Warm Front Grants For Low Income Families 2022

Warm Front Grants For Low Income Families 2022



Many families are struggling on the breadline at the moment.

There Is Financial  support for Low Income Families from the Government and small charities for individuals on a low income and with the  high cost of living and energy bills rising soon, there has never been a better time for you to see what free grants and help is about for you to claim.

Be aware that millions of pounds’ worth of these grants, loans and tax credits go unclaimed every year.

Hundreds of small charities give grants to help with  household essentials, clothes and medical help so  if  you are struggling financially this blog is for you.

We have put this blog together to inform you of what help is out there as you may be eligible for lots of help with costs or even to  increase your income.


What Are Warm Front Grants ?



A grant is money, or a voucher, that contributes towards the cost of you buying something.

Usually grants are 100% free but not always.

Sometimes you have to make a small contribution towards the cost of the item. I.e Boiler grants are no longer fully funded and you need to pay up to 50% of the cost to get one

The idea of giving grants is to encourage people  to do or buy something they wouldn’t normally consider unless it was free or massively discounted.

A lot of companies use grants to discount products to encourage sales.

  • Charities,
  • Government
  • companies often have funds which are available to help, especially if you’ve got children.



Table Of Contents  –  Free Grants Available





1- Energy Efficiency Grants

2- Grants For Low Income Families

3- Help with Fuel Bills

4- Cold Weather Payment

5- Winter Fuel Allowance

6- Warm Home Discount

7- Home Improvement Grants

8- Turn2us Charity

9 -White Goods Charities

10- Grants for Disabled

11- Disabled Facillities Grants

12- Holidays for Disabled People

13 – Mobility Grants

14- Phone and Broadband

15 – Benefits Checker





1 – Energy Efficiency Grants


This is probably the most important scheme currently available to homes.

There is up to £10k worth of grants available to homes to improve their heating and insulation for free.

Simple Energy Advice on 0800 444 202 (for England and Wales),

Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 (for Scotland)


See Our Full Index Of Warm Front Grants






2 – Support  For Low Income Families


The following grants are for families on means tested benefits.


 Sure Start Maternity Grant

First child? – You could get  £500 to help buy clothes and equipment for a new-born baby

TO QUALIFY  –  You must apply between 11 weeks before and six months after the birth.


Healthy Start

This is a scheme to provide vouchers of £4.25 per week during pregnancy and £8.50 per week in the first year, towards milk, fruit and vegetables and infant formula milk.

You can also get vitamin coupons.

TO QUALIFY  – you must be pregnant or have a child under four years old.



Assistance to help families with schooling costs are :





Help with childcare

There is help for working parents in the form of free classes (for three and four years olds or all ages during the school holidays).

You could get up to  £2,000+ per child per year for childcare costs to enable you to continue working.


Families with disabled children – Family Fund

If you have a disabled child (17 or under) who lives at home  the Family Fund has lots of grants to help make life easier.

These include washing machines, computers and holidays.


3 – Help with Fuel Bills



£350  to help with rising energy prices

Households in England, Wales and Scotland are to get up to £350 of financial support to help combat rocketing energy prices for  2022.


Every home will receive :

A £200 rebate loan in October to all households.

You’ll get an automatic £200 discount on your bills.

This is a loan and from April 2023 you’ll have a £40/year levy added to your bills to repay it.


A £150 council tax rebate in April

This is only for homes bands A to D.



4 – Winter Fuel Allowance


5- Warm Home Discount

Home Improvement Grants 2022
Home Improvement Grants 2022

how do i qualify for warm home discount

6 – Cold Weather Payment



7- Home Improvement Grants

Home Improvement Grants
Home Improvement Grants

If you’re elderly, disabled or on a low income your local Home Improvement Agency (HIA) may help you to repair, improve, maintain or adapt your home.

There are about 200 not-for-profit, locally-based HIAs around the country that can help in varying ways.

Assistance can include putting together flat-pack furniture or looking after your garden.


Search for your nearest on


8- Turn2us  CHARITY


Free Central Heating
Free Central Heating


Turn2Us’ grants checker can help you find local charities and grants.

Register with this Charity-run website for free email updates on any grants available.

You can Use Their free account to send online enquiries and applications to charities through the site.

All grants will  depend on individual circumstances such as illnesses,  nationality, occupation, age or income.

Grants can include  regular cash amounts to help cover bills and household expenses AND

Furniture,   Decorating,    Clothing




White goods –  large household items such as cookers and fridges.

The Reuse Network can locate your nearest charity or furniture project that offers second-hand white goods.

Freecycle and Freegle – free white goods – you’ll often need to collect them yourself.



10 – Grants for Disabled




11- Disabled Facillities Grants



Holidays for disabled people

Small charity 3H Fund has a grant scheme to help disabled people (physically or mentally disabled), on a low income,  to take a short break in the UK.

Families and carers are also able to go.


Mobility Grants


If you are disabled and need a car to get around, the Mobility Scheme from Motability may be able to give financial help for driving lessons or to replace or adapt your car.


Phone and broadband


If you’re in receipt of an income based benefit you can get BT’s special basic tariff for around £5/month.

If you need broadband as well you can get its Basic+Broadband package which costs £9.95/month including basic line rental .




While this one isn’t a grant, it’s still well worth checking.

Martin Lewis has a tool on his website here for a free check-  Learn more HERE




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