Landlords Be Aware – Minimum EPC Ratings 2025


Landlords Be Aware – Minimum EPC Ratings 2025




Landlords Grants  –  Be Aware that new proposed  EPC Regulations For Landlords  state that there is a consultation by the government  to change the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards of any private rented property  to a minimum EPC rating Of “ C “.

This change is set take effect in April 2025 and  will affect all domestic private rented properties in England and Wales.



Change Of MEES


Currently, the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) allowed for rented properties to be let out are a minimum of an E rating on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Any property that is rated F & G are currently illegal to be rented out and many landlords have been fined for continuing to rent them out.



New Tenancies 2025 – EPC Must Be C


Landlords Grants
Landlords Grants


From 2025, all newly rented properties on the market will need to have a certification rating of C or above to comply with this new directive.

This new regulation will mean that any properties that are rated D and above will be illegal to let out and that they will need to  carry out the necesary improvements to heating & insulation as well as a new EPC  to bring the property to a minimum C.

All existing tenancies are being given a grace period until 2028 to comply with the new rules.

Landlords Not Aware Of Change

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters
According to a survey  by Shawbrook Bank apparently only 15 per cent of landlords say they are fully aware of changes to laws surrounding the new change to Energy Performance Certificates in the private rental sector.

Penalties For Non Compliance


Free Central Heating
Free Central Heating

Landlords who choose not to comply, will face penalties of up to £5000.



Why The Change?

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The changes are to ensure rented properties are continually improved by landlords to ensure a decent standard of living for all private tenants .

Rented properties have been notorious in the past  for high bills and fuel poverty as well as  a poor standard of living. Many rented properties are inadequately Insulated, have single panel glazing and heating is antiquated.

These new regs will force home improvements on landlords or they will be fined.

This scheme will also assist the government’s net-carbon zero targets for the future.

Landlords should be aware that there are many grants for heating and insulation available to them if they have a tenant in receipt of benefits or on a low income.

Please see below for Landlord Grants and how to apply.




EPCs  Explained



EPC ratings for domestic properties were introduced in 2007 in both England and Wales.

All properties were surveyed by domestic Energy Assessors and given a certificate detailing how efficient the property was found to be.

Every house was given a score of between A – G , with A being most efficient and G being least efficient.

Each certificate lasted for 10 years

A low EPC rating means lower energy bills and will reduce your carbon footprint.

Also A low rated house will be more attractive to buyers when you put the house on the market.



How will The New Regs Affect Landlords?



Free Storage Heaters

Having to move from a minimum E rating to a C could potentially cost landlords thousands of pounds.

Landlords will be expected to pay for either insulating their properties to retain heat or use other ‘fabric first’ features that can help to improve heating and lighting. They can also try to take advantage of grants available too.



How Can  Landlords  improve their EPC rating?

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters


The below list will help you to improve your property.     You should aim to utilise as many as possible.


  1. Change existing lighting to LED light bulbs – Cost £2 per bulb
  • Insulate  cavity walls  – Up To £1000
  • Insulate The Loft  – DIY   £200 –     Private Up to £1000

4 Improve windows with double or triple glazing – Up to £3000

5 Install an energy-efficient boiler – £1600- £2500

6. Use a smart meter – Free From your energy supplier.

7 Renewable Energy – Solar panels and ground-source heat pumps –From £7000 – £15000




Are There Any Grants Available To Landlords Fund The New EPC Regulations

free insulation
free insulation


The good news for landlords is that if they have a tenant in residence that receives a UK benefit, They will be able to apply for one or more government grants to improve their property.

Most grants are 100 % free too !

If you have multiple properties, you can apply for all of them too if of course your tenant is eligible.





What Grants Can Landlords Apply For ?

Central Heating Grants
Central Heating Grants

Free Loft Insulation

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Free Replacement Storage Heaters

Free First Time Central Heating

Free Internal Wall Insulation – Electric Heated Properties Only

Free Attic Room Insulation – Electric Heated Properties Only






Grants Not Available To Landlords

New Boilers

Solar Panels

Double Glazing

Air / Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you want to know more about grants for landlords, please visit our landlord grants page.






This new regulation will be a massive undertaking for the Government to  police for the whole of the UK and will take probably 5 years or more to bring this new regulation accros the sector.

Many properties particularly the large old Victorian ones will never get up to this standard without thousands of £££ being spent on external insulation etc and so  the governemnt will probably need to make an exemption otherwise there will be a lot of these properties dumped onto the open market as landlords cut their losses. This will lead to a shortage of rental properties as many of these will have been turned into HMOs and will force a lot of these tenants onto the street.

If you have a more modern property built from the 30s onwards,  landlords should still prepare for this change and start to make small improvements to  properties on a regular basis as this will catch up with you sooner or later.







See Our Full Index Of Grants On This Website




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