Grants For Loft Insulation 2022 -Home Improvement Scheme

Government Grants For Loft Insulation – Home Improvement Scheme



There Is No Catch !

You may have heard about the free grants for Loft Insulation over the years and wondered if it was genuine or not.

The good news is that the Free Loft Insulation Scheme  is 100% real and still available for 2022 .

I personally  have been responsible for thousands of loft installs over the last 9 years and is currently how I earn a living.

There Is No Catch- You will qualify or you wont. Please apply if you claim a benefit or on a low income






Applied For Free Loft Insulation In The Past And Not Been Successful?


Not every application is successful unfortunately. The government grant for loft insulation criteria is quite strict and you have to meet it to qualify.

however but if you feel you are eligible for the grant, you should apply.

Nothing ventured = nothing gained.



What Is The Criteria For The Free Loft Insulation Grant?


To Qualify for the grant you must :

  • Be A Homeowner or private tenant
  • You must be on a means tested benefit or disabled benefit OR
  • Be on a low income  and be in a LA Flex Area
  • Your loft must have 100 mm of insulation or less




Are There Grants For Loft Insulation In Scotland?


Scotland does qualify under the Eco Scheme for Free Insulation as well as Wales too.

Scottish energy Grants seem to have all of Scotland sewn up and we recommend you contact them if you live in Scotland as they their contractors will be a lot quicker than ours.

Alos There is a Warmer Homes Scheme especially for Scotland too



Is There Grant For Loft Insulation In Northern Ireland?


Unfortunately the Eco funding is not available for Northern Ireland so we will not be able to accept any applications. If the government do introduce Free Insulation for Ireland, we will announce it on our website.



When does The Government Loft Insulation Scheme End?



I would think the Loft Insulation Scheme would carry on throughout Eco 4 until the end at 2026. This is because the governments target for being carbon neutral by 2050 has to be met and free insulation is the best way to achieve it.

Joe Public has always been reluctant to shell out for insulation measures so there is a strong chance that free insulation will be open to all the uk in the next few years.

We shall see.




5 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Loft Today



  1.         A quarter of all heat generated is lost through your roof. That is a lot of cash wasted!

2.     You will save over £150 a year by insulating your loft space.
That money will be better spent on a new holiday !

3.     Your home will be a lot of cosier and comfortable in the cold and dark winter   nights.

4.     Your well insulated home will be more attractive to homebuyers when you do come to sell.

5.     A lot of homes can still their their loft done for free!



What Is Loft Insulation?









Loft insulation is man-made mineral fibre in a roll form and is made from silica sand, creating a wool-type product also known as glass wool.

Modern insulation is no longer a very itchy product  and is now very easy to handle  and to install. It is usually rolled out onto the loft floor for the whole loft area.

It works by forming a barrier to heat loss and so keeps the heat from escaping from your bedrooms or living room into the loft and being wasted.


Loft Insulation – A Great Way To Save Money!



Saves you up to £200 per year.

Average cost £20 -£25 per roll .   

Diy costs around £200 per average loft    Professionally will cost you on average £500- £600

The grant covers the loft insulation material and installation.

To qualify your property must have no loft insulation at all, or the existing must be less than 100mm thickness of loft insulation.




What Are The Benefits Of  Loft Insulation For Your Home?


Loft Insulation creates a barrier for your expensive heat to have to pass which will keep your heat in the house for longer instead of it escaping through the roof.

The Energy Saving Trust calculate that the average saving per year from installing loft insulation is approximately £240.

Your house will feel warmer during cold weather and improve the energy efficiency rating of your home.

You will also reduce your carbon footprint by around 990kg of CO2 per year compared to an uninsulated loft.



How Long Does Loft Insulation Last?

Free Central Heating








Providing the insulation is left undisturbed and not walked on, it should last indefinitely.

It will continue to save you energy and give you cheaper heating bills.
How long does it take to install loft insulation?

The installation of your new loft insulation should take between 1-2 hours to complete.


How Much Does It Cost To Insulate Your Loft?









Usually up to £600 for supply & fit but you can do it yourself for less than £200.

Take a trip to B & Q and purchase some 6- 8 rolls for around £25 each .

You will need to ensure all the insulation is installed at a depth of around 300mm.




How Is Loft Insulation Installed?


Insulation Grants
Insulation Grants


Very easy to install even for DIYERs .

The insulation is rolled out in your loft  to a depth of 270 mm.

It is usually  laid between and across the joists and  your loft hatch will be insulated too. A gap is left where the roof meets the floor for ventilation


Can you put new loft insulation on top of old?


Central Heating Grants









Yes! You can absolutely new insulation over old insulation… as long as it isn’t wet. …

Wet insulation can lead to mould, mildew, or even the rotting of your ceiling or roof rafters.

In fact, you can add new insulation over the existing installation in other areas of your home, not just the attic


Do I need to take everything out of my loft to Install Insulation?









The loft will need to be clear of all storage to enable the whole of the loft to be insulated.

We recommend  all existing boards to be removed so that all the loft can be insulated.

If you not wish to remove the boards we will lay the insulation over them.

Our installers bring all equipment needed , including lights and ladders.


Is There Much Mess To Install Loft Insulation?


This is a very easy process with minimal disruption.

All packaging will be removed from your home before we leave.

Please note that once installed, the joists will not be visible and for your safety, we recommend that you do not access the loft without the use of crawling boards.




Grants  For  FREE Loft Insulation 2022

Grants For Free Insulation (3)

There are still grants for free loft insulation for off gas properties and detached houses on mains gas.

If you receive a qualifying benefit as below you should apply today while funding is still available.



Can I Get Free Loft Insulation If Not on  Benefits?

At the time of writing, mar 2022  many customers not on benefits ( in houses that are off the gas grid ) can still get a loft insulation grant to insulate their lofts absolutely free  of charge under the Government  LAD or LA FLEX Scheme.

This schemel is available to people on a Low Income and have a health condition. You should check your council website for statement of intent  for details of who is eligible to apply.


How Do I Apply For Free loft insulation ?








Fill In The From Below today and we will check your property and the size of grant awarded.

Depending on funding levels ( which change all the time) we will let you know if you can get free insulation or if you need to make a small contribution







See Our Full Index Of Grants On This Website






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