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Warm Front Grants

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Government Grants To Replace Storage Heaters 2023



Grants Are available To Replace Old Heaters For  :
Take A Short Survey  & We Will Check Which Grant You Can Apply For.

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Aidan Costello -Landlord 

A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.

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Kiran Patel – Landlord

“Had a boiler installed through WarmFront

Installers were very helpful and cleaned up after themselves. Very pleased.”

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Pauline Robinson

The Engineer who fitted my new gas boiler was thorough, professional, courteous and well-explained how the system worked.  The Company were most helpful, accessible and very courteous. Overall, I receivd a first-rate service,which I woud highly recomend

Applying For A Replacement Storage Heater Grant Is Easy !

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Take A 2 Minute Survey.

If  Eligible  Our Approved Install Partners Will Contact You To Book Your Free Survey



The Short Survey Will Check  Your Existing Heating & Insulation Levels For Upgrades.


 If Eligible You Will Be Booked In For Free Installs Of Heating & Insulation Within 14 days


  Storage Heating Replacement - Look Here First

   If it is time to replace old storage heaters because they are playing up or too expensive to run, you should  read this page first to see if you are eligible for a Free grant .

Storage heater grants are worth thousands of £ to you if eligible.

You will get free insulation included with every grant too.


  Which Benefits Qualify You For Storage Heating Grants?  

       Child Benefit   –     Child & Working Tax Credits –     Employment & Support Allowance-    Housing Benefit

           Income Support  –  Job Seekers Allowance   –  Pension Credit – Guarantee & Savings   –  Universal Credit

Who qualifies for free storage heaters?

To apply for a Free Storage Heaters Grant you need to satisfy ALL 3 of the following criteria:
  • You live in your own home.
  • You receive one of these State Benefits: Guaranteed Pension Credit. Child Tax Credit. Working Tax Credit. Universal Credit. …
  • You must have at least one faulty electric storage heater in your home.
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Can you get a grant to replace storage heaters?


The government wants to move every one onto renewable heating so any grants to replace storage heaters will reflect this.

Rather than exchange storage heaters for free, you may be able to apply for Free Solar Panels, or A Free Air Source Heat Pump, or A Free Central Heating System.

Take a short survey and we will come back to you.

when electricity is cheaper

Electricity is cheaper at night, when demand for power is at its lowest.
This quiet period is called the off-peak hours, which usually falls between 10pm and 8am.Storage heatera are usually programmed to charge up at this time to take advantage of cheap electric.
This is why they are called night storage heaters


Can I get a grant to replace old radiators?


There are no grants available to replace old radiators even if they are leaking. If  you need to replace radiators you will need to fund them yourself.

Screwfix will probably be the cheapest option for you.

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Are There Storage Heater Grants For Pensioners?

Yes Old Age Pensioners can qualify for free storage heaters if they are in receipt of Pension Credit . Gaurantee or Savings Credit both qualify for this grant.

replace storage heaters with central heating?

Yes you can replace storage heaters with central heating provided you have a gas supply to the house.

If no gas you can expect to pay around £1500 for a new supply unfortunately.

Do check our free central heating page too for a grant.

Can Private Tenants / Landlords Apply For Free Storage Heaters


If your home has existing storage heaters you will not be eligible to apply for the Free Storage Heater Grant.

It is possible for you to apply for free central heating ( if you have a gas meter fitted ) or renewable heating such as free solar or air source heat pump.


storage heaters vs electric radiators


storage heaters Pros & Cons

Storage Heaters


  • Uses cheaper night-time electricity tariffs so heating will be cheaper
  • Keeps your home warm throughout the night
  • Low installation costs
  • Require little maintenance
  • No fossil fuels burnt


  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Poor energy-efficiency – heater loses heat as soon as it is stored, warming the house overnight unnecessarily
  • Poor control of heating must be set a day in advance
  • Leaves you cold when temperature drops – if you are unprepared for cold weather, changes to your heating won’t come into effect until the next day
  • Wasted energy when temperature rises – charge stored in expectation of colder weather will be wasted
  •  Storage heaters can run out of charge by early evening
  • Controls can be difficult to understand
  • Can cause stains on walls
  • Under an Economy 7 tariff, any electricity used during the day, including top-up heaters for when your storage heaters run out of charge, will use expensive day time rates

Electric Radiators Pros & Cons

Storage Heaters

  • Pros
    • Lower running costs than conventional electric heaters –
    • Precision temperature control to within 0.5 of a degree – helps maintain a comfortable environment with minimal wasted power
    • Easy DIY installation – simply screws to the wall and plugs in
    • Requires little to no maintenance
    • No fossil fuels burnt
    • Slimline, stylish and unobtrusive – designed to complement all properties
    • 24/7 programming – allows you to fit your heating schedule to your lifestyle
    • 100% recyclable – our Haverland RC Wave radiators are made from high grade recycled aluminium and are themselves 100% recyclable
    • Totally enclosed heating elements prevent blackening and staining of walls


    • Uses standard electricity tariffs which is expensive

storage heater not working

Economy 7  Storage Heaters – Common Faults

If your storage heaters are not working  here is a few things you can try to get them up and running again.
The most common causes of a broken storage heaters are within the scope of a competent diyer and are relatively cheap to replace.

Do check the circuit to find faulty components / switch / circuit breakers or measure resistance to check for failed elements in order to eliminate other possible problems. Usually when a section of a storage heater turns cold, it means that an element has failed. Spare parts that commonly cause a broken storage heater include (in order of occurrence):

  • Faulty Thermostat  – (Thermostats & elements commonly fail in 6-8 years )
  • Broken Heating Elements
  • Terminal block which causes loose connection
  • Blown fuses and overheating causing the thermal cut-out to become activated.   Be sure to check for these before deciding your storage heater might be broken
  • If one side (or the middle of larger storage heaters) is cold, it is possible that one of the elements has blown.
  • This is not something you will be able to check yourself, so do call a local electrician.


Should I Try To Fix?

If you are a competent diyer, you may want to have a go yourself. This involves taking off the front panel (remove the fuse / turn off the power first) and replace the thermostat. Try to do a thermostat manual reset.

  1. Turn off the power supply and remove it.
  2. If you are skilful, go inside and take off the front panel.
  3. At the top of your storage heater, look for three round polo-like items.
  4. The black cap nubbin with a red dot is the thermostat. Push it down to reset it. If you hear a click, it should function on the next charge period. If not, then the thermostat could be faulty and needs to be replaced.
  5. Put back the front panel and turn on the power.
  6. Wait until the next off-peak charge overnight to see if it takes the next charge.
  7. If not, call an engineer for a quote of his services or see if you should buy a new one.

alternative to storage heaters

Gas central heating is also an option too.

Infrared heating panels

High efficiency electric radiators

Electric combi boiler

Air source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps

Alternative to Storage Heaters  Cost To SwitchPotential Cost
Electric radiator£120 – £415+
Air source heat pump£8,000-£12,000
Ground source heat pump£12,000- £19,000
Infrared heating panel£100 – £500+

storage heating repairs

Try the above sites for electric engineers. We recommend that old storage heaters ( over 20 years  old) should be scrapped and new ones fitted.

Do of course see if you are eligible for a grant for free ones. See above


storage heater replacement cost- What Is A Ballpark Figure?

Storage heaters do vary  in price, depending on the size, type and brand you choose. Basic models start from £150 upwards. You will need to pay extra for fitting as they need to be fitted by a qualified electrician. Expect to pay around  £70  per heater if there is existing wiring and only a straight swap is needed.

For prices of electrians we recommend your first point of call should be one of the trusted trader sites


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