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 What Is The Best Replacement For Storage Heaters ?


The best replacement Storage Heaters are …………………….FREE ONES !

If you are looking to replace old storage heaters we recommend that before you spend money on  new heaters, see if you are eligible for a free grant from the government.

Grants are still available for free replacement as part of the ECO 3 Scheme.

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Best Replacement For Night Storage Heaters

If you wish to purchase new storage heaters, we always recommend you stick to the tried and trusted brands that are recommended by the Which magazine.

These below have been recommended as best buys and you should consider them.






What Alternatives Are There To Storage Heaters?

If you would like to change from electric storage heaters to an alternate form of heating, you have a number of options:

  • Gas Central Heating
  • Electric Panel Heaters
  • Electric Central heating with radiators
  • Infrared Heating
  • Electric Underfloor Heating

All the above have their pros and cons so please do your research before taking the plunge.


What Are Storage Heaters?



Storage heaters are usually mounted on the wall and resemble radiators. These heaters are called storage because they have the ability to conserve energy and release it when the source of energy is unavailable.

It can heat up the ceramic bricks inside when electricity is abundant and cheap, mostly during nights, store it and release it during the day. It is ideal for people who enjoy Economy 7 and have subsidies on power bills at night.


Features of Storage Heaters



Storage heaters are a very cost effective option, especially for people who do not have mains gas. Some other attractive characteristics include:


  • A boost function for when you might need a little additional warmth.
  • A fan Assist to silently disperse the extra heat generated.
  • Customizable heating schedules enable users to personalize temperature settings as per the time of the day.
  • Modern Storage heaters come with thermostatic controls.
  • Some storage heaters are smart heaters that allow you to control it remotely via the internet.



Operating Principle of Storage Heaters



In a nutshell, heat is created at a different time (typically during the night) than it is utilized and then transmitted to the warmer region. Because it is expected to hold the heat between production and disposal, storage systems must include a suitably substantial material that can amass the heat.


The greater the volume of the material, the more heat it can retain. Storage heating systems should also be designed in such a way that the heat does not escape on its own and that the heat output can be controlled to ensure the system’s efficiency.




Why Use Storage Heaters ?

Free Storage Heaters


  • These are inexpensive to use as compared to normal electric heaters.
  • Modern heaters have timers, thermostats and fans to work more efficiently with less maintenance required.
  • These are noise free heaters. Even with the fan inside, these are very quiet.
  • These are very painless to install and can be installed anywhere the electrical wiring is available.



Tips to Reduce Your Bills With Storage Heaters


Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters
  1. Turn off the output of the heater when you do not need it heating your room, like at night or when not home.
  2. Before switching to boost mode, make sure you have consumed the stored heat first because the boost feature utilizes daylight electricity.
  3. Do not plug-in extra heaters for more warmth. Instead use the storage heater’s input to the maximum first to store as much heat.


Modern Vs. Older Storage Heaters (SH)



Feature Modern SH Older SH
Insulation More layers of insulation with better materials. Insulation vulnerable to rapid deterioration.
Design Slimmer,discreet designs with neutral colors complementing modern interiors. Bulkier designs which look old.
Control Programmable advanced controls, timers, wifi controls. Basic controls with two basic dials.
Thermostat Built in digital thermostats regulated automatically by the heat index of surroundings. Users adjust temperature manually by dials.



Cost Of Storage Heaters



Prices of storage heaters vary between £150 and £700. This wide price range is because of the variety of features offered in each type of heater. The more expensive the heater, the better insulation and heat output it offers.


Installing storage heaters is another cost that incurs. With existing wiring and setup, installation is usually cheaper. But if one requires a whole new setup, it may cost a bit extra. But this all is worth the savings and comfort.


Storage Heater Repairs

Free Storage Heaters
Free Storage Heaters

If your heaters are old , it will not usually be cost effective to repair them.

Average repair costs are £120 and you can replace a heater for another £50 or so. We recommend you replace rather than repair in most cases.







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