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How To Apply For Landlords Grants 2022

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How To Apply For Landlords Grants 2022

 Free Insulation & Heating Checks

Did you know that there are Free Home Improvement Grants For Landlords & Tenants for 2022. Landlords Grants 2022 have been reassessed with new measures availabe for renewable heating too.

Landlords or tenants can apply for one or more insulation measures under the Government Home Improvement Scheme / Affordable Warmth Scheme.

These grants are available to all occupiers of privately rented properties in receipt of benefits as it is they who pay the fuel bills.

Insulating your home properly is a good way of insuring your tenants against high heating bills  and we recommend you take advantage of this scheme while funding is still available.



Free Insulation Grants For Landlords

If the tenant is in receipt of a qualifying benefit, there are a number of free insulation measures we can offer you.







All Grants are subject to the property being an E – F – G Epc Rating.  Free Internal & External Insulation is very limited.


Central Heating Grants For Landlords  (1 st Time Only)

Upgrading the heating  in your rental property  will improve the property’s energy efficiency rating.

An upgraded heating system in your rental property will make it more attractive to future tenants.

Available to properties that have no history of having central heating fitted.

If your property has never had central heating fitted and is currently heated by expensive electric heaters, gas heaters, or solid fuel, you may be eligible.


Electric Heating Grants

If your property has electric storage heaters fitted, you could possible be eligible for FREE SOLAR or A FREE AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP

This will be very popular with limited funding.


Free Storage Heater Grants For Landlords

These are now discontinued. Sorry

The grant was previously available to replace faulty and inefficient electric storage heaters over 10 years old but the private rented sector is no longer eligible.



 Landlords Grants 2022- Free Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation

free cavity wall insulation

free cavity wall insulation

Your loft will be topped up to 300 mm and walls will be filled with rockwool / beads.


Qualifying Benefits

Landlord  Grants 2022  – To qualify  your tenant must be on a low income ( LAD SCHEME ) or  receive one of the following UK Benefits

  • Child Benefit *
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

Are there any restrictions on Landlord Grants?

If your property is a minimum EPC rating of E, you will be eligible to apply for  a Landlords Grants 2022 to improve your property.

As long as your tenant on a qualifying benefit is living in the rental property from initial application until after the free measure is installed there are no restrictions.

The tenant will be free to move on without any money needed to be paid back.

Note – Even though the tenant is the applicant, they do not own any of the measures fitted on the grant and they are not allowed to remove anything from the property.


Who Should Apply for Grant, the Landlord or the Tenant?

lANDLORDS GRANTS 2022 – With both parties agreeing to the work, both the tenant and the landlord can be the applicant.

Signed landlord consent will be required before any installation can take place.

Landlords EV Charge Points

The EV chargepoint grant for landlords gives financial support to landlords and other entities to buy and install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at residential or commercial properties in the UK.

This is an interim manual service that will be in place until a digital service for this scheme goes live (expected summer 2022).


Landlords  – Apply Now For Your Grant

  1. Many rented properties need their insulation and heating upgraded and the government is providing thousands of £ worth of FREE funding to assist those on low income benefits.
  2. Heating & Insulation Grants For Landlords do help improve the EPC rating and Energy efficiency of their properties.
  3. In Many Cases they will be 100% Free if the current tenant in the property receives a qualifying UK benefit.
  4. Usually in rental properties , you will find that around 80% of tenants will receive a benefit which is good nesw for the landlords as it opens the door to potentially thousands of pounds worth of free insulation and heating measures paid for by the taxpayer.
  5. Another benefit of this scheme is that it can can help achieve improvements to the EPC ratings of all these properties above the minimum “E” level that is currently required to enable landlords to let their properties.


MEES Regulations For Landlords – Currently E

Since April 2018 , there are new rules governing the issuing of all new tenancies for private rented properties.

The government have decided that new tenancies can only be granted if the property is a minimum EPC rating of E.

Properties rated F & G on the EPC register can not be allowed to be put forward for rental and it is a criminal offence to rent out any property not complying.
Hefty fines are in operation  and some landlords have already been fined up to £5000.


New MEES Regulations For Landlords  From 2025 – Minimum EPC  C

Under Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard regulations (MEES), from April 2025 all domestic rental properties in England and Wales must have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C or better.

It will be illegal for you to rent out a property with a D -E -F or G rating and you could be fined up to £5000

 This means that landlords will need to make a lot of improvements to their heating and insulation or they will not be able to rent their properties out and will be laft with a wasting asset.

This new law will mean that lots of landlords  may lose out on valuable rental income if they have  old properties in their portolio which will become worthless

Landlords are required to have their properties up to a minimum EPC rating of C so these grants will help the private rented sector to achieve this very cheaply.


Why Apply ?

  • You Can Increase the EPC energy ratings of all your rental properties FREE OF CHARGE!
  • You can increase the value of your property AND make it easier to rent out
  • You will comply with new legislation that forbids the renting out of properties that have an EPC rating of F &G



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