Warm Front Grants- Payment Issues

Warm Front Grants- Payment Issues

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non payment

Payment issues.

 This is very common in the Eco Home Improvement Grant industry unfortunately.

Indeed, many sales people including installers too  have left the industry never to return!

Who can blame them too?

There are many self-employed door to door sales people like myself  that have signed up people for Government Grants For Heating & and Home Insulation and have not been paid for their efforts.

Lots of hard work and effort put in for no reward. Not many left now in the industry.
I have had this  happen to me a few times over the last five years and I have had to take 4 people to court to get my money.

This has been quite a stressful time in my career with it being particularly hard when I first started.

Not all People Keep their word.

Being very green and trusting, I learned the hard way that not all people do actually deliver what their mouth has promised. This is especially true for Eco and loads of people have been burned over the years for one reason or other.

Voluntary Work.

Eco is very well known for people doing voluntary work even though the people doing the actual work do not realise it at the time.!
Some installers have fitted insulation measures and boilers  and upon submitting work for payment have had their carbon rejected after an audit for noncompliance reasons.
 I personally know of one who lost over £400000 for noncompliance issues and has now left the industry. Another local insulation contractor I have supplied in the past also lost out on thousands for the same reason.
This must have been soul destroying for both and I am sure there are many more horror stories out there to be told.

Lead Generators.

As well as not being paid by funders, I know a few lead generators that have struggled to get paid over the years. Many have given up the chase too and also left Eco.
It does make you wonder why there is still an Eco industry with all this uncertainty!

Non Payment Experiences.

When I first started in Eco in Dec 2012, I was working for a Birmingham  based insulation installer called National Energy Services. This was when Cert funding was ending.

I do remember the director of the company telling me ( at the interview ) that he personally had lost 90K last year in non payment. ( I should have heeded this red flag and fled the industry!)

Anyway , to cut a long stort short I signed up about 20 homes for free Loft Insulation and sent them in before the Xmas shutdown. I was supposed to be paid £30 per lead.

I left it until the New Year and then tried to contact both directors for payment. Unfortunately , the 2 mobile phones and their office phone ( based in Broad St Birmingham) were now not being answered!

I did persevere but to no avail and eventually found out that the business had folded and no payment would be forthcoming.
I did not lose much and most jobs did not get fitted.

The moral is………….be careful who you choose to do business with.

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Grant Industry and payment issues.

 This is very common in the grant industry unfortunately and there are many self employed door to door sales people like myself who have signed up people for Boiler Grants and Home Insulation and have not been paid for their efforts.
This has happenned to me over the last five years and I have had to take 4 people to court to get my money.
I will be posting my experiences on going to court and recovering my money on these  pages.  I hope my experience will help others.

 Self Employed? Not been Paid?

warm front grants
warm front grants

So…. you are self employed, and have submitted / provided honest work as per your side of the bargain but are still waiting for the agreed payment.  And waiting and waiting but still no sign.
You are not alone and if you are self employed  then you need to be aware of this (not very rare) phenonemon and know how to deal with it. This is universal whatever the industry.

 Very Common  In the Working World!

The pattern is quite familiar………. you do the work and then submit your invoice and wait for payment. When you realise (normally after 2-3 weeks) that the money is still outstanding you contact the company by person or email.

This produces either:
1) PROMPT PAYMENT   – (genuine oversight or cashflow problems)
2 ) LIP SERVICE      –  ( promises to pay soon but not very genuine and serves only to fobb you off or to buy time). 3) UNABLE TO CONTACT –  (Will not take or return  your calls , ignores voice mails and emails etc ).
If you decide that you are on the receiving end of points 2 +3 then it is time to take action.


The  most important parts of this process are :
           PERSEVERANCE and  PATIENCE (this will pay off)

1) Write a letter to the debtor outlining politely your case detailing the terms of your agreement and how much money is owing. Give them 14 days to pay.

2) End your letter by stating that if the money is not paid by day 14, then on day 15 you will seek to recover the monies by court action.   Remind  them that you will be seeking extra costs of which they will be liable.

3) Send the letter by recorded delivery of which they will have to sign for it ( this will make them take note that you mean business).
This action should produce the desired effect of payment BUT if not you need to take it to the next level which is going legal.GRANTS AVAILABLE IN ECO HERE

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