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Back Boiler Replacement – FREE Combi Conversion

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Back Boiler Replacement- FREE Combi Conversion


Back Boiler Replacement

Back Boiler Replacement

Did you know there are 100% grants for back boiler replacement ?

This blog is to  inform you of this little known scheme to replace backboilers with a brand new combi boiler for 100% FREE

See Our Free Back Boiler Page Here


Back Boiler Replacement or Replace With Combi?

We recommend you  upgrade to a brand new combi while grants are available.

Backboilers are not the cheapest to run and switching to a combi will save you a large chunk of cash in running costs.

You could save around £200 per year by switching to a combi.


Back Boiler Removal Cost -Average Price

The cost of a full removal for an old back boiler from behind the fire will usually vary from home to home due to the nature of work involved.

There are 2 likely options for you


For Homes that  already have a full central heating installed and just want the old back boiler removed from behind the fireplace.

This price will usually  include:

  • Decommissioning of  back boiler and the attached pipework
  • removal of the old back boiler
  • full disposal
  •  capping off of the old pipework.

Making good and any redecoration work will be at extra cost




This is for replacing an old back boiler with a combi boiler.

The new boiler will be put on an outside wall usually in the kitchen or bathroom and new pipe work installed including a gas supply and distribution of hot and cold supplies.

This is a large job and can take around 2 days to complete.



Backboilers – What Are They?

Back boilers are a very old fashioned form of central heating that are usually found behind a gas or solid fuel fire.They are attached to a copper cylinder with the fuel source heating the water inside the back boiler. This heated water will rise into the cylinder and will supply the house with hot water and or central heating.

Back boilers were very popular in the 60s and 70s but are gradually being phased out in favour of combis.

Parkray and Rayburn boilers were the main names with this type of heating..

It is very difficult now to replace a back boiler with a similar type as back boilers are no longer manufactured apart from the Baxi Bermuda Condensing Boiler.

PLEASE NOTE FOR SAFETY  – If you do upgrade to a combi boiler , we recommend that the old disused back boiler ( in situ behind the fireplace ) should still be removed .

Back Boiler Removal

Free Boiler 3

Free Boiler 3

If you have a property that has a back boiler fitted as its main primary source of heating, we recommend a full removal of the whole system and start again.

This is especially true for 60s and 70s homes where the whole system will be over 30 yrs old and on its last legs.

All pipework, and radiators , the back boiler, and cylinder should be scrapped and started again.

This will give you peace of mind for years to come.


Back Boiler Removal & Cost Of A Full Central Heating Installation 2022

The disruption to a property is quite significant which is why it is better to do this work ahead of other refurbishments.

The cost of a full upgrade and installation will be in the region of £4000- £5,000.

This cost assumes an average 3 bed semi home and will include:

  • Full removal of the old back boiler
  • All Replacement pipework
  • 8-10 radiators a 3-4 bedroom property
  • A-rated combination boiler 30 Kw


Extra Costs

Replacing a back boiler is a big cost . Plan your install and see if there will be extra charges.

  • A system boiler will need a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and a cold water storage tank in the loft plus further pipework so will be an extra £1000.
  • The location of the boiler can affect the cost especially if in an airing cupboard as the flue will need to exit the roof.
  • Choose the size of the boiler
  • A combi boiler will also save you from the added cost of having a cold water storage tank in the loft as well as a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard


Making Good After Back Boiler Removal

Removing a back boiler will cause some damage to the existing hearth and fireplace surround.

You will need to upgrade the fireplace with a new surround and electric or gas  fire or use it for a real fire.



Are Back Boilers Dangerous ?

We recommend you remove the back boiler behind your fire if no longer used.

Back boilers were often left because of the added expense and disruption involved in their removal.

A redundant back boiler can pose a real danger to your home if you don’t remove it, due to its location.


Possible Hazards Of A Disused Back Boiler

  • If the boiler is empty it will collect residual moisture.

 If the fuel burner in front of it is still in use, then this will heat up the boiler and create steam. If this boiler is not vented this can create internal pressure which will eventually result in an explosion

There are examples of back boilers exploding and causing injury and in one case, even a fatality.


  • A disused back boiler can experience corrosion and fracturing of old pipework .

Both can leach harmful gases into the home or they can build to a temperature which creates a fire hazard. 

The old boiler will expand and contract with the changes in temperature within the room and this can cause structural damage due to its location within the wall.

Please remove at your earlist convenience

Not Eligible For A Grant?

You can replace your backboiler here

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