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Pensioners Age Uk – Cost Of Living Help

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There is lots of help for pensioners to get through the cost of living crisis.

We have prepared this blog to help you get the help you are entitled to.


Pensioner Cost of Living Support

Pensioners on  Universal Credit, Pension Credit  will receive a payment of £650 this year, paid automatically in two instalments.

The first payment of £326 was made in summer. The second payment of £324 will be made by DWP to eligible customers between 8 and 23 November, and by HMRC between 23 and 30 November (to customers receiving tax credits only and no other eligible DWP benefits).

This is in addition to the £400 discount on energy bills.

Find out more information

Home Improvement Grants

Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment was introduced in 1997 and is an annual tax-free heating allowance of between £100 and £300 made to those over pensionable age who may require assistance with their heating costs during the winter.

The winter fuel allowance is not means-tested, which means you can still qualify if you’re working or claiming benefits.

The payment  is usually credited to your electricity bill by your supplier, or you will receive a voucher to redeem if you’re a pay-as-you-go customer.

This grant is paid between November and December to help keep you and your home warm over the winter months.
This grant is non repayable & you must reapply every year to claim your winter fuel payment.

Cold Weather Payments

The Cold Weather Payment is a winter fuel allowance granted by the government to those who meet the qualifying criteria.
You could be entitled to extra payments of £25 if the weather drops to or below zero degrees celsius in your local area for seven days in a row.
The cold weather payment is added automatically to your benefit payment.

If you’re eligible, you could be due a payment of £25 every time the average temperature in your area hits zero degrees celsius or below, for seven or more consecutive days between 1st November and 31st March.

Age Concern Boiler Grants 2023

Grants For Oil Boilers10

If you are claiming PENSION CREDIT   and your boiler is over 18 years old  or you have a backboiler behind the fire you may be able to claim a Free Boiler Grant From The government.

This is worth over £2400 and includes fitting too!



Copy of Grants For Oil Heated Homes 1


 Free Central Heating  For Over 70s

EE 27

If You Have No Central Heating Fitted You Can Apply For A Fantastic Grant For Free Central Heating !

This is worth over £4000!”


Our Free  Central Heating Grant  Will:

    • Increase Your Home Epc Rating !
    • Reduce Your Heating Bills !
    • Make Your Home 100% Cosier !
    • Apply if you receive pension credit and have no central heating fitted.







Grants For Oil Boilers13

Help With Energy Bills

All pensioners in Britain will get £400 off their energy bills between October 2022 and March 2023 via the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS).

You don’t have to pay this money back through future bills.

In England, Scotland and Wales, the money will be credited to the accounts of customers who pay by direct debit or with cash or a cheque.

For those on prepayment meters the money will be applied to the meter or sent in vouchers.


One-off payments

These are paid automatically and there’ll be no need to apply.

This year (2023-24), you may also be entitled to one or more lump-sum payments. These are:

  • a £300 Pensioner Cost of Living Payment for OAPs  that receive the Winter Fuel Payment. This is a top-up to your Winter Fuel Payment in November/December.
  • a £900 Cost of Living Payment for  OAPs on means-tested benefits, such as Pension Credit and Universal Credit.
  • a £150 Disability Cost of Living Payment for OAPs   receiving disability benefits, such as Attendance Allowance.


Copy of Grants For Oil Heated Homes 1500 × 500px 1500 × 300px 1500 × 400px

Household Support Fund

This is a payment to help  pensioners in need with the rising cost of food, gas and electric, and water bills.

Each local council decide their own eligibility criteria – you’ll be paid automatically too.

Contact your local Council to check if you’re eligible for the Household Support Fund

Energy Grants

To help with the reduction of energy bills OAPs on Pension Credit  can apply for energy efficiency grants to upgrade your heating & insulation.

Grants are usually 100% free and do not have to be paid back.


Council Tax Rebate

If you live in Council Tax bands A to D in England you’ll get £150 back from your Council Tax bill (4 out of 5 households in England).

For most people the rebate is automatic, however if you don’t pay your Council Tax by direct debit then get in touch with your Council.

More information on the Council Tax rebate


Help paying your Water Bill

Many water companies run hardship schemes or fund independent charitable trusts which can help you pay your bills.

Get support paying your Water Bill


Disability Cost of Living Payment

Pensioners on disability benefits will receive a one-off £150 payment in September to help with extra costs, such as for specialist equipment or transport.

This is in addition to the £650 Cost of Living Payment for disabled people who also receive means tested benefits.

Check if you’re eligible for the Disability Cost of Living Payment

 Help with Rent – Housing benefit

Housing Benefit can help you pay your rent if you are state pension age or you’re in supported, sheltered or temporary accommodation

Check if you are eligible for Housing Benefit  –  Use a benefits calculator to find out if you can get benefits to help pay your rent

There’s no set amount of housing costs support and what you get will depend on whether you rent privately or from a council or housing association.


Warm Home Discount

Gov Uk Help For Households 2023

Gov Uk Help For Households 2023


The Warm Home Discount Scheme  is a government grant scheme that will  save you £140 off your energy bills during the cold winter months.

With fuel prices increasing by up to 50% this year, this will be very welcome.

This one-off payment of £140 is just one of a number of schemes that can offer financial help during the colder months.

This blog is to inform who is eligible for this discount and how you apply.


Copy of Grants For Oil Heated Homes 1500 × 500px 1500 × 300px 1500 × 400px

How To Apply For Warm Home Discount

Warm Home Discount Helpline   – Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm.

0800 731 0214


Who Qualifies For  The Warm Home Discount?

Each supplier has their own set of qualifying criteria and a limited number of discounts they will pay out.

  • For those on the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, who receive the Warm Home Discount automatically, as long as this also applied to them on 4 July 2021.
  • Broader Group: Other energy consumers on low income or means-tested benefits can apply too.
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