Warm Front Grants For Boilers -Are Magnetic Filters Worth Fitting ?

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Should  You Fit a Filter On Your Boiler?

The purpose of filters such as MagnaCleans is to rid your central heating system of iron oxide sludge (rust) that has built up over the years in the inside of pipes and radiators of your heating system.
You should not fit a new boiler without fitting one of these magnet type of filters as any sludge still in the system will circulate around your boiler causing poor performance and damage to inner parts.

Why Do I Need a Magnetic Filter?

Magnetic filters, or boiler filters, are fitted to your boiler’s pipework, extracting any debris from the water flowing through the pipes so that there isn’t a build-up which can restrict the flow of water.

Fitting a magnetic filter to your boiler could bring many benefits to your home:

  • More efficient heating system so reduced costs
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Greatly reduced risk of needing expensive repairs
  • Longer boiler lifetime
  • Increased length of boiler warranty

Always Flush Your System when fitting a New Boiler 

A pre requisite is of course to have your existing heating system chemically or mechanically flushed. Failure to do so WILL invalidate your boiler warranty with many companies.

Indeed, many manufacturers do test the system water for sludge prior to undertaking warranty repairs. 
If a dirty system is found to be the cause of the problem, you may get charged extra or  suffer the refusal of service.

The MagnaClean (filter) does help the system stay clean and will extend the life of your boiler.

What Causes Sludge to Build Up?

As water passes through the metal pipes of your boiler, rust can form. Combine this rust with other dirt and debris, it eventually builds into a mud-like substance, otherwise known as ‘sludge’. If this sludge isn’t removed it can have a real impact on the day-to-day use of your heating system:

  • Excessive noise from the boiler and/or radiators.
  • Radiators struggling to heat up properly
  • Cloudy / Milky water from the taps
  • Boiler regularly shutting down.

Cost Of A Filter

At the time of writing  ( Feb 2021 ) you can purchase cleaners for £60-£100 and perhaps pay around £40 for professional fitting. These should be fitted to the return of your pipework.

Please remember to clean out regularly, at least once a year.

A small price to pay to protect your £2000 boiler.

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