Warm Front Grants – Diary Feb 2021

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warm front grants
warm front grants

Another episode in the life of a lead generator in the Government Funded Low Income Grant Scheme For people to upgrade their heating & insulation for free/ very cheaply

What has happened this month?

Joke Application ?

I had to query a grant application the other day from a certain “Richard Head”. I sent it in to the installer with a note of caution as it did look very dubious to say the least.

The email address was the “head family @ so and so “too which raised my eyebrows even further.

It turned out that it was a genuine application and although was contacted, it did not go to survey in the end.

Perhaps it was an omen from up above ! lol

 FTCH – Meter Delays

On the subject of meter delays on my last blog ( Both Economy 7 And Gas ) I have been advised that the best way to deal with it is to lodge a complaint with the energy company obundsman.

Apparently energy suppliers are targeted with closing these complaints down within 48 hours of receipt and action them immediately .

It is quite effective and many customers have had their meter fitted within 3 or 4 days of complaining.

Thanks To Jody Johnson for this tip.

Green Homes Grant Vouchers Ltd

There is one member on Linked in that has tenaciously signed up as Green Homes Grant Vouchers Ltd, I suspect to get the edge on the competition.

 Very clever but I don’t think this gimmick will bring much bacon home this time.

The way the Green Homes Grant is going. I do predict a name change in the very near future.

Nice try though.

Eye Of A Needle

Going back to my schooldays ………… It is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than to get spreadsheets updated in ECO.

Enough said.

Green Homes Grant update

Oh dear .

1.5 Billion has now been cut from the budget which means that thousands of applications and expensive surveys carried out by installers will fall by the wayside L

Martin Lewis who predicted it would be a massive flop ( and many lead generators too ) has posted his update here. See below link


£3500 Grant

I HAD 1 CALLER phone me to enquire how he could claim the £3500 cash grant advertised on my website.

Somewhat perplexed I looked at the page he was referring to and indeed it stated RRP £3500 for a new central heating installation.

He explained he had heating fitted but wanted the £3500 as he was on a qualifying benefit as stated on the website.

He was very disappointed to learn that he would not get the cash.

I don’t make these up.

Bed Blockers

I have instigated a new policy for people who apply for grants on my website and then ignore all attempts to contact them by phone, email or text .

These so called Bed blockers are now removed from spreadsheets after 7 days .

They must be bored and fill in website forms as a hobby or prefer it to doing crosswords.

Client Of The Month

One applicant for storage heaters tried to pull the wool over our installers eyes recently and resulted in a wasted survey.

Apparently the applicant stated that the existing heaters had not been installed on the grant scheme and only had 1 heater as the others had been removed due to being faulty.

There was no EPC so a surveyor was dispatched to survey.

Upon arrival he found that some heaters had indeed been removed ( brand new electric points ) and 1 Elnur heater with branding removed.

The client obviously had removed the heaters in the hope of obtaining more free heaters on the grant.

Nice try.

Grants For 2021

If you are interested in any of the Free Government grants currently available :

First Time Central Heating

Boiler Grant Scheme

Storage Heater Scheme

Free Home Insulation

Please visit our home page here

 Thanks For Viewing.

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