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Landlord Grants – Apply Today For Free Heating & Insulation

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 Landlord Grants 2022 -Fantastic New Schemes

landlord grants

landlord grants

Did you know that there are new FREE government funded landlord grants in 2022 to help them improve the energy efficiency of their  properties?

Many rented properties need their insulation and heating upgraded and the government is providing thousands of £ worth of FREE funding to assist those tenants on low income benefits.


What Landlords Grants Are Available?

Landlords  can apply for:

  • Upgrade old storage  heating TO RENEWABLE ENERGY
  • Fit brand new central heating
  • Install Free insulation

All  Landlord grants for heating & insulation are 100% FREE .



Why Are Free Schemes Available To Private  Landlords?

Private rented properties have always been neglected in the past because of landlord reluctance to spend any money on improvements when it comes to heating and  funding has been earmarked by the government to bring these properties up to date to ensure tenant comfort.

This post is focusing on the private rented sector where many residents are in fuel poverty so it is only right that the majority of the cash should be spent here.

The main priority for this scheme has always been heating and insulation which will assist tenants in the private rented sector to get the most value and benefit for their families.  landlords can still  claim up to £10000 worth of heating & insulation measures to improve their properties.

Eligibility does depend on  if  a landlord has a tenant in residence that claims a benefit or is on a low income.


Which Benefits Qualify For The Free Grants?

Your tenant will need to be claiming a benefit  as below.

  • Child Benefit *
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit


Are There Free Boiler Replacement Grants for Landlords ?

Landlords and tenants are not eligible for Boilers on The New Eco 4 Scheme.

They can apply for first time Central Heating.

See next paragraph.


Landlord Scheme For Windows And Doors Available?Unfortunately, there are no grants available to exchange windows and doors for 2022.

This funding was withdrawn last year when the Green Homes Grant was scrapped for non benefit applicants.

We do not anticipate any grants for the near future to cover windows and door exchange due to their non carbon saving eligibility.


Is The Green Homes Grant  Still Available For Landlords ?

The voucher scheme was open to all applicants regardless of income and proved very popular.

The scheme however was  not run correctly and many applications failed.

As a result , the Green Home Voucher Scheme is now closed and any vouchers still in circulation should be  binned as they are no longer accepted

If you still have a voucher , you will not be able to use it as they would have expired least Septmeber 2021.

Is The Landlord or Tenant entitled to the grant?

This is the important part.
The landlord isn’t directly entitled to the grant, it’s the tenant who is entitled.
So it’s in the best interest of both tenant and landlord to work together, so they can both benefit from this grant.

Are There Any First Time Central Heating Grants For Landlords?

Yes. Provided the property has no history of having central heating fitted, you will be able to apply for this measure.

You will save yourself up to £4000 for a new central heating system as it is usually 100 % Free.


Are There Any Landlords Grants For Storage Heaters ?

Old Economy 7 Heaters are replaced for renewable heating.

You can no longer have new storage heaters for private rented homes.


How do I  Apply for a Landlord Grant ?

If you wish to apply you will need to fill in the short form below.

Your tenants full name and date of birth together with all landlord details will be required.

We also request that all landlords can make themselves to be available for surveys and installs should your tenant / property be found eligible for a grant .

In addition to having access to Energy Company Obligation funding, we offer a fully managed service so we can take you all the way from application to installation (sometimes within a week!).


Are there any Landlord grants available for empty properties?

Not at the moment. Landlords can only apply for grants if they have a tenant already in residence who is claiming a benefit.

If the property is dilapidated , you may be able to get some assistance from your local council  to help turn the property  back into occupied homes.


Landlord Grants – the Process

  1. The Landlord or tenant completes our short application form.
  2. We check if your tenant is eligible and if so ,we forward the application to an approved installer.
  3. We carries out a full property research, to see what measures will be viable at the property
  4. Our Install partner books a free survey (usually within 7 days of applying )and gathers all relevant paperwork
  5. Following successful survey the  installation is booked.

What Paperwork Is Needed To Apply ?

Landlords are asked to complete permission paperwork to authorise work to be undertaken.

In some cases, the application can be approved within a few days and the install can take place within a week.

‍The scheme is administered by OFGEM (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). OFGEM’s role is to protect consumers and ensures that tenants and landlords are being treated fairly.


How Can  Landlords  improve their EPC rating?

The below list will help you to improve your property.

You should aim to utilise as many as possible.


  • Change existing lighting to LED light bulbs – Cost £2 per bulb
  • Insulate  cavity walls  – Up To £1000
  • Insulate The Loft  – DIY   £200 –     Private Up to £1000
  • Improve windows with double or triple glazing – Up to £3000
  •  Install an energy-efficient boiler – £1600- £2500
  •  Use a smart meter – Free From your energy supplier.
  • Renewable Energy – Solar panels and ground-source heat pumps –From £7000 – £15000




Useful Guides For Landlords here

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