free.


What Is The Value Of A First Time Central Heating Grant?

It could cost anything between £3000 to £5000 to have it installed in your home depending on the type and size of the property you live in.

Can I Apply If I Have An Old Central Heating System Fitted?

No your property needs to have never had central heating before.

If your home has had central heating  you may be eligible for a Free boiler grant instead.


Can Tenants and Landlords Apply For the First Time Central Heating Grant?

Yes. landlords and tenants are eligible for the grant if :

The Epc Is E F G and the tenant claims a benefit


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Are Housing Association Tenants Eligible for Central Heating ?

Yes. If you live in a Housing Association you might be eligible for a grant for first time central heating.

✅ Your Energy Performance Certificate rating of E, F or G is needed

✅  permission from your HA


Do I Need To Claim Benefits To Be Eligible?

You may be able to get a central heating grant if you don’t claim benefits under the LA Flex Scheme.

✅ Your household income must be less than £31,000 per annum

✅ your property has an EPC Rating E, F or G


 Can I Get A  Grant If No Mains Gas In My Area?

No -you need to be on the gas grid and have had a gas meter fitted before April 2022.

Check if your property has a gas supply / gas meter visit

Find My Supplier website at

What Is First Time Central Heating?

Free First Time Central Heating Grants are exactly that.

This is a scheme that is for homes that have never had central heating fitted in the past therefore it s strictly a First Time Central Heating Scheme Only

In most cases, the Grant  for Central Heating will cover the full cost of installing central heating in your home.

Fill in the form below  to see if you qualify for a Free Central Heating Installation Grant.

If you have an existing boiler fitted – YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE!



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Is The Grant For A Full Central Heating System?

Yes   First Time Central Heating Grants are available towards the cost of a Replacement Boiler or A brand new full Central Heating system.

Depending on the property type of the applicant, the grant usually covers the full cost of the work .


How Much For A Central Heating Installation?

The cost of a new central heating system often falls between £3,000 and £5,000.

This will depend on how much work is involved and whether it is a new install or if old heating has to be removed etc.

This price will get you a full central heating system that includes a boiler, radiators, heating controls and pipework.

Most people go for a combi boiler for ease of use and to keep the price down.

You can check prices for Central Heating  at MR CENTRAL HEATING



Does My Home Need To Be Insulated To Get Free Central Heating ?


Yes Sir .  Your home needs to be fully insulated  as a pre requisite to having central heating installed on the government grant scheme.

This is to save energy and make the new central heating system more effective in heating your home.

Our approved installers will check your existing insulation levels and install any insulation that is needed.

This will be free too as part of the grant.

You could  get over £5000 worth of value with this grant


What Is The Value Of A Central Heating Grant?

The grant is worth up to £4000 depending on the size of your property.

The total costs for installing a new central heating system will usually be between £3000 -£5000 for example

A large, four bedroom house will require more radiators and pipework for example than a small two bed flat – but generally, we estimate that the full central heating installation costs will come to around £3,000 to £5,500 for an average three bedroom home.


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Are There Free Central Heating Grants For Landlords?

Yes. Landlords are eligible to apply as long as they have a tenant in residence on a qualifying benefit and there is no central heating system in place at the property.

See Our Landlords Grants Page Here


Are There Central Heating Grants For Non Benefit People?

If you do not receive any of the qualifying benefits you may qualify for first time central heating grant under the Eco Flex or LAD schemes.

These are schemes where local councils can recommend that you receive a central heating grant if you satisfy their rules regarding fuel poverty.

You would qualify if you have to spend more than 10% of your income to heat your home. Each council set their own rules and you should check your council’s statement of intent.

You will also need to arrange to have a gas meter installed in your home.


Any Central Heating Grants for over 60s ?

Yes There are free central heating grants for over 60s.

Claim your Free central heating grant without delay if you receive Pension Credit with a Guarantee OR Savings  Credit

Please double check your benefits paperwork for Pension Credit with  Credit before proceeding with Central Heating Grants for Over 60s as it may have been replaced with Universal Credit.

Is The Central Heating Grant Really Free?

Yes for most applicants that meet the criteria. Please see the next headline.

This government Eco 3 scheme is funded by the ‘Big Six’ Utility companies.

Eco 3 has been especially set up to help low income households in England, Scotland and Wales, to access funding to install central heating, free insulation, and other heating upgrades.

The money comes from a levy of around £30 which is placed on every household’s electricity bill.

This money is collected by your energy supplier and fed into an ECO fund.


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Can I Get A Grant For New Radiators?

Free Boiler 16

There are no grants currently available to replace old radiators (as part of a central heating system) and you will be responsible for their replacement even if they have been fitted as part of a grant in the past.

Electric Storage heaters however do have grants currently available at the moment which are 100% fully funded.


Radiator Installation Costs

The total price of radiators can vary depending on the style you buy, with typical prices ranging from around £50 to £150 each.

Screwfix and Toolstation do some very good deals on replacement radiators and we always recommend you purchase from there to keep costs down.

If you were replacing a single radiator individually you would also need to calculate in a larger cost for the installation, which would also include bleeding the system.

– Heating engineers will typically charge around £300 a day for a two-man team, but when doing a full system installation, the job will usually be priced as a single cost rather than worked out on a day rate or by the hour.

When doing an entire installation, with several new radiators, it can bring the price down – we would expect the price for new radiators for a three bedroom home to be around £1,000 to £1,200.


Can I Get A Grant For Free Central Heating Replacement?

No. We are getting a lot of applicants for free central heating grants where the home has already got central heating fitted !

This scheme is for FIRST TIME CENTRAL HEATING only but people do not read the full criteria for the Central Heating Grant and still apply.

This results in many applications being forwarded straight to the dustbin unfortunately.

Please , if you have a boiler and radiators currently fitted in your home – YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE!

Homes with a boiler already fitted should apply for the BOILER GRANT SCHEME


Can Shared Ownership  Get a Free Central Heating Grant?

Unfortunately, if you rent your home from your local council or housing association, or you live in a shared ownership home you will not qualify for a free gas central heating grant.

You or someone living with you must receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or Other Allowances below OR qualify under ECO Flex Rules


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Are There Grants for Central Heating Boilers?

Yes  We are taking applications for backboilers and non condensing boilers over 1 7 years old which are exchanged for free under Eco 4.

Landlords and private tenants no longer qualify for boiler grants because it is the landlord’s responsibility to pay for these improvements.



Can You Get a Grant For Electric Central Heating?

Electric central heating is a very expensive way to heat your home and the grants are currently only available for gas central heating

We do not recommend fitting your home with an electricity-powered boiler, or fitting smart electric radiators as your power bills will be astronomical.

You can expect to easily increase your bills by over 40% by using electric as your main heating.


Are Central Heating Grants Available In Wales & Scotland ?

Yes -The whole of the UK  has government funding for this fantastic first time central heating grant.

If you have no central heating fitted , you should apply now while funding is available.


When Is The Central Heating Scheme Ending?

The funding has been granted until 2026 but we feel the grant will run out before then.

Over 100 thousand heating systems have been fitted now and we anticipate that there will be a new focus towards renewable energy.

If you want to apply for central heating you should do it sooner than later.


Can I Apply If I Have No Gas Supply?

If you do not currently have a gas supply (but there is gas in the area / street)

The grant may fully fund a new gas supply connection and we will arrange this as part of the application.

There may be a delay of up to 8 weeks while this is fitted.

No Gas In Your Area- What Heating Is Available?

If a gas supply is not available in your area, (subject to funding) first time central heating grants may fund one of the following:

  1. Biomass Boiler
  2. LPG Boiler
  3. Air Source Heat Pump
  4. Ground Source Heat Pump
  5. Electric Boiler

In most cases any of the above will require a contribution from the applicant


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How Much Is A New Boiler ?

Installing a traditional heating boiler connected to a cylinder will usually cost around £1,700 to £1,900 for the boiler and the install, and slightly more for a combi boiler – up to £2,000.

For a full breakdown of boiler installation costs, take a look at our dedicated boiler installation costs guide

The overall cost of the boiler may come down if included as part of a full central heating refit.

You may be entitled to a grant for a new  boiler.



What Happens Once I’ve Applied For My Free Central Heating Grant?

We will check your application and if we feel you are eligible, we will move you to the next stage which will be forwarding your application to a government approved installer who has access to funding.

They will perform a data match and if you pass, they will contact you to book in for a survey.

Following a successful survey, you will be given an install date. From start to finsih , it usually takes up to 4 weeks.

If no gas supply / meter is available, then this time will increase.


Home Improvement Grants



New Central Heating ? We Are Cheaper Than Mr Central Heating !


New Central Heating

New Central Heating

Do You Need New Central Heating ?

Thinking about getting a new central heating system fitted in your home?

You might currently have a dated or inefficient system in place and need to improve your heating.

Whatever your reason, take a quick look at this page to learn the essentials before your purchase.


Grants For Free Central Heating

Free Central Heating is now available to the whole of the UK to all homes that currently do not have a gas central heating system fitted in their property.

This new grant is valued at over £4000 and has proved to be one of the most sought after grants that are available on the Government Funded Affordable Warmth Scheme.

The Central heating grant will be paid  directly to the installer once your new central heating system has been installed.



Who Can Apply For Free Central Heating

Grants For Free Central Heating are available to householders who own their own homes or private tenants who rent from a private landlord.

Tenants who live in social housing properties / housing association /  shared ownership homes are not eligible for a Central Heating Grant.

Your property must have a live gas supply present which has been live prior to 1st April 2022.

If there is no live gas live then unfortunately the property does not qualify for any gas measure.



Free Central Heating- Who Is Eligible?

To qualify for the grant you must :

✅   Have an existing mains gas supply

✅   Be in receipt of a benefit

✅  Not have had central heating fitted in the past

✅ Be A Home owner or private tenant


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Prices for getting new central heating

Installing a new central heating system is no easy feat.

You’ll have to pull out or install quite a bit of pipes, water tanks, controls, and other heating components. All this comes with a hefty price tag so it’s understandable to be wary of the costs of such an operation.

Before you go out and inquire about purchasing and installing new central heating, take some time to carefully examine the prices.

You’ll be better informed on the costs and less likely to be taken advantage of by a potentially deceitful dealer.


Central heating system (CHS) installation and running costs

Installation Average Cost Cost Details
CHS for a bungalow £2,365 – £3,000 – Supply and installation of gas boiler, radiators, and piping network
CHS for 3-bedroom house £3,230 – £4,350 – Installation of new CHS including boiler, radiators, controls, and pipework
Replacement boiler £1,800 – £2,600 – Price depends on type of boiler and location
CHS running cost £800 – £1,850 – Price depends on fuel type

Narrow down your options and keep costs low

Getting a new central heating system might seem easy right? Just choose the models you like and let the heating engineer get to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. There are so many factors to consider before you decide on a heating system, and even more when you select an installer.


Understanding your new central heating system

If you’ve never paid much attention to your central heating, then shopping around for a new system is the perfect chance to study up!

I know that it’s not the most exciting of topics, but you’ll be glad you did a bit of research before you make your purchase.

By having a general idea of how central heating works, you’ll be better able to identify the right system for your situation.

This means a better decision, saving plenty of headaches and money along the way.


How central heating keeps you warm

Copy of Government Grants For Home Improvement 5

Your system consists of these main parts: boiler, pipes, radiators, water storage tanks, and heating controls. The exact components needed will depend on the type of system you choose.

The boiler takes water provided by your mains pipe and heats it. Burning gas or oil is the most common way to power the boiler. The heated water will either be pumped to a hot water storage vessel or directly to a water tap—this depends on whether it is a combi boiler or not.

The boiler also transports the water to radiators located throughout your home. The hot water travels through the radiators to release its heat energy, warming up the room. Once the heat transfer is completed, the now cold water circles back to your boiler for reheating once again.


What affects the cost for new central heating?

If you decide to install a new central heating system for your home, you might be surprised about the number of factors that help determine your final bill. Since your system should match the characteristics of your home, it’ll be a bespoke heating solution—the price will reflect this.

There are so many different brands and models available, meaning that the prices will vary significantly. Also, where you source the central heating parts from will play a role. The most common scenario is that your central heating installer will arrange for these parts, obtaining them from their suppliers.

This is convenient for you but usually entails higher prices.

A trustworthy company will provide a breakdown of their costs, detailing the prices for different parts. Take advantage of this and get multiple heating installation quotes to find the best deal.

Larger heating companies tend to give quotes as a single number based on the completion of the job. This includes the supply, installation, and labour costs. Smaller companies usually charge on an hourly rate. Their rate averages at around £20 to £40 an hour.


Central Heating Costs

Copy of Home Improvement 3

Finally, new central heating costs will vary depending on the size of your home, your heating demand, and the type of system you choose. Households that require a high level of heating need a higher capacity boiler, as well as more radiators and piping, driving up costs.

Certain boiler types, such as a conventional or system boiler, need expansion vessels and water storage tanks. This increases the supply and installation costs.

As you can see, all of these factors influence each other, making the whole process of pricing your new central heating system even more complicated. Luckily, you don’t have to work through this complexity on your own.

For a new central heating installation, your best bet is to contact several companies in your area and to gather as much information as possible.

You’ll see the average price you can expect and ask any questions on your mind. As is the case in so many things in life, proper preparation is pivotal!

Is it time to get new central heating?

This is a question that you might be wondering about. Actually, there are many possible reasons why it might be time to switch to a new central heating system.

  • Age: Your entire system might be a few years old now and is in need of a revamp. Usually, you should replace your boiler after 10 to 15 years, and if the rest of your heating is reaching the end of their lifespan, it’s time to replace.
  • High repair cost: Occasionally, the price to fix a problem with your heating is much higher than it is to replace the whole system altogether. If this type of recommendation is coming from your heating engineer, you should consider installing a new system.
  • Low efficiency: Perhaps you have noticed that you are spending way too much on heating. This could be a result of an inefficient heating system. Upgrade to a modern, more efficient system to unlock savings for your energy bill.

Home Improvement Grants

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