Warm Front Guide To Boiler Servicing

Warm Front Guide To Boiler Servicing

We recommend that you service your boiler every year.

Unfortunately, this hard working appliance is often neglected when it comes to maintenance and regular servicing. Indeed, in a lot of cases, it will only receive some TLC when it stops working!
Also, a lot of people are quite resistant to paying the £50-£60 average cost for servicing every year.  They do feel that they are only getting a quick hoover of the boiler for their money. This money is well spent and we will tell you why.

5 Top reasons to ensure that your boiler is regularly serviced

First and most Important

1)    Keep your family safe – Carbon Monoxide
The engineer will test your boiler for leaking products of combustion i.e poisonous carbon monoxide gas which has killed people in the past.  This gas is invisible and odourless and is a silent killer as people will not be aware that it is present in the house until it is too late. When an engineer services your boiler, they will check the room for spillage using a special meter.

    2)   Avoid Winter Breakdowns!

Boilers  are very prone to breaking down in the winter when you do not need it! This is usually down to them being forced back into life after an easy summers holiday ! Having to suddenly work overtime does result in faults unfortunately which will affect the normal operation. A service will avoid this and ensure a Warm home throughout the winter.

3)   Reduce Your Energy Bills.

A build-up of grime and waste products inside the boiler will affect its efficiency, resulting in higher gas usage and of course higher bills for you! This could cost you up to 10% in extra gas needed to run the boiler over the year. A boiler service will remove any lingering material , ensuring the boiler can burn as efficiently as possible.

4) Save money on future repairs

Any boiler fault  spotted  quickly and rectified  will save you money by preventing more costly repairs being needed in the future. Prevention is always better than cure!

5 ) Comply with the  law

If you are the landlord of a rented property, you are required by law to have an annual gas safety check on all gas appliances present. A Landlords  Gas Safety Certificate has to be renewed every year to ensure all gas appliances ( boilers, cookers, and gas fires ).in the property are safe to use.   A regular boiler service will ensure your boiler will pass this inspection every year.


We hope this guide will inform you of the benefits of regular boiler servicing and of course all your other  gas appliances too.
Look after your appliances and they will look after you and please ……………

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