Home Improvement Grants- Wall Cavity Insulation Removal [2022]

Home Improvement Grants- Wall Cavity Insulation Removal [2022]

What Is  Cavity Wall Insulation Removal?



Cavity wall extraction is the removal of the insulation (usually Rockwool or bead insulation )  from cavity space between your wall using specialist equipment.

Cavity wall insulation removal is usually required when the insulation previously used is no longer effective or you are having problems with condensation and mould.

 This guide is to help you understand the process of cavity wall extraction, the costs associated with it and the benefits to having this done.


Benefits of Getting Cavity Insulation Removed



The benefits are :

  • Warmer house with reduced heat bills.
  • Less chance of mould appearing in the future
  • Reduced chance of damp or make removal of damp easier
  • Increase Of House value .
  • Can contribute to helping with health issues.
  • The effects of wrongly installed and failed insulation are almost immediately resolved once the cavity wall insulation is removed and the property is cleaned and aired.




When is Cavity Wall Extraction Required?


Cavity wall extraction is needed when you suspect you have failed cavity wall insulation or the insulation has been poorly installed.

This measure is becoming increasingly popular with home owners who are having problems with their walls such as damp, cold spots and mould.

Removing cavity wall insulation allows you to make room for more effective insulation, which in turn can save you money, reduce energy usage, and remove any potential damp.

Grants are available too for many people on a low income.


Why Might I Need Cavity Wall Extraction?


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Cavity insulation fitted in the past used less efficient materials which had a much shorter lifespan.

Whilst this measure has always come with a 25 year warranty, the materials used didn’t use to have the same strict KIWA certifications that it now comes with.

The main causes of inefficient insulation are:

  • Replaced windows can cause the insulation to fall out causing void areas. This will allow damp transfer from the outer skin.
  • Flooding is a major cause needing insulation removed as the water gets into the material and creates damp allowing water to pass from the external wall into the home.
  • Incorrect installation or means the effect on your home is less than what it should be or non-existent. This can happen if the drill holes to insert the insulation where incorrectly spaced and would lead to cold spots.
  • Incorrect materials were used such as urea-formaldehyde. This breaks down to dust-like particles and sits at the bottom of the cavity giving no insulation benefit at all.


How Can I Tell if I Need Extraction Of Insulation?


Tell-tale symptoms will include

  • Cold patches on your internal walls
  • A build-up of condensation and mould on internal walls
  • Decorative surfaces becoming stained with paint flaking off
  • You have damp areas and your property smells of damp
  • Your walls are wet due to flooding, faults in brickwork or burst pipes
  • You are in a high risk area near the sea .
  • Feel like your house isn’t retaining heat and your energy bills seem to be more expensive than they should be
  • Your external walls have been damaged


Have an Insulation Survey

Engage a reputable insulation company to investigate your walls.

They will create a heat loss survey using thermal cameras and borescopes which will highlight any cold spots in your walls and if extraction is necessary.


What Materials that can be extracted?



Expanded polystyrene
Loose and/or bonded Urea Formaldehyde Insulation
Rockwool Mineral Fibre
Whitewood Glass Mineral Fibre


How Is The Insulation Removed?


All work should be carried out by OSCAR accredited technicians who will carry out the work effectively and issue all certification and 25 year warranty.

A purpose-built insulation removal system is used to collect all the insulation that occupies the cavity.

It is an industrial vacuum cleaner which uses air pressure to suck up the insulation into a bag. Henry is not used. 🙂

The powerful motor will ensure that all existing insulation material is removed from every crevice.





How Long Will It Take?


The process to extract and refill usually takes 2 – 3 days to complete.

You do not need to vacate your property but there can be a lot of noise via the machines.





How Much Does Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Cost



You should expect to pay around £20 -£25  a square meter for removal.

Typical house costs £1500 – £2000

To refill would would cost up to £1200


The Cavity Wall Extraction Process



A complete technical survey is carried out  and fully risk assessed prior to any work being carried out.
All works are carried out by Oscar approved cavity wall extractors
All works are non-disruptive to neighbouring properties insulation.


Are There Any  Government cavity wall insulation removal grants ?


Central Heating Grants


Grant Funding

Grant funding is available for re-blowing cavity wall insulation for electric heated homes only . Gas heated homes will be included from Eco 4 in July 2022


The amount of grant and the cost of the works is usually covered by a 100% grant from The Government subject to it meeting the requirements below:

  • The cavity was not appropriately cleared prior to the insulation installation
  • Your property’s location is within a high wind and rain exposure area causing penetrating damp
  • Your property suffers from damage to external walls such as cracks within the render, pointing or brickwork.
  • Your property’s structure is not appropriate for cavity insulation
  • It has not been installed correctly
  • The cavity is suffering from blockages as a result of building works
  • The insulation is aging and suffering from slumping.





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