Warm Front Grants – Diary Mar 2021

Warm Front Grants

Another episode in the life of a low Income Grants Specialist.

Quiet On The Eco Front

Another month gone by in Eco during the lockdown and I have to report it is very quiet at the moment with lead volume down around 50% for me.

It seems that people are still searching for eco grants for are holding back from applying i.e filling in website application forms until after the lockdown is lifted.

I have also noticed that advertisers have also upped their ad spend and are paying more per click for Google to send traffic their way.

 Lots of people chasing what little business is there.

Google is not complaining any way J


I have been looking round at new accountants the past couple of weeks as it is the end of the tax year.

Looking at their services and charges, I have come to the conclusion that with regard to paying your taxes, you can either choose to pay the tax man or the accountant.

Little difference really.:)

Non Payer

I had the pleasure of another non payer last year who chose to ignore payment requests from myself and my chosen debt recovery agents for the last 8 months until……………..he received the Court Action Paperwork a couple of weeks ago. J

Once he realised how serious I was about getting paid for work supplied, it sent him scurrying into the outstretched arms of a local solicitor who I believe will be assisting him to defend the case.

They certainly won’t come cheap and charges likely to be up to £2000 whatever the outcome.

Solicitors will defend the in defendable as long as they are getting paid apparently.

Should have paid up and kept his reputation intact.

We shall see anyway.

Linked In Adverts for Eco

Where have all the ads gone for Eco?

Installers and lead gens used to be advertising all the time for work but not seeing much these days.

I used to see on a daily basis people looking for Room in the Roof or boilers leads etc but very quiet now.

Bring on Eco 4

Smart Meters – They Save you money ?

I’ve taken the decision to unplug my smart meter that I recently had fitted as I am not too happy with the running costs and increase in my electric consumption.

Demand For New Grants?

 I would like to put forward my ideas for new grants for Eco 4 as there is a demand.

  1. Window Grants
  2. Washing Machine Grants
  3. Rewiring Grants
  4. Replacement Door & Window Grants
  5. Roof Grants

I had an enquiry by one client who wanted to know if there was any grants available for new roofs as his was leaking.

I am going to lobby BEIS as this does need looking at urgently.

Lead Gen Rates 2021

Talking to people in the industry here is a guide to what rates are available at the moment.

Rates are average depending on the generosity of your installer. J

Gas Lofts – 3 – 4p

Strong demand for gas lofts from Joe Public but the commissions just about cover the lead generation cost with an average property being worth from £60 -£130

 Electric Lofts 5- 8p

Needle in a haystack but very profitable when they are found.

 I used to supply someone with electric lofts for £200 until I got wise to him taking advantage.

First Time Central Heating – 4p

 Seems to be average. Commissions from £300 –up to £900

 Standalone Boilers 

Around £250 – Very few installers with standalone funding and those who have, are only taking the detached properties.

 Dual Boiler & Insulation

From 3p – Commissions ranging from £300- £600

 Room Heaters / Storage Heaters

  2 -3p     –    £150 – £300 is average

 RIR & IWI    

4p seems to be average on electric only. (Gas properties are worth about £8.90)

Client Of The Month

 Free Storage Heaters Application

Had a gentleman apply for free storage heaters and I proceeded to go through qualifying questions with him.

It turned out that he had recently had a grant boiler fitted but wanted free storage heaters too to go into a couple of rooms that had small radiators fitted to ensure the rooms were adequately heated. More wants more.

Thanks For Viewing .

Carlo Lega Eco Lead Generator 8 Yrs Experience

Eco Leads At No Upfront Cost

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