Warm Air Heating Replacement? – HOW TO REPLACE FOR FREE!

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Warm Air Heating Systems Replacement Cost?



1970s Warm Air Heating System Replacement & Removal Cost ?

  • If you want to upgrade your 1970s warm air system on a like for like basis  you can expect to pay around £3,000 on average for a more modern warm air boiler.
  • If you are looking for a brand new installation,  expect to pay anything up to £5,500
  • If you wish to rip out an old warm air system completely ( including ducting etc ) and fit gas central heating, expect to pay up to £6000
  • If You Want, You Can See If You Are Eligible For The Free Grant Below.

What Are Warm Air Heating Grants ?

Warm Air Heating Grants are one of many measures available from the current Government Heating Grants Scheme known as Eco 4.

This 100% Free Heating Scheme focuses on upgrading old heating systems for people on low income & means tested benefits.

Your Home EPC Will Need To Be E – F – G To Qualify For Any Free Heating Measures On This Website.

You Can Check & Download Your Home EPC For Free Here

Your Questions Answered & A full list of FREE HEATING GRANTS   available on our Free Heating Scheme FAQs  page here.

Who Is Eligible For A Warm Air Heating System Upgrade?

  You Must Tick All  4 Boxes To Qualify  

✅ Your  Home EPC  Is  E – F – G

✅ You Are A Home Owner / Private Tenant

✅ You Are In Receipt Of  A Qualifying Benefit (Or Someone Who Lives With You  Is Claiming A Benefit )

You Have A Old Warm Air Heating System 


How Does The Grant Work?

Epc Certificate 4

You Apply By Taking A  Survey On This Page.   We Check Your Application

Epc Certificate 5

If Eligible, Your Home Is Surveyed And Install Date Given

Epc Certificate 6

 Your 100% FREE Heating & Insulation Is Fitted Within 21 Days

1960s Warm Air Heating Upgrade - What Is Included?

Warm Air System Removal

Warm Air Heating system

Your Old Warm Air System Completely Removed Together With All Ducting

New Controls

Free Boilers R Us

An Updated Programmer  & State Of The Art Wi Fi Controller Which Will Maximise Your Energy Savings.

Brand New Central Heating System

Non Condensing Boiler Grants

A Ideal Or Worcester Combi Boiler Fitted By Our Expert Government Approved Installers.

Free Loft & Wall Insulation

Free Insulation

Both Your Loft & Walls Will Be Insulated For Free As Part Of The Grant

New Radiators & Valves

Free Boilers R Us

Brand New Radiators With State Of The Art Thermostatic Radiator Valves That Turn Off Radiators When They Achieve The Desired Temperature.

2Yr Warranty

Free Boilers Scheme

You Will Receive a Full 2 Years Parts & Labour Warranty With Every Boiler Install.

All Insulation Is Guaranteed For 25 Years

What Do Other People Think Of Us?

6 reviews on
Rochelle Poulter
Rochelle Poulter
This company was extremely easy to deal with. The staff I had dealings with were very helpful, especially Carlo. When there was a slight hiccup with the first installation company assigned to us, Carlo got on the case immediately and reassigned another company. The company they used were extremely professional. Overall I am very pleased with the whole process.
Dawn Mackay
Dawn Mackay
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish,Carlo was amazing arranged everything,The workman who fitted my moms boiler were so professional,kind and helpful,Liverpool lads just fantastic work ethics, just can't recommend this company enough 5 out 5 stars thank you Carlo warm front
Adam Petley
Adam Petley
Another heating company in let me down and said they could not proceed with my heating conversion at the kast minute due to the fact i had a coal fired back boiler. I spoke to a few firms nobody would do it.i phoned Warm Front and spoke to Carlo, we can do that mate! 1 month later i have a new combi boiler , hot water on demand and a warm house for the first time in 13 years. I am over the moon and can't thank Carlo and his lads enough. They are true professionals who know exactly what theyre doing , very tidy and will be done before you know it. Incredible service and lovely people .Thank you so much Carlo and team. I will never forget what you have done .
Aidan C
Aidan C
A very helpful service to access grant aided heating improvements. Followed up progress until new heating installed. thanks.
Keri Jones
Keri Jones
Great service from Carlo who was there from start to finish helping my mother save at least £4000 on a full central heating system Carlo helped us get a very good company that was brilliant and installed the system within the week of coming to survey the job and only taking one day to install Would definitely recommend this service as when I was phoning up companies myself they either wasn’t turning up or telling us we wasn’t eligible or turning up and then hearing nothing from them again Once again 5 stars for this company

Old Warm Air Heating System Upgrade - APPLY HERE

If you are interested in a FREE GRANT , please take a short survey below to apply.

All Eligible Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours.

Replace Warm Air Heating - Apply Here

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Old Warm Air Heating System Removal For Free - Is There A Catch?

There Is No Catch!   If you are claiming a benefit and found to be eligible for this grant we will :

  • arrange to have all your warm air heating system completely removed.
  • Install you a new A rated  gas boiler with radiators installed.
  • Provide you with a Full 2 yr warranty.
    • Install Any Insulation That Is Need
    • Provide You A Free Ventilation Package

Qualifying Benefits For The Grant

  •   Child Benefit  ( Income Thresholds Apply)
  •  Child & Working Tax Credits 
  •  Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support 
  •  Job Seekers Allowance  
  •  Pension Credit 
  •  Universal Credit

Is The Grant For A Full Central Heating System?

Yes -If you are eligible you will get a brand new full Central Heating system installed for free.

Your old hot air heating will be completely removed including ducting etc and you will be brought up to date with a gas fired wet central heating system.

replacing warm air heating system with radiators - Is It A Good Idea?

Absolutely.   You will save money on your energy bills and your home will be a lot more comfortable in the winter.
You will also make your home a lot more easier to sell with with an updated gas central heating system.
An old warm air heating system will not be  valued by house buyers and estate agents always recommend  you upgrade warm air heating prior to putting the house on the market.

1970s Warm Air Heating - Why Should You Upgrade ?

✅   1960s / 1970s old Warm Air Heating Systems Are Very Outdated Now and Will Make Your Home More Difficult To Sell.

✅   They Are very Inefficient Now And Will Be very Expensive To Run.

✅  There Are Currently Grants Available.

I Want To replace warm air heating - Can You Get A grant ?

You cannot get a grant from the government to upgrade your warm air system on a like for like basis.
The only option for you is to upgrade to FREE CENTRAL HEATING.
This assumes that you have a gas warm air system.
If you have electric warm air heating, you will not be eligible  unless your gas meter was fitted BEFORE  April 2022

What Is Included With The Warm Air Heating Systems Replacement Grant ?

✅ A rated central heating boiler ✅  all  associated pipework ✅ central heating radiators ✅ room thermostat & programmer

This grant is worth £4000 !

Hot Air Heating -USEFUL LINKS

Full central heating system cost?

 A new central heating system cost in the UK generally falls between £3,500 and £7,000.
This can vary depending on a number of factors. This price will get you a full central heating system that includes a boiler, radiators, heating controls and pipework.

Cost of electric warm air heating system replacement

Another option for upgrading your warm air heating system is electric storage heaters. These are a suitable option for homes that aren’t connected to the gas grid.

You can expect to pay on average £4,370 to install a full electric heating system from scratch.

Of course, the cost as always depends on the size of your home. But remember that running costs with electric systems do tend to be higher than gas-powered heating systems.


How Many Warm Air Heating Systems Have been Upgraded With This Grant?

Warm air heating system grants have been proved to be very popular with the general public since they were introduced into ECO in March 2022.  Over 5000 old  warm air units have now been upgraded to Free Gas Central heating.

Warm Air Heating System Grant Value

Together with all the measures listed above, the value of the grant could be in excess of £20K especially if you are lucky enough to be eligible for a Free Heat Pump.

Why Are There Warm Air Heating Grants?

Warm air heating system grants are part of ECO4, which is a nationwide government energy efficiency scheme that provides funding to help low-income households make energy-saving home improvements to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

All grants available will help the UK to go carbon neutral by 2050,    More ECO 4 Grants Are Here.

 Please take a look as you could be eligible for other heating grants too.


Types Of Warm Air Heating Systems

There are several different types of warm air heating systems in the UK

Gas-Fired Warm Air Heating Systems 

Gas-fired warm air heating systems are among the most common types of warm air heating systems in the UK.

These systems use natural mains gas or propane as fuel to heat the air. Warmed air is then distributed throughout the building using ducts and vents.

Oil-fired warm air heating systems

Oil-fired systems are less common than gas-fired systems and are found only in off gas areas.

       Oil-fired systems burn heating oil to heat the air.

Warmed air is then distributed throughout the building using ducts and vents.

Electric warm air heating systems

Electric systems are the most expensive of all heat types and are more common in off gas area due to this.

These systems use electric heating elements to heat the air, which is then distributed throughout the building using ducts and vents.

 Heat pump warm air heating systems

Heat pump systems work on renewable energy and are the most energy-efficient of all the warm air heating options.

Heat pump systems work by extracting heat from the outside air and using it to warm the air inside the building via large radiators. ducts and vents.

Hybrid warm air heating systems

Hybrid systems combine a heat pump with a gas or oil boiler, allowing the system to switch between the two depending on the outside temperature and the heating needs of the building.


Warm Air Heating Free Upgrade - APPLY HERE

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Government Heating Grants Index For 2024

Take A 2 Minute Survey To Apply For Your Heating Grant. If You Qualify We Will Contact You Within 48 Hours.

If You Have an Old Boiler Or Back Boiler , You Can Get It Replaced For 100% Free. Click The Link For Details Of This Fantastic Boiler Scheme.

  1. Free Central Heating Grants 
  2. Free Back Boiler Grants
  3. Free Heat Pumps
  4. Free Solar Panels

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