Warm Front Grants – Journal Feb 2021

Warm Front Grants – Journal Feb 2021

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Warm Front Grants – Feb 2021

Another episode in the life of A Low Income Grants Specialist whose role in life is to find clients who qualify for Free Government Grants.

Free Boiler – Too Good to Be True?

This was a Park Home lead who I signed up a few weeks ago for a completely free boiler. She passed Data Match and was booked in for a survey.
The installer got a call from the lady’s son cancelling the application after a few days as he did not believe it was free and that there was a catch somewhere.
No amount of placation from the installer helped and I even attempted to talk him round to no avail.
I have found that the elderly people and their families are VERY sceptical of grants and quite a few have been cancelled over the years. Especially true for Park Homes for some reason.
Not easy giving away things for free!

Customer of the Week

This was a very rude landlord who after having both surveys for a home improvement grant at her property for new storage heaters decided to put down the phone when the office phoned her for a small contribution.

I am still seething !
I always ” force ” the landlord to attend the property for surveys etc and I usually only supply the installer with landlord contact details.
In this case the installer chose to deal with the tenant only to everyones cost.
Big mistake and I hope they learn from this!

I have found that the landlord is too quick to cancel if he / she has not had to exert any effort or make any commitment to the application.

If they had attended the property and invested some time in this process, they would have been less likely to cancel.
Back to my “landlord only” in future.

Learn from Mistakes.

I am recommending to the installer that they adopt my ” Landlord Only ” policy and also introduce a £25 deposit scheme for high risk clients.
This small fee will act as a ” Nailer” and in effect nail their feet to the application so ensuring high conversion rates.
We have all lost out and the installer ( who has made 2 trips from Blackpool ) will not be very happy and be licking their wounds over the weekend.
I have spoken to the tenant and explained the situation and that I am going to ask the installer to bill her approx £200 for the surveys.
I do hope they do as this is not acceptable.

Do They Know It Is Xmas?

Had an enquiry for a boiler come through my website on Xmas Day and 2 on Boxing Day!

Bless them.

HMO or Flat ?

Had another enquiry for a boiler come in from a landlord.
The property type was stated that it was a flat with a system boiler and I duly processed it and sent to the installer.
Upon survey they found the property was not a flat at all but a room in a HMO ( House of Multiple Occupation) and so not qualifying for grant funding.
One to watch out for and I will not be accepting any more HMOs for any measure in the future.
Even storage heaters have minimal conversion rates in these properties and are very HIGH RISK and not worth putting pen to paper.
Sorry landlords and dont take it personally but if you want a grant, please phone someone else!

Lack Of Interest Once Grant has been obtained?

I was accused of the above this week by a client who had had grant storage heaters fitted a couple of months ago and were still not right.
I had notified the installer who did promise to look into this but was still ongoing.
As someone who actually cares about his clients and reputation, I have recontacted the installer who I am sure will resolve this promptly.

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