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Old Warm Air Heating -Why You Need To Replace It Now!

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Old Warm Air Heating-Why You Need To Replace It Now!

Warm Air Heating

Warm Air Heating


Warm Air Heating Grants

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What Is A Warm Air System?

During the 1960’s and 70’s warm air systems were commonly installed in homes due to their reliability and ease of installation.

With a warm air heating  system there is no need for pipes and radiators to be installed within the home as the heat is distributed via ducting.

Smaller homes found this heating to be very cost effective.


Warm Air Central heating

Although Warm Air Heating Systems have arguably fallen out of fashion in new properties, they have been one of the most efficient kinds of heating on offer over the past 4 decades.

Most central heating systems in UK homes are fired via a gas fired boiler.

This is the most popular and efficient form of heating for your home and has been for over 20 years now.

Gas Fired Warm air central heating although quite old fashioned is still  another cost-effective way to heat your home and is present in about 6% of all UK homes.

A modern warm air system is highly efficient and very quiet in operation.
Modern warm air systems can also have an electronic air filter fitted to remove potentially irritating airborne particles such as pollen, hair and bacteria.
This can be very effective for those with allergies.

How Does Warm Air Heating Work?

Warm air heating systems use a vent to extract air from outside which is then heated over a gas flame.

This heated  warm air is then circulated via different ducts throughout your home.

Most warm air systems are gas fired, but you do get electric ones too which are much more expensive to run.

Are Warm Air Systems Still Available?

The Johnson & Starley Warmcair range was launched in 2013 and is now their main product.

This is a room sealed modern design .  Being a modern design, it can’t re-use the old chimney flue, however in some cases this can be replaced with their concentric flexible flue system.

The MultiCalor Udara is  made in Belgium and sold across Europe, including the UK.  Udara works in a different way to Warmcair and is more efficient, but does not offer a hot water heating option.

Like Warmcair, existing chimney hardware is incompatible.


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Warm Air Heating Maintenance

Like all heating systems,  warm air heating  need to be serviced on an annual basis by a gas safe engineer.

Regular servicing will ensure that  the warm air which is continually being blown around is free  of dust and debris which can cause a breakdown .

Please ensure the engineer has the relevant warm air qualifications when booking.


Disadvantages Of Warm Air Heating

Radiator Grants

Radiator Grants

Unfortunately, a big disadvantage of warm air heating is that the majority of the systems don’t provide hot water.

You will need an alternative source of heating for your water which is another expense and thing to go wrong.

A  gas boiler or immersion heater is the usual scenario.

Furthermore, the vents within your home can provide an opportunity for drafts to circulate.

Unlike gas and oil-fired boilers, warm air heating systems have extremely limited options for controlling the heating, this can also put people off.




Warm Air Heating Servicing

A warm air unit heats up a house using warm air rather than water-filled radiators.

They can be gas fired or electric and were very popular in 70s built homes

Some warm units have circulators installed so they can also provide hot water.

Johnson & Starley were the most popular units that were fitted and many are still in service today .


Warm Air Unit Installation

Although most properties in the UK are heated using a boiler and radiators, there are still many houses that use warm air central heating systems.

Warm air units are similar to air conditioning units in the way that they blow air around ductwork and out through grilles or vents throughout the house.

The air is normally heated by way of a gas burner and is controlled by a room thermostat and a time switch.

Warm Air heating is still installed today albeit at a lesser rate with the majority of the UK preferring a wet central heating system.


Warm Air Heating – Yearly Servicing

It is very important to have your heating serviced regularly and we recommend this is done on a yearly basis.

Our warm air unit servicing checklist includes:

  • Removing the burner.
  • Removing the filters and fan.
  • Checking the heat exchanger for cracks to ensure that products of combustion cannot leak out.
  • Checking the flues with smoke pellets.
  • Cleaning the burners and pilot lights.
  • Reassembling the warm air unit.
  • Checking the gas efficiency and testing any gas connections for leaks.
  • Analysing the products of combustion.

Warm Air Unit Repairs

Engineers can quickly and efficiently repair most warm air units, as long as replacement parts are available and it is economical to do so.

Our trusted engineers will always look for the most affordable solution to your problem.

If we know that you are likely to save money on future repairs by replacing your old warm air unit with a new one, then we will recommend you do so.

Find an engineer here


Benefits of warm air heating

There are many benefits that a warm air heating system can bring to your home:

A modern air system provides fast warm up times and will heat your home quickly.

The setup eliminates the need for radiators giving you more freedom in terms of room layout.

Warm air systems are renowned for their quiet operation so your home won’t be disturbed by unwelcome noises.

These systems are very energy efficient with running costs as much as 18% lower than some other types of heating system.

Some modern systems have electronic controls to deliver a stable temperature and give you even greater control of your energy use.

Warm air systems can include the option of electronic filtration which regularly removes 95% of all airborne particles such as pollen, human and pet hair and bacteria.




Cons Of A Warm Air System

Many warm air systems do not heat water so you may need to keep a gas boiler or an immersion heater to compensate.

Retrofitting ducts or vents into a house can be difficult and will mean having visible ducts in throughout.

As there are relatively few manufacturers and installers the market for warm air systems is not as competitive as that of gas boilers so prices are high and options are limited

A warm air system will move air and therefore dust throughout your home which can be a problem for people who suffer with allergies.



Warm air heating replacement .

As warm air heating has largely fallen out of favour, not many providers still offer these systems.

You may be better replacing your system with a gas-fired boiler and radiator system, or even an electric heating system.

If you do like your warm air system but want something more up-to-date, you can expect to pay from £500 for a more modern warm air boiler.

But if a new installation is needed, the cost of upgrading warm air heating across the whole system could add up to around £5,000.


Warm air heating replacement cost

These costs cover the new boiler, radiators, pipework and labour. However, the cost also depends on the size of your home.

It will also depend on whether your system is powered by gas, or an air or ground source heat pump.

Upgrade existing warm air heating system £500 £5,000 £2,750 Installing new gas boiler and radiators £2,500 £3,580 £3,040

Installing new electric central heating system £3,230 £4,350 £3,790

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Warm Front Grants


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