Green Homes Grants – Free Insulation Scheme

Green Homes Grants – Free Insulation Scheme


FFree Grants For Insulation
Free Grants For Insulation

Free Insulation For Houses  ? –  It does sound too good to be true actually.

The  government is giving householders free money to make their homes more cosy  and cut their fuel  bills by up to £200 per year.

This is not a scam.

I have worked in the Eco industry for 9 years now and can confirm that this loft insulation scheme is very real and I have been personally responsible for thousands of free loft insulation installs over this period.




What Insulation Grants Are Available 2022?


Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Roof Room

Internal Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation


All Grants are  free to people receiving benefits or on a low income providing the property does not have mains gas.

Electric heated properties are where the majority of funding is allocated as electricity is the most expensive form of heating.

People in Gas Heated Properties on benefits may have to pay a small contribution at the moment but we believe this will change in the near future.


5 Reasons why you should Insulate Your Home Today

A quarter of all heat generated is lost through your roof. That is a lot of cash wasted!

2.     You will save over £300 a year by insulating your walls and  loft space.
That money will be better spent on a new holiday !

3.     Your home will be a lot of cosier and comfortable in the cold and dark winter  nights.

4.     Your well insulated home will be more attractive to homebuyers when you do come to sell.

5.     A lot of homes can still their their loft done for free!


How much does it cost to insulate your House?










As A Rough Guide For June 2022, here is a table of insulation costs on a private basis depending on property type.


LOFT INSULATION – £400 -£600






Always worth trying to get a grant if possible


Diy Loft  -You can do it yourself for less than £200.

Take a trip to B & Q and purchase some 6- 8 rolls for around £25 each .

You will need to ensure the finished insulation is  at a depth of around 300mm for maximum energy savings.




How Do I Apply For  Free  Insulation ?









Fill In The From Below today and we will check your property and the size of grant awarded.

At the time of writing Feb 2022, there is only funding for Off Gas Homes  such as electric heated etc.

Depending on funding levels ( which change all the time) we will let you know if you can get free insulation or if you need to make a small contribution




What Are The Benefits Of   Insulation For Your Home?


Loft Insulation creates a barrier for your expensive heat to have to pass which will keep your heat in the house for longer instead of it escaping through the roof.

The Energy Saving Trust calculate that the average saving per year from installing loft insulation is approximately £240.

Your house will feel warmer during cold weather and improve the energy efficiency rating of your home.

You will also reduce your carbon footprint by around 990kg of CO2 per year compared to an uninsulated loft.


Can You Get Free  Insulation if not on benefits?



Some councils do a scheme where you dont need to be on benefits to receive free insulation.

Ask your local council if they operate a LA FLEX Scheme.


Pipe insulation

Lagging your pipes  with foam insulation is simple to do for most diyers and is another piece of the jigsaw in making your home as efficient as you can to keep your heating bills to a minimum.

It is relatively cheap to do and will cost around £1 per metre to buy.

You will probably do all your pipes for less than £40


Benefits of  insulating pipe


  1. Insulating your hot water pipes reduces heat loss and will raise water temperature ( up to 4 degrees hotter ) than uninsulated pipes can deliver.
  2. Allows you to lower your water temperature setting.
  3. Protects your pipes from freezing and limits condensation.
  4. It helps any exposed hot water pipes retain their heat when running through unheated parts of the house.
  5. Prevents condensation on cold water pipes in humid weather.


Important   – Pipe work in lofts

Very important that these pipes are lagged.

Loft Insulation  prevents heat from entering into  lofts which does keep your house warmer. However  this does make the loft space colder and so all water pipes in the loft are at risk of  freezing.

Protect these pipes by lagging them.


What is used to insulate?


 Pipe sleeves made with polyethylene or neoprene foam are the most commonly used insulation.

Polyethylene has a high R-value of 0.030 and is an excellent and cheap choice.

Other benefits of this insulation are :

  • This material is flame retardant
  • sound-absorbent ( less noise in the pipes)
  • It’s easy to apply because it is flexible and easy to slide over the pipe.


What tools are needed?

Home Improvement Grants
Home Improvement Grants
  • bread knife
  • hobby knife
  • mitre box
  • insulating tape



Free Insulation
Free Insulation

Cut the insulation tube to length and use a mitre box to cut angles of 30° and 45° at joints.

Pull the tube open along its length and push it over the pipe.

Seal any joints with double-sided adhesive tape or insulating tape. Job Done.


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