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If your storage heaters are not working because they are the old style Electric Storage Heaters that run on a Economy 7 tariff , here is a few things you can try to get them up and running again.

The most common causes of a broken storage heaters are within the scope of a competent diyer and are relatively cheap to replace.


What Are Storage Heaters?










 Storage heaters typically have a long life span as they basically high heat retention bricks that are charged up with heat every night with the heat being released throughout the day very slowly.

If the heating element fails, the bricks will no longer heat up.

A Heating element is easy to replace.


When should you replace your storage heater?








We recommend that storage heaters over 20 years old that are faulty should be replaced without attempting to repair.

This is because old heaters will be very inefficient to run with the repair not economical or cost effective.


New Economy 7 heaters , storage heaters will be up to 30% more efficient and will pay for themselves in the long run.

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Storage Heaters – Common Faults



Do check the circuit to find faulty components / switch / circuit breakers or measure resistance to check for failed elements in order to eliminate other possible problems.

Usually when a section of a storage heater turns cold, it means that an element has failed.

Spare parts that commonly cause a broken storage heater include (in order of occurrence):

  • Faulty Thermostat  – (Thermostats & elements commonly fail in 6-8 years )
  • Broken Heating Elements
  • Terminal block which causes loose connection


Should I Try To Fix?


If you are a competent diyer, you may want to have a go yourself.

This involves taking off the front panel (remove the fuse / turn off the power first) and replace the thermostat.

How to check the thermostat of storage heater

 Try to do a thermostat manual reset.

  1. Turn off the power supply and remove it.
  2. If you are skilful, go inside and take off the front panel.
  3. At the top of your storage heater, look for three round polo-like items.
  4. The black cap nubbin with a red dot is the thermostat. Push it down to reset it. If you hear a click, it should function on the next charge period. If not, then the thermostat could be faulty and needs to be replaced.
  5. Put back the front panel and turn on the power. Wait until the next off-peak charge overnight to see if it takes the next charge. If not, call an engineer for a quote of his services or see if you should buy a new one.





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