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Oil Boiler Replacement Grants – Free Oil Boiler Scheme

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Oil Boiler Replacement Grants – Free Oil Boiler Scheme

Oil Boiler Replacement Grant 2023

If you’re in need of an oil boiler replacement but concerned about the expense, there’s good news.

Grants For Oil Boiler Replacement are available in Scotland Wales and England and these grants cover the full cost of upgrading an oil or LPG boiler to a Heat Pump.

This guide will provide information on new grants available and how to apply for them, helping you save money and keep your home warm and comfortable.

You will need to met the criteria to be eligible but do read on.




What are Oil Boiler Replacement Grants?


Free Boiler 31

Oil boiler replacement grants are financial assistance programs designed to help homeowners cover the cost of upgrading their outdated, inefficient oil boilers with newer, more energy-efficient forms of renewable heating.

You will get a state of the art FREE HEAT PUMP instead.

These grants are typically offered by government agencies, & utility companies as part of their efforts to promote energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By replacing an old and inefficient oil boiler with a newer and more efficient Air Source Heat Pump , homeowners can cut their heating bills significantly while also reducing their carbon footprint.


Who is Eligible?

To Be Eligible  for a Free  Heat Pump you must :

✅ Have A Solid Wall Property

✅  Have A Home EPC Of E – F- G

✅ Have  Oil / Electric Heating

✅  Be  A Home Owner / Tenant In Receipt Of A Benefit

Which Benefits Qualify For A Grant?

      Child Benefit   –     Child & Working Tax Credits –     Employment & Support Allowance-    Housing Benefit

        Income Support  –  Job Seekers Allowance   –  Pension Credit – Guarantee & Savings   –  Universal Credit

Oil Boiler Repairs near me

Your first point of call should be one of the trusted trader sites

Check A Trade

Which Trusted Traders

Trusta Trader.Com

Minimum EPC Rating

If you are applying for one of our grants, you will need to be aware that :

Your Home Epc Must Be E – F – G 


How to Apply for an Oil Boiler Replacement Grant.



Cost of oil boiler replacement


A new oil boiler will cost you £4,700 on averag e fully fitted.

The cost depends on the size of the unit, the manufacturer, and how long it takes to install.

The difficulty involved in the installation can affect the price too.


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