Warm Front Grants For Landlords

Warm Front Grants For Landlords

There are a number of Green Home Grants available from the UK Government to assist landlords to improve their houses for their tenants.

The main priority for this scheme has always been heating and insulation which will assist the private rented sector to get the most value and benefit for their families. Private rented properties have always been neglected in the past when it comes to heating and insulation and so funding has been earmarked to bring these properties up to date.

Grants For The Private Rented Sector

There have been grants available for energy efficiency improvements for many years including grants for heating and insulation improvements. It, however, has been a misconception that landlords could not access the schemes to improve the energy efficiency of their property portfolio.

This post is focusing on the private rented sector where many residents are in fuel poverty so it is only right that the majority of the cash should be spent here.

Why Are Warm Front Grants Available For Landlords & Private Tenants ?

The government has recognised that after many years of neglect, many rented properties need their insulation and heating upgraded and is now providing thousands of £ worth of FREE funding to assist this sector

Many of the tenants living in these homes will be in receipt of low income benefits so will qualify for assistance.

Heating & Insulation Grants For Landlords & Tenants

There are many government funded grants still available to landlords and tenants to help improve the energy efficiency of their rented properties which in turn will save lots of carbon for the UK as well as reducing ever increasing fuel bills.

EPC Rating

At the moment all Private Rented Properties need to be a minimum EPC Rating of E to be able to be fit for renting out. 

This rating is due to change to Rating D by 2025 so any properties rated D , E , F  &G will no longer be legally able to be rented out.

Making use of these grants while they are still available makes good sense and this post is especially to increase awareness.

Why Should Landlords Apply For A Government Heating & Insulation Grant ?

Home Improvement Grants From The Government
  • You Can Increase the EPC energy ratings of all your rental properties FREE OF CHARGE!
  • You can increase the value of your property AND make it easier to rent out
  • You will comply with new legislation that forbids the renting out of properties that have an EPC rating of F &G

What Warm Front Grants Are Available For Landlords ?

Home Improvement Grants From The Government

Grants are available to both landlords & tenants to apply any of the Heating & Insulation Upgrades below as long as the tenant receives a qualifying benefit.

Free 1 st Time Central Heating

Free Storage Heater Replacement

Free Insulation Upgrades for Walls & Lofts

Visit Our Grants page to see what is currently available.

You could  improve your entire portfolio of rental properties FOR FREE

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