Green Homes Grants For Home Improvements

Green Homes Grants For Home Improvements



As we are all aware the new Eco 4 scheme has been put back to  around July 1 2022 so we will all have to continue to limp along with the present Green Homes Grant  and its ( very ) difficult criteria for a short  while longer. 🙁

I personally cant wait to see the end of ECO 3 and its cherry picking / impossible agenda!


What Will Happen For Eco 4



ECO4 will based on properties meeting the Minimum Requirement (MR) .

To achieve this, you will need to  improve a property’s SAP score sufficiently to achieve an  increase in the EPC Band from F or G to an E or from D or E to a C.

This can only be done with a multi measure approach to all grant applicants.

This will mean that you will no longer be able to offer a single measure for loft or cavity insulation and that homes will need to  fully insulate their home (where needed ) to qualify for the grant scheme.


50% More LAD Scheme Funding

More funding is being given  for this scheme where people do not need to be on a benefit to qualify for Eco funding.

They will need to meet their local councils criteria which is usually low income and with a health condition.

With the removal of a lot of qualifying benefits such as DLA and PIP etc , this will force all those on disability benefits down the LAD route which is rather silly really.

This is the easiest way for the government to manipulate figures and statistics but making it a lot harder for the industry to get a job over the line with all the extra paperwork and criteria etc . 🙂



Life Time Savings – The End


The life times savings  LTS scoring mechanism is being renamed as  the new Annual Bill Savings  ( ABS ) to reinforce the message that the scheme is designed to reduce heating bills.

Lifetime savings not really very clear on its purpose and could refer to a funeral directors! 🙂



Installer Incentive For Multi Measures



Partial Project Scores PPS and Full Project Scores FPS are being brought in to dangle the carrot  to installers making it very much in their interest to adopt the whole house approach and install as many measures as possible.

The more measures installed , the better the payment.

A bonus of up to 30% could be on the table for installers going down this route.


Green Homes Heating Grants For Eco 4



Not looking good for heating measures for Eco 4.

  • Any heating measures will need to be accompanied by an insulation measure ( if needed of course ).

No more boiler or storage heaters only if insulation measures are still found to be needed at the property.  ( BEIS have finally caught on )

  • No more duals.
  • First time central heating  ( FTCH )  limited to homes with an existing gas supply.
  • Electric heated homes no longer eligible for  FTCH      (unless they have an existing gas supply)
  • Oil & LPG boilers still excluded for exchange.
  • Gas Warm Air Heating & gas room heaters can now qualify for FTCH
  • Non Condensing Boilers ( boilers over 15 years old ) uncapped for exchange
  • Solar PV – electric heated homes can apply for this
  •      Air Source Heat Pumps – ( not really Eco)  but grants will be available for boilers to be upgraded under the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme. The government will give you £5000 towards a new heat pump with the applicant paying £2500 or so.

Looking on the bright side …………………………no more 5 year old  “broken boilers” will go to landfill   😁



The Return  Of Storage Heaters ?


Not really. 🙁

It seems that these will be capped at 5000 ( As well as boilers )

However taken from the consultation  ” Inefficient heating systems upgraded with efficient heating will not be subject to a cap”

suggests that more can qualify for exchanged if proved to be inefficient.

I’ll await clarification!


Green Home Grants For Insulation For Eco 4



Gas Heated Properties will now qualify for insulation ……………………………….. HOORAY    😁

However , I believe that OFF GAS HOMES will still be well sought out  by installers due to their lower EPC ratings so dont get too excited about this new addition to allow insulation for gas heated homes.

20000 solid wall homes per year will qualify for Solid Wall Insulation which will be very popular and will be massively oversubscribed.

Lots of applicants will be left disappointed ( especially mid terraced homes ! )




Home Improvement Grants
Home Improvement Grants
  • LPG bottles &  tanks
  • No new gas connections.
  • Single insulation measure
  • Single heating measures
  • Many Disability Benefits
  • No more combi boiler swaps.
  • New gas connections


Which Benefits Will Qualify For Green Homes Grants ?


Landlords Grants
Landlords Grants
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit


Child Benefit Income Threshholds

Type of Claimant  –                                    Number Of Qualifying Children

                                                                           1                           2         –                 3              –  4 or more

Single Claimant                                         1 9800        –         24600               – 29400              –  34200

Member Of A Couple                                27300        –          32 100      –       36900                –  41700



Which Benefits Being Removed For Eco 4 ?


These benefits no longer eligible from July 1 2022

  • Industrial Injuries Benefit
  • Armed Forces Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Disabled Living Allowance
  • War Pension Mobility


ECO 4 Summary


free insulation
free insulation

It looks quite good and  better value for tax payers funding so bring it on NOW!

HOWEVER, Eco would not be Eco if it did not discriminate against some homes in some way ……………………..

I predict the below will be not eligible indirectly of course  passed over in Eco 4 by our good friends the cherry pickers 😁


  • Cavity Wall Properties
  • Flats
  • Semi Bungalows & Mid Terraced
  • Maissonettes.

Victorian homes will suddenly become very popular come July  😉


No Level Playing Field Once Again !



And the winners for ECO 4 are……………………………………

Those with big properties once again 🙁

I suppose if you cant beat them………………………..join them !

Any Additions ?

Home Improvement Grants

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