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Free Low Income Grants – Council Tax Band A & B Properties

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Having been working in the Eco industry for the last 8 years as a lead generator for Heating & insulation measures, I feel compelled to write regarding the current set up regarding ECO funding for Low Income Families.

Myself and much of the industry are very unhappy that loads of Eco Funding is going to people living in massive houses whilst people in genuine fuel poverty cannot access much needed heating & insulation measures because they live in a low carbon property such as flats and mid terraced etc.

I have written to the Secretary Of State At BEIS regarding this and will be publishing the reply if indeed one is forthcoming.

Grant Measures Available

Currently available to people on low income benefits are grants for :

Free First Time Central Heating –

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Free Home Insulation

Free Storage Heaters.

Small Properties

Low Income Grant Funding for small properties are set very low unfortunately and so making the property unviable to have heating & insulation installed.

On the other hand, mansions funding are very profitable and is where all installers are choosing to prioritise their efforts. Many large houses can claim up to £10000 worth of funding which is very unfair.

A mid terrace or flat is only worth  £700 in funding and therefore are deemed not eligible. These properties are regularly sidestepped by installers as they are not economically

This scheme does need looking at to make it fair for everyone.

Council Tax Band A & B Need Priority

Band A & B properties are where the fuel poverty is and funding should be targeted here if you are genuine about helping the fuel poor.
I feel the government should ban any property from funding that is above Council Tax Band C as these people can afford to fund their own improvements.

The government need to look into this in order to enable many people to access funding fairly.

Perhaps a flat rate of Eco funding for each property type ( regardless of carbon savings or size ) would fix this and all of a sudden flats / other small properties would soon become very popular. Eco being based on greed is not very ethical.

Lets hope a much needed change is forthcoming

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