Hot Water Cylinder Replacement – How To Get A Grant For FREE!

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Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

We Do It For FREE!

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

If You Have A Hot Water Cylinder But No Gas Boiler Fitted, We Can Upgrade It To Free Central Heating.

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

If you are looking to replace your old electric cylinder in your airing cupboard , AND DO NOT HAVE A GAS BOILER FITTED  you should look into the free grants available from the government.

You may be eligible to upgrade to Free Central Heating .

This is a 100% Fully Funded Grant Worth Over £5000!

Backboiler Grant

Replacement Hot Water Tank Cost

Standard copper water cylinders are around £200 to buy  although you will pay more if you want a larger capacity or any added features.

Plumbers  labour at an average rate of £45 per hour, the entire job should cost in the region of £600 without any VAT which could be an additional cost.

FREE Heating Scheme Wales

Can I Upgrade To Free Central Heating ?

You Can Upgrade To Free Central Heating If You Have:


✅A Hot Water Heater / Hot Water Cylinder 

✅   You have a mains gas supply


✅ You Are in receipt of a qualifying benefit ( Or Someone lives with you who claims.

✅    A Home owner or private tenant

✅   You Must Have A Home EPC Of  E – F – G


Free Grant For Central Heating - What Is Included?

cyl 2

Your Old Hot Water Cylinder Completely Removed

Boiler Grant Scotland

A Brand New Boiler Fitted

british gas 3

Thermostatic Radiator Valves Fitted

british gas 1

Free Insulation For Your Loft & Walls

Warm Front Grants

Up To 5 Yr Parts & Labour Warranty

Boilers For Free

Updated Wireless Controls Fitted

Benefits That Qualify You For This Free Grant

  •   Child Benefit  ( Income Thresholds Apply)
  •  Child & Working Tax Credits 
  •  Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support 
  •  Job Seekers Allowance  
  •  Pension Credit 
  •  Universal Credit

How Does The Free Central Heating Grant Work?

Epc Certificate 4

You Apply By Taking A  Survey On This Page.   We Check Your Application

Epc Certificate 5

If Eligible,  One Of Our  Approved Install Partners Will Call You And Book Your Free Survey.

Epc Certificate 6

 Your 100% FREE Heating & Insulation Is Fitted Within 21 Days


What Do Other People Think Of Us?

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Rochelle Poulter
Rochelle Poulter
This company was extremely easy to deal with. The staff I had dealings with were very helpful, especially Carlo. When there was a slight hiccup with the first installation company assigned to us, Carlo got on the case immediately and reassigned another company. The company they used were extremely professional. Overall I am very pleased with the whole process.
Dawn Mackay
Dawn Mackay
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish,Carlo was amazing arranged everything,The workman who fitted my moms boiler were so professional,kind and helpful,Liverpool lads just fantastic work ethics, just can't recommend this company enough 5 out 5 stars thank you Carlo warm front
Adam Petley
Adam Petley
Another heating company in let me down and said they could not proceed with my heating conversion at the kast minute due to the fact i had a coal fired back boiler. I spoke to a few firms nobody would do it.i phoned Warm Front and spoke to Carlo, we can do that mate! 1 month later i have a new combi boiler , hot water on demand and a warm house for the first time in 13 years. I am over the moon and can't thank Carlo and his lads enough. They are true professionals who know exactly what theyre doing , very tidy and will be done before you know it. Incredible service and lovely people .Thank you so much Carlo and team. I will never forget what you have done .
Aidan C
Aidan C
A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.
Keri Jones
Keri Jones
Great service from Carlo who was there from start to finish helping my mother save at least £4000 on a full central heating system Carlo helped us get a very good company that was brilliant and installed the system within the week of coming to survey the job and only taking one day to install Would definitely recommend this service as when I was phoning up companies myself they either wasn’t turning up or telling us we wasn’t eligible or turning up and then hearing nothing from them again Once again 5 stars for this company

Free Central Heating Upgrade -Apply Here

If you are interested in a FREE GRANT , please take a short survey below to apply.

All Eligible Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours.

Free Central Heating Contact Number

If you are having difficulty applying for the grant you can call us on  01902 753404    


How long does it take to fit a new hot water cylinder?

Simply replacing your current water tank with a similar system will be much faster than installing a new tankless system which could require some additional construction time.

Typically, a  plumber should have your new tank installed and working within 2-3 hours barring unforeseen complications.

How much does it cost to replace a water tank with a combi boiler?

You can expect to spend around £3,000 -£5000 for replacing your cylinder  heating system with a more efficient combi boiler & radiators.

Do make an application for a grant.

Is it worth replacing hot water cylinder?

You should replace your hot water cylinder every 7 to 10 years.

The best time to complete your hot water cylinder replacement is during summer when demand is lower.

 If you opt to do it yourself, it should cost you less than £300 for all materials.


How do I know my hot water cylinder needs replacing?

Sooner or later, you will  see signs that your hot water cylinder needs replacing.

The average hot water cylinder has an average lifespan of around 10 years, even if  regularly maintained.

 Signs that show your hot water cylinder needs replacing include:

  • Loud noises when the tank heats the water
  • Your water isn’t heating up or only heats it to warm.
  • Water  leaking onto the floor around the bottom of your tank. 

It is best to consider replacing your vented hot water cylinder when you experience cold water, less hot water, leaks and unusual sounds, and rust.

Types of hot water cylinders

There are two different types of hot water cylinders available in the UK.

Vented and unvented.

 Both cylinders offer differing services. In addition, their water tank replacement cost varies since the hot water supply system differs fundamentally.

Vented hot water cylinders

The most common water heater found in the UK is The Vented Cylinder.

It is also the cheapest to replace .

A vented hot water cylinder system is usually made of cold water tanks in the attic and supplies cold water to the cylinders.

 Vented cylinders depend on gravity to work and are usually placed above the cylinder.

This cylinder expands while water is heated, but vent pipes and tanks on a higher ground allow the excess water to escape. 

Unvented hot water cylinders

An unvented hot water cylinder  does not require a water storage tank.

Instead, the water in this closed hot water cylinder is supplied directly from the cold water network.

The unvented cylinders are pressured by water inflow.

An unvented hot water cylinder can last for 30 years. 

How much does it cost to fit a new hot water cylinder UK?

It should cost you around £200 -£300 for an unvented cylinder replacement supply only .

Expect to pay a plumber around £300 for his services. A cylinder replacement can be done in a day.


copper hot water cylinder scrap value

Copper is very valuable and you can easily weigh it in at your local scrap yard.

Clean cooper (no joints etc on it) is worth about £4 per Kg.

 Brassierie copper (with joints on the tank )  is worth about £2.75 per Kg.

A clean copper cylinder could be worth between £50 and £100.

What is a vented hot water cylinder?

vented hot water cylinder is a system that relies heavily on gravity to ensure hot water and heating can be accessed throughout a property.

 In a vented system, water is fed from a cold water tank usually kept in the loft, and then passed through a vent pipe to a hot water cylinder situated within the house.

These cylinders are typically made from copper and take water from a large water tank located in the loft. 

Is it easy to replace a hot water cylinder?

You can easily replace a hot water cylinder if you have basic plumbing skills.

This involves draining the system down and replacing some pipework so that the new cylinder fits.

You will also need to do a little electric work too.

Do you need an electrician to install a hot water cylinder?

Hot water cylinder elements do need a qualified electrician to safely replace them.



Do hot water cylinders need servicing?

A vented Hot water cylinder does not have any moving parts so do not need any servicing as long as the water is heating up and there are no signs of water leaking or any damage.

What are the disadvantages of hot water cylinders?

  • Your home’s water pressure depends on the height of the cold water tank. …
  • Vented installation rarely delivers hot water at the pressure of an unvented system. …
  • Requires storage space in the loft for the cold water tank.

Can a hot water cylinder run out of hot water?

As the supply of warm water is used, more needs to be heated in the cylinder.

So the problem of running out of warm water might result from using up all the warm water in your cylinder.

If several people in the home have showers in a short period of time, this can happen.

When installing the feeds for the shower, you should always have the hot water feed taken from the top of the cylinder.

Free Central Heating Upgrade -Apply Here

If you are interested in a grant , please take a short survey below.

All Eligible Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours. 

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