Is it Cheaper To Leave The Heating On All Day or only switch on when needed?

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To answer this we have consulted with The Energy Saving Trust.

This trust is a government funded body that has been set up to educate the Uk on how to use energy efficiently.  All findings are backed up with years of research. 

Question-   Is it cheaper to have the heating on low or should we be switching on only when we are in and heat is needed.

Answer –  It is definitely  NOT  cheaper to leave the heating on all day.
Reasons Why –   Heat Loss.

A certain amount of energy is constantly leaking out of your home.  Even the most well insulated  properties will not escape this phenomen.
You will never get 100% heat retention and heat will always be looking to escape via walls ceilings and floors.

All heat you generate ( and pay for ) will eventually be lost forever. 
This means that you will not feel any benefit of heat generated while you are away from the property.

However, if you wish to keep your pets nice and warm all day when you are out and cost is not an issue………………:)


If you’re keeping the heating on all day  (even on a low setting ) means that you are losing energy all day !
 It is therefore more cost effective to only  heat your home when you need it.

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